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  1. How exactly did Jon bring the dawn? The night king died by Arya's hand. It is/was also every bit as plausible that Dany is Azor Ahai, also.. The two names are one and the same. Why else would GRRM use the "Prince that was promised" title when referring to Melisandre (from Asshai) and Stannis in season 2 on the beach with the flaming sword and all that? I enjoy the show and I enjoyed this episode, and I'm well aware that the major beats are going to be the same. The way we get there (if we ever do) will be entirely different, of course, but it's an entirely different entity, in my eyes.
  2. No payoff for Azor Ahai, the warlocks, Quaethe, nothing. I think they just want to make cool scenes while sticking to the major character points
  3. I just can't handle that they don't throw a hit when there's one available. Bruin coming up along the boards in the Leafs end, and they just kinda stay back and whack at the puck with their stick? What is that? Throw your body around, ffs! it's the playoffs! There's no "fuck you, that's my puck" on this team.
  4. I'm tired of my gut being right. I think many of us expected this after game 6, though. There needs to be serious changes going into next season. I don't don't know what those should be, but might want to look at special teams, eh?
  5. When your special teams can't get the job done, you're fucked. Game 7 here we come
  6. How about T Moore, though? He was excellent for the Marlies last year too. That guy has no quit in him.
  7. Eeeeeeeh boys. Hell of a first game on the road.
  8. There's a fine line few city blocks between making a joke and using someone's real name on an internet forum to allege that they are a paedophile.
  9. I think they should throw the book at this guy because he's a piece of shit, IMO. People like him (as well as the gay church organist who spraypainted "fag church" on his own church, the black guy who painted "KKK" on his church, and others) do a great disservice to actual victims. This is just another symptom of wider issues, IMHO. With the increased isolation (despite being so connected), those dopamine hits from the likes, shares, and retweets are precious. Victim narratives do well in that regard, because you get all that dopamine and you get oppression points in the Oppression Olympics.
  10. LOL I was wondering where that exchange on Bobby Lou's twitter came from and if there was video. Thanks He's hilarious (at least IMO), by the way
  11. Considering he was already disciplined in-game, it's absolute bullshit that he got an additional 2. I was trying to look through the rulebook about late hits, but could not find a hard rule. Where does it say 0.6 seconds?
  12. I think it's a favour to Leivo more than anything, tbh.
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