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  1. It's highly likely that he got this newest MRA cause from the front page of Reddit.
  2. I don’t have high hopes for this Watchmen sequel thing they seem to have cobbled together...
  3. Just watched the finale again, and enjoyed it much more upon the 2nd watch. Actually, with the exception of episode 4, and the final 35ish minutes of episode 5, I've found most of this seasons episodes better upon rewatch. On Bran as King, I actually didn't mind this the first time watching. Again it does feel rushed, but they've already hinted a few times at the idea that the best leaders are likely those who don't actually want to rule. Would I have preferred that Jon become King, with his first and last act as a ruler to dismantle the entire system? Yes, but I think the idea that they've taken their first steps toward modernising is probably more realistic. On Bran being the ultimate villain who saw all this coming and let it happen... I get it, because of his line about coming all this way, but I think that was him, basically, being cheeky and playing up his image as the Three-Eyed Raven. In the show, and the books I believe, Greensight has always been more fragmented than looking back at the past, so I doubt he saw all this coming and let it happen. Though that is implied somewhat. I like that the North gets it's independence, though I find it really unbelievable that the heads of the other 6 kingdoms are just fine with this, particularly Yara, as she was promised independence for the Iron Islands by Dany. Speaking of Yara, loved Arya shutting her up with the threat of death. With Drogon burning the Iron Throne, I'm of the mindset that he did this not because he couldn't kill Jon due to the Targaryen blood, but because he knew that the real cause of Dany's death was her obsession with the throne. Dragons in the books are highly intelligent and have a mental link with their Targaryen riders so he would have known this already. John "taking the black" was clearly a ruse for Grey Worm's benefit, and he's actually the new King beyond the wall, which I find quite satisfying, as endings go. Mance Rayder version 2.0. And he gets to be with Ghost again. There was a moment at the end where I did think they were going to drop some hint that the White Walkers were still out there, and the cycle would begin a new, but apparently not. On the whole, I think it was good enough to salvage what could have been a disastrous final season.
  4. Apparently the plot points for the final 3 episodes were all leaked after episode 3, so yes it seems some were reading them early...
  5. Yeah one pretty much knew when Tormund said that to Jon that this is where he would wind up at the end. It’s good for him as it’s where he belongs, and will be happiest. I would have preferred he got there in a more satisfying way though.
  6. Well, that was unsatisfying. Except for Jon going to the real north, that actually feels quite fitting, to me.
  7. I think you're thinking of the follow up to that. Or I am...
  8. Well, the battle against the wildlings was pretty fucking tight, to be fair.
  9. No argument on Rhaegal. That was ridiculous. But the battle of the blackwater completely relied on the wildfire MacGuffin. There was no strategy beyond that. A better example, I would argue, is the battle of the bastards. Jon had the upper hand in every conceivable way until Ramsay introduced Rickon into the mix. After that Jon, understandably, went stupid. But you wouldn't have that episode be any better any other way.
  10. I'll be honest with you, this faulty battle plans argument for why episodes are bad makes little sense to me. This is a drama series, first and foremost... the answer to your question is that it heightens the drama. You might as well be asking why did Hamlet doubt himself.
  11. I understand, it's certainly a common complaint regarding Ep 3. On episode 5, I think the first 30 or so minutes were great, the last 40 were not surprising, it's exactly where I suspected they were going, it just felt empty, as they rushed to get there. Note as well, Dany will go mad in the books as well. GRRM has been planting those seeds from book 1. It will, I hope, feel far more earned when he gets there, though.
  12. See, I felt that worked, within the confines of the episode. It added to the tension of trying to fight a battle against death itself. It's everywhere, and you can't see it until it's right there in front of you.
  13. Hot take... Episode 3 is the best episode of the season.
  14. Exactly. Unless Jon is just THAT good in bed that refusing sex drove her completely batshit.
  15. What they needed was more time to make the turn feel earned. That's it, really. The foreshadowing has already been there throughout the series, but foreshadowing is NOT the same thing as character development. Even if the writing was poorer than it would be if Martin had got the book version of the ending done, it would still have felt more like a natural progression than a forced push.
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