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  1. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Oh i get it. Do you though ?
  2. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    I guess i am just trolling then right?
  3. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Well, it just frustrates me that he can get away with it. Seriously man, it isn't a lot of money. One could afford the money on a paper route wage.
  4. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Okay i don't like to be too personnel when it comes to my family. But... one of my daughter's split up with her fiance some time ago. They had a kid together. Well, he was court ordered to pay child support to my daughter. I know this for a fact because i was in court during the judge's ruling. The decision was almost 2 years ago. He has not paid a dime. But he still gets 50% custody, and half the family allowance.
  5. Archie Leach

    Another Canadian wanting to come home

    Well, did the British really make it a better place?
  6. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Trudeau is just about at the two and one half year point of his 4 year term. I want him to really do something to actually help women. Changing the words to a song doesn't cut it. Whether it was him or another cabinet member that did this doesn't matter. They are part of his government. We have a large percentage of single women Living below the poverty line in this Country. How about changing the laws to enforce dead beat dad's to actually pay child support ?
  7. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    I don't. You guys are going on endlessly about it. I don't care for Trudeau. He is just one small step better than a Conservative in my book.
  8. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    My wife said she doesn't care either way. She has said, there are other things more important to worry about. I am pretty sure my daughters aren't too concerned with it either. I should add, we had been discussing the story form cbc news about people on reserves being concerned about the safety of there drinking water. We both agreed, that is a far bigger concern than changing the words to the anthem.
  9. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    It is unfortunate that none of our female members show up on here anymore. Because i would prefer to hear them, rather than you representing your view, for them.
  10. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Why bother with lyrics? Just play it with an Accordion, through a microphone and a large amp.
  11. Archie Leach

    Another Canadian wanting to come home

    You do know he is just Trolling again, right?
  12. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    The whole not taking my hat off was not a protest. It was at my kids school, for a kids play. I honestly don't even know why we sang the anthem beforehand. They asked us to stand for the anthem, which i did. I just forgot to take my hat off. Like i said, i have 3 kids, and have been to many of these events before, up until that day, they had never sung the anthem before.
  13. Archie Leach

    2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    I am surprised he got 10 games. I thought they would go for 5 or less.
  14. Archie Leach

    You're all Cuckaloos

    I go one better, i just leave the room. 84 years old. Time to retire old man.
  15. Archie Leach

    "in all of us command"

    Is this actually enforced? Not calling you a liar Griff, but we were watching the news just last week, they said it is better now than it once was, but the wage gap in Canada between men & women still has a long way to go.