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  1. I lol'd, but really. Every time you see Matthews play with a bit of physicality in his game, something good happens. I know because it doesn't happen often, so it's easy to pick out. Not saying anything about his talent, but fuck, the guy needs to learn that good things happen when you work and play physical
  2. did you guys see that though? matthews actually threw a hit. and then he scored a goal. i mean like holy shit. he actually threw a hit. dumped it, chased it, hit someone, scored. did he learn how to play real hockey?
  3. what the fuck is this? some push back? what happened to just letting them walk all over us and give up? did they finally figure something out?
  4. ok... now you can blame andersen. looks like hot garbage tonight
  5. he's the wrong type of player for our team when we already have guys who can chip in offensively from the blueline. he is expendable. he's not worth anything on this team because he is not a good fit on this team. he will get 6m on the market. i don't know what else you're looking for, but for a team that can't keep the puck out of their net, he's fucking terrible. everyone wants to complain that we can't play defense, but yeah, tyson barrie is just fine?
  6. we're only paying him half his salary. we'd have to pay him full salary. someone else is going to offer him more than he's worth in free agency because they need a powerplay specialist, and probably have a decent defense corps to make up for the fact that he's a huge liability on defense you're smart. i'm sure you already knew the answer to that
  7. but in all honesty, joe sakic was my favourite player when i was growing up. followed him from quebec to colorado, and have always been somewhat of a colorado fan. i'm going to try and catch more avs games now, so i have at least some form of entertaining hockey to watch on a consistent basis just a pain in the ass catching them live being out west. i'm fucking old now, i can't stay up that late lol
  8. You take that back right now There are not many things in the world I hate more than the sabres
  9. have you watched barrie play at all this year? he's fucking terrible everywhere other than the PP you could toss david ayres in his spot and we'd be better off
  10. no, this is a player who has been nothing but a pile of trash all season. the team will be better off without him. i'd gladly take a 3rd for him. he is not going to re-sign here in the summer and we can't afford him. instead, we get nothing but more goals against due to shoddy defensive play
  11. so... do they fold like a cheap tent in a small wind again next game?
  12. no, it's not wrong. losing barrie for anything would not have us a worse team. addition by subtraction. we'd be better off icing 5 defensemen
  13. Zero reason not to trade Barrie. Don't give me the bullshit about our D line being shit without him. It's shit with him. Can't get any worse. We could throw Ayres out there with his goalie equipment to play D in his spot and we'd be a better team for it Instead we get nothing done. Dumbass needs to go. He has no idea what real hockey is. No idea how to build a team that can compete
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