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  1. I guess some people don't care. But i was blown away when Bob Probert died at 45 years of age. Bob could actually play and wasn't just a goon.
  2. Well, they say the little head thinks for the big head.
  3. They swept us in back to back playoff rounds. I believe it was '78 & '79.
  4. @Humper I figure old Geezers like us would love to see the Habs Leafs playoff rivalry again.
  5. Stop being a Pissant Gary. Just cancel the fucking season already.
  6. I think i prefer Daughter Angie's mouth.
  7. You wouldn't need to kidnap him. Just offer him a Costco size bag of Oreo Cookies.
  8. Funny thing is, he doesn't exactly look like Brad Pitt himself.
  9. If only he would lay off the Twinkies and the Ding Dongs.
  10. So apparently we have to give up a second round pick if we resign Kyle Clifford?
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