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  1. Well it looks like this prick will be our next PM
  2. I didn't see it. I was at work. Saw we were 3-0 down to France and didn't pay any further attention. I guess I should have.
  3. Did someone read spoilers? Or just a good guess?
  4. Well you still managed to edge us out without Tavares 😀
  5. We're in it this year. Going to be a cricket score against Canada tomorrow. Any big names playing? not sure how seriously this is taken and what kind of calibre player canada have sent.
  6. 50,000 people used to live there .
  7. What a pair of Champions League semi finals! Liverpool come back from 3-0 in first leg to win 4-0. Expecting a poor game tonight, but Spurs come from 3-0 from the first leg and a half to go through on away goals!
  8. Arya's killed brown eyes and blue so far. she was told she'd also kill green. Arya!
  9. The biggest monster is cersei. He is an existential threat to humanity - not the main villain though.
  10. Arya was told she'll kill those with brown eyes (Walder Frey) blue eyes (NK) and green eyes... Episode 5 meant to be an even bigger battle. Upgraded my TV - hopefully it will be here then.
  11. Walder Frey had brown eyes, NK has blue. Cersei green?
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