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  1. David


    I really cannot see how this is going with the goverment having massive splits between them. Complete shambles.
  2. David

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/SkyFootball/status/1067906579767459840?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Possibly the best, craziest game i've seen.
  3. David


    Other countries queuing up to trade with the UK ...or not
  4. David


    What I want to know is why this wasn't pushed by remain campaigners during the run up. Information was out there, but not "in your face" enough for most voters. I admit i was undecided in the run up, and only through friends on social media making me realise how messy the "brexit" would be, thought remain was the better option. Leavers had a much better, more convincing campaign (based on total bullshit of course). Of course since then, it's even more obvious remain would have been the sensible option. Sadly, it's going to happen.
  5. David


    https://twitter.com/uk_domain_names/status/1051411763680473090 good read
  6. David

    Photography anyone?

    Cromford and Matlock Bath near me DSC_6279a by David Martin, on Flickr DSC_6269a by David Martin, on Flickr DSC_6198 by David Martin, on Flickr DSC_6168 by David Martin, on Flickr
  7. David

    Photography anyone?

    Flying Scotsman passing through my town
  8. David

    The Walking Dead

    The actor who played Hershel has died https://comicbook.com/thewalkingdead/2018/10/07/the-walking-dead-scott-wilson-dead-age-hershel/
  9. David

    The Official Golf Thread

    Looking good for the Europe in the Ryder cup. I read we are underdogs?
  10. David


    Labour's stance on this baffles me. They want another referendum, but with no "remain option". So they are going to vote down May's proposal, push for a second referendum which has the options of the deal they voted down, or no deal which they have told everyone will be a disaster.
  11. David


  12. David


    If only labour would push for remain/second referendum, we could be free of this shambles.
  13. David


    Well during May's speech today, the £ dropped 1.2% as she blamed everything on the EU. Stupid cow. Stupid bullshitting politicians. Gullible public.
  14. David


    Really wish I did it before getting in a good job and buying a house! If i lost my job i'd definitely make it a serious consideration. As it stands, it's a likely retirement project.