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  1. Man.. this place is nice but it's pretty empty and not nearly as loud as the Joe
  2. There was a whistle, knee grow
  3. I'm upper bowl above the Wings' blue line. Couldn't see that from here.
  4. No goal and no review after the goalie removes his own helmet? Disgrace.
  5. Yet another school shooting.

    What? I'm saying that all those assholes say not to politicize something , when policy directly affects those things.
  6. Yet another school shooting.

    But I'm saying they're mostly shit people on both sides.
  7. Yet another school shooting.

    This is Chuck Schumer after the truck of peace incident in New York. This is Mitch McConnell after the Vegas shooting. There ya go
  8. Yet another school shooting.

    Soon as I'm done with my current work situation, sure.
  9. Yet another school shooting.

    Responding with "Let's not politicize this" after a horrible tragedy in order to avoid dealing with the actual policy is not the same thing?
  10. Yet another school shooting.

    The repubs and dems pull the same shit. Someone shoots up a school and the repubs go "Don't politicize this". An immigrant (or descendant of one) drives a truck of peace through a crowd of people, and it's the dems' turn. Same shit different pile.
  11. Yet another school shooting.

    I wonder when the strategy of doing nothing and not "politicizing" this is going to put out an end to mass shootings. The grand majority of the NRA membership want reasonable gun control. It's the NRA bigwigs and the firearms lobby, as we all know. Eisenhower was right.
  12. Patrick Brown

    The whole #metoo thing HAS turned into a witch hunt. Fact. I elected to wait to pass judgment on the Patrick Brown situation until more information came to light, while having an opinion on the broader scope of sexual assault accusations, such as the Title IX regulations that the Obama admin implemented, and regret =rape and all that. I'm sorry that reading a headline and not immediately passing judgment is so frowned upon in this day and age. And my raison d'ĂȘtre is to live to witness the end of the human race. The end of anyone who shares your DNA is only one small piece of that puzzle.
  13. Ha! Suck it, Karlsson. It should have been a penalty, but fuck you! That line is on fire tonight. Two guys within two of 20 goals, also.