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  1. Yeah, the supposed break down in talks was clearly public negotiation, from both sides. Disney has spent 4 years making Spidey an integral part of their universe, not a chance they are walking away. Well done Sony for actually standing up to the house of mouse.
  2. So, now that Pei Mei has presented some information that possibly counters the Joe Rogan analysis you've been running with to date, what do you think, Tie?
  3. Aww, muffin. It must be tough following along, your head must be a wee bit sore.
  4. Look, explain how I'm on attack mode, perhaps? I've offered you a link, that leads to information pertaining to the topic at hand, that you've clearly not bothered to read, given the frequency of your replies. What I see, based on your reactions, is someone who is susceptible to the type of nonsense Peterson relies on to sell books.If I'm wrong, I apologise.
  5. I'm not the one upset in the argument, Tie. There isn't an argument to be upset over. Calm your simple mind, kiddo.
  6. No, of course you see nothing worth freaking out about, he's speaking to you with the dog whistle.
  7. You haven't seen this from him because you likely aren't looking. I'd add particularly hard, but in my experience those who defend Peterson don't look much at all. His entire profit model is built on appealing to the insecurities of people like you, and Kulemin. Hence the dogwhistle. https://medium.com/s/story/a-field-guide-to-jordan-petersons-political-arguments-312153eac99a
  8. I mean, he blows endlessly on the dogwhistle of xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and misogyny, but otherwise, quite a swell chap.
  9. I agree with the overall sentiment in your post, but let's face it, Dubas is in this situation with Marner precisely because of the way he handled the Nylander situation and, to a lesser extent, the Matthews contract. We should probably at least ask why none of these drafted stars seem to be buying in the way we would like them to.
  10. You realise this is quite damning praise?
  11. Why on earth do any of you still care about kessel either way?
  12. You appear to need some help keeping up to date with memes https://knowyourmeme.com
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