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  1. Disclaimer: I am not in the group downplaying this Not disagreeing with you, but this chart is a bunch of bullshit and is intentionally misleading. Uses the same amount of data points using the same colours for different age groups. It's not a direct comparison other than the first bar for all ages
  2. I can't see it only being 2 weeks. We haven't yet seen this thing ramp up yet. The pathogen lasts in your system for 37 days. It's going to easily be a month or quite possibly longer, if the season is not entirely scrapped
  3. i'm not writing a scientific journal or some thesis. it's a message board for leafs fans. i'm not going to thoroughly craft my posts to ensure that some matthews zealots don't take something the wrong way. but i will voice my opinion when i feel like doing so
  4. super bummed we're not going to see the rest of the season not sure what sense cancelling the season makes. play in front of empty arenas. these teams already have private charters. not much risk of exposure. from what i've read, no player has yet to test positive there is no way they can finish the season. this pandemic is not going to be cleared up in a month. they'd have to play until august to finish the season and playoffs. are the preds even in toronto today?
  5. yep, already covered that. i never said i wanted him to fuck off to arizona. but who could blame him? i mean your forum handle and avatar are a celebration to players going home to play for their home town team
  6. Aww muffin, don't get too upset about it now
  7. This is why I call him out. Because you guys refuse to admit any faults in his game. If I disliked Matthews half as much as you guys think I do, I wouldn't own two Matthews sweaters. One of which is a winter classic hanging up in my office at work in front of a bunch of sabres fans. So go on, do what you do. I forgot this place can't stand hearing differing opinions
  8. I guess you missed the part where I said that just because I call Matthews in a post doesn't mean I think the rest of the team is without blame Keep grasping
  9. Man you sure do get a lot out of a single statement that doesn't contain most of those words. Can you tell me my future, too? I mean, fuck tavares and spezza for wanting to play for their hometown team right? Thanks for the laugh, but another swing and a miss
  10. Got it, reading between the lines again. If you read what I actually wrote, I never said he can fuck off to Arizona. Like I want him to leave as a ufa. But keep on projecting. And nothing that I wrote last night or today demonstrated a lack of knowledge on hockey out defensive structures or anything else. So once again, I invite you to re-read my last reply. Quoted below for easy reference
  11. Can you quote that one for me? Or is this you reading between the lines again? No need to fly off the handle when I call out the golden boy. How many goals he scores has zero to do with the argument. If you can't be bothered to actually read and understand the comments, don't bother replying to them.
  12. I'm assuming this was meant for another post, because I can't correlate what you just said to my previous post. Either that, or you've got a case of the logans and are reading between the lines in a completely different book
  13. I blame all of them for the goal. It's a team game. This team is atrocious on defense. Barrie is gone next year, the dumpster fire that he is, Sandin is a rookie, Willy had a brain cramp and has his fair share of issues, but is having a great year, nothing else needs to be said of Hyman, the guy is a stud. If I don't make a post criticizing the other players on the team, it doesn't mean I think they're doing a swell job. But you can keep on pretending you have some vastly superior hockey knowledge.
  14. I like our chances a lot more against Tampa than I do Boston
  15. i don't know why i'm still bothering to reply to this. this will be my last reply on this matter because there are only so many ways i can tell you that you are wrong. i also don't feel strongly enough on the matter to really defend it anymore. you see what you want to see sandin and barrie were falling over themselves to contain point. kucherov was easily contained by matthews, the centreman trailing the play to pick up men lost in coverage (this would be kucherov), if he was so inclined. willy also fucked up by not having his guy (palat). hyman was skating back and could have covered the pass to the D men trailing the play but you're right. he shouldn't cover the most dangerous player on the ice. he's much better suited watching the play develop so that he can do nothing about it
  16. hyman was behind the play. barrie and sandin were a dumpster fire, willy should have picked up palat, matthews should have been all over kucherov. instead, he coasts down the ice, watches sandin and barrie try to pad their minus stats, leaves the most dangerous guy on the ice a nice 20 foot perimeter to ensure maximum danger but yeah, great play
  17. he's either playing hurt, or marner being totally off his game is fucking the chemistry they built last season. kapanen is the only one going on that line right now that said, i'm glad they put hyman back up with matthews and nylander. that line was too good to not try it again
  18. i'm not pissed and i'm not playing the victim. for some reason you guys can't fathom anyone talking shit about the chosen one. i made a single post about a lazy play, and got fed the usual bs by the gang that can't admit that matthews is not infallible it'd do everyone a lot of good to try and watch these games without all the home team bias. yeah, i want this team to win as much as everyone else. probably more, as i seem to get more upset than most here at our top players being lazy. call me a troll, call me a secret sabres fan, whatever. i don't give players a free pass based on how many goals they score or how much money they make
  19. hissy fit. that's cute. i made one post about a lazy play by matthews, and the usual suspects come to defend him yet again, because he can do no wrong. armster can't make up his mind, waffling between it being a bad play, but then says he did everything right, which tells me all i need to know. sorry i don't let my leafs bias show through in every post i make. i'll try to keep it more appropriate for you folks. yay matthews. score goals and he can do no wrong don't get me started on barrie. the guy is borderline retarded and doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. he's usually fine on the PP, but once that 5th player jumps out of the box, he forgets what hockey is. the difference is, barrie is gone in the off season. matthews is here to stay, until he fucks off to arizona at least
  20. Sure, those players usually make an effort to adjust and well, you know, pick up the man lost in coverage. God forbid someone calls out your Golden Boy on a lazy play, which yes, it was lazy. Good thing he has his leafs connected Entourage to defend him from any wrongdoings
  21. Oh give me a break. You guys can make excuses for him so you want. It was a lazy play. My grandmother saw that developing a mile away, and she's been dead for 18 years. There was no one else to cover. He had a perfect view of everything, especially the puck as it went in the net
  22. Fascinating, this post characterizes your knowledge of the game perfectly, it seems
  23. So because someone else didn't cover their guy, he gets a free pass to coast? He could have easily picked up kucherov. You know, like a centre should be doing. Try again
  24. So what half truths was I telling if you, his biggest supporter, also can say it was a lazy play? Forgive me if I don't come in here and clap for an 11 million dollar player doing something an 11 million dollar player should be doing, like I do for my dogs when they shit outside instead of on my carpet But you can be sure I'm going to call him out when he pulls that shit
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