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  1. Maybe if Wee Willie was Scottish and played like a Highlander by God.
  2. For sure. But i would prefer not to load all the cap space on one player.
  3. Then you may want to try to move Marner and not Nylander. How do you know he is not asking 11m per over 7 years? something comparable to a Carey Price contract?
  4. Not sure we should just throw a blank cheque at him though.
  5. Look man no one here is happy with the teams performance. But to continue to dwell on it continuously isn't good for ones health and well being.
  6. I am going with Tampa i guess. But if i am being real honest i actually don't give a shit.
  7. Pick up the phone and give him a call. Hi Kyle, StepOnYou here. Who? Click.
  8. I think it is time you contacted Brendan Shanahan. Tell him what a piss poor job you think Kyle Dubas is doing.
  9. Nobody is questioning his Grit. Just who wants to give up a second round pick to keep him?
  10. I have to agree. I like Clifford. But not enough to give up a second rounder to sign him.
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