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  1. Caligulove

    Life After Cable

    Over here I can get it right to me home, but that's because MNSI has the rights here, not Bell.
  2. Caligulove

    Life After Cable

    I thought Bell Fibe was only to the node so you're bottlenecked anyway?
  3. Caligulove

    This is what the life of Leo looks like.

    Thread totally belongs in News.
  4. Caligulove

    Your gaming history

    First console when I was quite young was the Atari 2600. River Raid, Keystone Kapers, Yars Revenge, and of course Combat We got the NES a couple of years after that. Contra/Super C, TMNT (that dam level was too damn hard when I was a kid), Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Mario 1-3, Battletoads, Double Dragon 2, and too many others to list/remember. We had a ridiculous amount of NES games. Super NES after that. Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Mortal Kombat, NHL 93, Final Fight, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country Around that time, we got a Packard Bell 386SX computer. Played Wolfenstein, Doom, the first Hero's Quest game (that was my first RPG), Fallout 2, and a shitload of other little games. N64 - Mario 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Mario Kart. Unlocking all of the cheats in Goldeneye was a real motherfucker. RNGesus hates me in Facility. Got my own PC not long after that. A lot of StarCraft, Diablo, so much Diablo 2, SimCity 3000, more pirated games than I can remember. That machine was where I got my first taste of the Elder Scrolls series with Morrowind. Been a PC gamer ever since. The Switch was the first console I've bought in many moons.
  5. He's pretty fucked, by the sounds of it, though it would mean president Mike "electroshock therapy can cure homosexuality" Pence. I can't wait until the FBI goes through all those tapes, too.
  6. Caligulove

    Shooting in Greektown

    That's the thing about individual topics; they're individual topics and can be taken individually.
  7. Caligulove

    Shooting in Greektown

    He may be a tool, but he's not wrong.
  8. Caligulove

    Shooting in Greektown

    Basically what Phil DeFranco said here
  9. Caligulove

    Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    That game looks so great. The art style is fantastic and makes me feel like I"m playing an old Final Fantasy game.
  10. Caligulove

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    There's a reason I renewed my gun license even though I don't need it for work anymore
  11. Caligulove

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    If you have time for long form discussion, I'd have a listen to this podcast. I think there's a short clip from "NowThis Opinions" that gives the gist of it, but basically you can't go just with the meds. Brent is already doing lots, and must still need the extra help. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. Caligulove

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Wanted to say this myself. I've been on more anti-depressants than I can remember. Anti-depressants can be needed if you need that extra push, but exercise, better food, sunlight, regular sleep, and meaningful social interaction are much more effective anti-depressants. I think the rat park experiment (google it if you don't know), though it was studying addiction, can really tell us a lot about mental health, IMHO. EDIT: I say this as another one of the people who is a mess here (surprise!)
  13. Caligulove

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    I'm still floored. This sort of thing doesn't happen for the Leafs. The state of politics has me wondering if we live in an alternate timeline. This seals it. We live on Bizarro Earth.
  14. Caligulove

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    I can't believe it! I'm one of those "expect the worst, hope for the best" type of people, and was no different here. One in a while, if every star in every galaxy within 100 light years are all lined up just right, something good happens for the Leafs. Happy Canada day!
  15. A nation has the right to control its borders, but ffs you can control your borders and be humane about it. Sickening.