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  1. David

    Photography anyone?

    DSC_6855 by David Martin, on Flickr Local church. With Orion's belt.
  2. David


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-46976834 Slightly related news 😁
  3. David


    Not too sure where to begin with this. It has two number 11s.
  4. David


    The average brexiter wants rid of the "dicators" in europe making rules. We are part of making these rules and have power to veto. Why are they happy with the current shambles (on both sides)? I despair at a lot of people here.
  5. David

    The Most Embarrassing Album You Own?

    Me. Bought about 50 CDs last year and 25 records. Much prefer to have something physical. Spotify is good for when i'm on the move but at home I like to sit down and listen to an album. Back to the question, I have a copy of 2 unlimited's "Get Ready" on cassette still. Also Capella's U got 2 Know. I seemed to go through a Eurodance phase in my teens. I had a bit of a crush on the singer of capella, i think it was the eyes. I won't say what attracted me to the singer of 2 unlimited.
  6. David

    Veganuary 2019

    I remember seeing things like that at Epcot in the 80s.
  7. David

    Veganuary 2019

    A mate of mine failed at the first meal. Cornflakes!
  8. David

    Photography anyone?

    It is about £800. Had a 200mm prior. It needs a monopod at least at full zoom unless it's at high shutter speed (which most things i use it for will be tbh)
  9. David

    Photography anyone?

    Got a 600mm lens. DSC_6647 by David Martin, on Flickr
  10. David


    A vote of no confidence will trigger a leadership election. So, after 2 years of infighting they've triggered more infighting. Wonderful! What a shower of shite.
  11. David


    I really cannot see how this is going with the goverment having massive splits between them. Complete shambles.
  12. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/SkyFootball/status/1067906579767459840?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Possibly the best, craziest game i've seen.
  13. David


    Other countries queuing up to trade with the UK ...or not
  14. David


    What I want to know is why this wasn't pushed by remain campaigners during the run up. Information was out there, but not "in your face" enough for most voters. I admit i was undecided in the run up, and only through friends on social media making me realise how messy the "brexit" would be, thought remain was the better option. Leavers had a much better, more convincing campaign (based on total bullshit of course). Of course since then, it's even more obvious remain would have been the sensible option. Sadly, it's going to happen.