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  1. Barilko's Ghost

    White Privledge

    Go to bed sweetie, the adults are talking.
  2. Barilko's Ghost

    White Privledge

    The lesson here, AM, is stop getting your talking points from hate groups on Facebook.
  3. Barilko's Ghost

    White Privledge

    Yes, AM, the reason your successful career as a doctor is failing is due to the influx of refugee surgeons from Syria...
  4. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    In terms of console bugs, I'm playing on a PS4 right now and have faced minimal issues. It seems the game is most broken on XBox for some reason. There are about 4 other vaults in the game that are unopened, so we know DLC is coming that will open these vaults. Personally, I'm hoping they crack the code of adding NPCs somewhere down the line and one of these vaults introduces a new faction, or something similar. I found this video on YouTube yesterday and thought it was great. This guy comes at the game from a developers mindset, he honestly deserves more subscribers, but I think he sheds a lot of light on why this game exists, and where it can go from here.
  5. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    To a certain extent, yes. you can. If you just want to run about killing things and levelling up, you can do that. If you want to seek out the story, then yeah I'd say you have to be patient and wait for the story to take you to Morgantown Airport... that, for me, is where the storylines seemed to start converging. You then start to learn why there are so many fucking robots everywhere. That's actually built into the story. It's definitely not "holy fuck my son's been kidnapped and, oh, here's Preston Garvey and now I've got power armour and I'm fighting a Deathclaw in the opening hour of the game!!!!" It's a slower burn. That being said, I've been lucky, performance issues wise, compared to what others seem to be going through, so I get the hate and frustration from that perspective.
  6. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    I wouldn't say bad, but a big step down from FO3 and NV. To my mind, having now logged about 50 hours in Fallout 76, it's closer to FO3 and NV, even FO1, in tone and feel. As you start to piece together what happened, both pre and post the bombs dropping, to bring about the West Virginia you find in game, it gets quite engaging, IMO.
  7. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    There's more engaging content in Fallout 76 than there is in Fallout 4, despite everyone being dead.
  8. Barilko's Ghost

    Everyday things that piss you off

    No there were actual people in it. To be fair, if they are using locally sourced beans, the coffee will make it the best Tom Horton’s coffee in history. Still, it was a shock to see.
  9. Barilko's Ghost

    Everyday things that piss you off

    I just walked by a Tim Horton’s in Barcelona...
  10. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    Yeah, but, as soon as he sat down in his chair I always shot him in the back of the head.
  11. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    Damn right, you need that sweet Tenpenny Tower suite.
  12. Barilko's Ghost

    Last Song: Youtube Edition

    Hit it, Dolly.
  13. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    Aye that is good, but the modern Fallouts have kept that alive and well. I still love the fact that you can nuke Megaton and only receive a mild rebuke from Liam Neeson.
  14. Barilko's Ghost

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I was riffing on Rick & Morty, but the point still stands. Millennials are fucking old now.
  15. Barilko's Ghost

    Currently Playing?

    I love Fallout 1 and 2, but let's not pretend they give you loads of choice. They lock you into some very specific time limits and story beats.