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  1. Brexit

    Wishful thinking I think. The way it feels to me is that the public are realising it's not for the best thing, but the people in power are making moves towards a harder brexit. More brexiters are getting more influence in government. May is weak. Look like we're going to get america's dodgy cholrinated chicken and steroid pumped beef too.
  2. Last Movie

    3 Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Dark, funny and disturbing.
  3. Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    He's a great player alright. As much as i liked Warburton, it's good to see him being played in his best position.
  4. Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I didn't go, no. It's not on the season ticket, and it was quite expensive for a game we were going to get thrashed in! What a game though - did you see it?
  5. Bristol's Birds Banned from Branches

    I just think we are cruel. Very intelligent, but cruel. We also have anti homeless spikes https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/23/anti-homeless-spikes-inhumane-defensive-architecture
  6. Bristol's Birds Banned from Branches

    I have nothing against them. Racing pigeons and messenger pigeons are fine, but the ones with gammy feet that look at you funny creep me out a bit I just hate humans a lot of the time - taking over land of other species and assuming we have a divine right. I hope the pigeons still find a way to shit all over the cars of these snobs they are trying to help with the spikes.
  7. Bristol's Birds Banned from Branches

    Not a fan of pigeons, but it's pretty disgusting and arrogant behaviour of humans to take over other creatures habitat. Symptomatic of a larger problem.
  8. Windows 10

    May or may not work, but it's something to give a go. Is yours an upgrade or clean install? Apologies if you've said before...
  9. Veganuary 2018

    Morally I want to be a vegan. However, my cooking ability hinders me making anything taste good. It wouldn't be the meat I'd miss most, it's the eggs, cheese and milk!
  10. Windows 10

    On my first install of Windows 10, I did have this issue. I went into device manager, selected the wireless card and unticked the option to "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" Another fix is to change from a public to a private network - can't remember where this option is off the top of my head... Also disabled the WMM (from device manager, right click on network card and under advanced, go to "ad hoc QoS mode - change value to WMM disabled" my only troubles were after an upgrade from 8.1 - since i did a re-install, i've not had any issues. A few issues on a couple of colleagues at work, but on the whole, fewer than previous OS's (other than windows 7!)
  11. Windows 10

    Have you gone to user accounts under control panel, and changed the "user account settings" so it never notifies?
  12. Look what I bought!

    New car, at last. Didn't learn til i was in my mid 30s - never really had to. First car lasted til now. Nothing particularly inspiring. More practical and comfortable than anything. I rarely drive out of my town. I think i've done 22,000 in 6 years!
  13. Last Movie

    Some bits were good, but as a Star Wars fan, there were too many stupid bits! No idea if we can talk spoilers or not, so i won't
  14. Smart Speakers

    What does Alexa do that the google stuff doesn't? I was toying between the two when i went for google home.
  15. Smart Speakers

    I have 2x google home. I don't use them for speakers, unless I want to podcast. I do find them useful for saying "hey google, wake up" and it sets the lights to 25%brightness as not to dazzle me. "hey google, night time" and it sets heating to 14 degrees and turns all lights off. Good for setting timers etc. I've heard google home is better than alexa but they seem pretty similar to me.