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  1. David

    Photography anyone?

    Went to Germany for the weekend. Lovely buildings. Great place.
  2. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I thought this world cup was too soon for this England team, but I bought into it the longer it went on. Likeable manager. Didn't rest on a one goal lead. Likeable players (apart from Lingards stupid goal celebration). It's been a great world cup. My health and bank balance has suffered as a result.
  3. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I feel proud, after losing to Iceland 2 years ago, we will be one of 3 teams who can win the world cup this time tomorrow. I think the winners will come out of the other semi, sadly.
  4. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    He'd be the same whoever was playing England. A lot of bad blood between England and Argentina.
  5. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    Never in doubt 😎 Apart from when Henderson missed! We won't beat Sweden though. One competitive win ever against them! I feel good about this team though. No bigheads in squad. No clashes of egos.
  6. David

    Photography anyone?

    Castle near me:
  7. David

    Photography anyone?

    Thanks. We don't often get snow so I thought i'd get out and about and snap our landmarks before it turns to slush!
  8. David

    Photography anyone?

    Close. Newark 😀. We do have a large polish population though.
  9. David

    Photography anyone?

  10. David

    Show us your pet!

    I had a decent model for the snow pics
  11. David

    Show us your pet!

    Ruby "Enjoying" the snow.
  12. David


    Wishful thinking I think. The way it feels to me is that the public are realising it's not for the best thing, but the people in power are making moves towards a harder brexit. More brexiters are getting more influence in government. May is weak. Look like we're going to get america's dodgy cholrinated chicken and steroid pumped beef too.
  13. David

    Last Movie

    3 Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Dark, funny and disturbing.
  14. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    He's a great player alright. As much as i liked Warburton, it's good to see him being played in his best position.
  15. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I didn't go, no. It's not on the season ticket, and it was quite expensive for a game we were going to get thrashed in! What a game though - did you see it?