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  1. We didn't trade Nylander and we aren't trading Marner. He can sit the year if he wants and miss out like Nylander did.
  2. RFAs of yesteryear don't count. Obviously all Leaf RFAs are difficult to sign, all other RFAs are super easy.
  3. Raiden

    Jeffrey Epstein

    People suck. Money makes them worst
  4. What do the advanced stats say about his jersey numbers? I expect a full in-depth analysis tomorrow.
  5. Are we analyzing posts ribbing each other? Because I don't think we have time for that.
  6. Homie, you're out to lunch. Thanks for coming out though. See what I did there?
  7. Go white knight elsewhere. Logan and I joke. I think I have offended once. Your fascination with me is tiring. Go swing off someone else's nuts.
  8. I vote everytime I can. I'd say I hope you don't have kids but we don't have to worry about that
  9. Isn't that only going to affect renting? Why would interest rates on mortgages rise?
  10. Edibles and oils are still technically illegal. They're "grey" area. If you can, I'd try and tough it out Mantis. See if you can wait until the other 75% of pot becomes legal.
  11. That's how I felt. I was at 3.4, but last year they offered 2.3 variable or 3.1 locked. I chose the locked 3.1 so I'm good for another 4.
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