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  1. @Armster Grey Highlands sounds fancy. Like Oak Bay is here.
  2. Not sure if he does. He might be Just Blowin' In The Wind.
  3. Kowalski

    Federal Election

    Too left leaning? So, they would then become the Communist Party?
  4. Kowalski

    Lucic to Calgary

    But what if someone took a shot, and it went in off his head?
  5. Sutt, is Pigeon racing still a thing in Britain?
  6. Kowalski

    Federal Election

    I actually don't drink Tea. I have a large male friend that does. I was just asking for him.
  7. So if you don't skate well, then you obviously don't know anything about Hockey?
  8. Nooooooooo! I was hoping he could become half as good as Borje Salming.
  9. If it come right down to it, and you have to sign Barrie or Muzzin, which one do you sign?
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