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  1. And His best friend, Ponifuckyou'retallbutuseless Jesus. I remember Craig Simpson saying those 2 would carry the Leafs once Sundin left. Holy fuck those were truly dark days
  2. I didn't see the Doc at all. Last time I saw one was when I was still under my parents insurance and had their family doctor. I turned 18 and never got my own. Yeah, I was youngest on my floor in the hospital by 40 years. Easily
  3. Yeah, I'm fairly certain we're the same age lol I got the shit genes, and with no family doctor, was never told I'm not allowed to live the normal 20 something year old lifestyle. You weren't here when I said it, but get a family doctor if you don't have one. I was pretty retarded to go that long without seeing a doctor.
  4. Yeah. Took 2 months to normalize, I was back at work by the third month. It's been as smooth as I could have hoped for and the damage done, I'm told, isn't as bad as it could have been. So I'm thankful for that
  5. Yeah. A year and a couple months back now. Been smooth sailing since, but yeah, had an actual Heart attack
  6. Like, you're not even posting coherently. The hell? Morri just posted the stats, and all you've said is "Wow those suck. Lets trade Nylander for grit. That'll help" Holy crap is right
  7. We're scraping the bottom of the barrel for posters now.
  8. Haven't you lost enough today? Run along, the big kids are talking. You need to relax and stay on topic.
  9. Now that I have absolutely DESTROYED some posters here, with them going 0-2 in the debate can we discuss the topic? should we fire Babcock?
  10. So you admit there are biters on this forum and you're one of them? I guess we know what we're working with now. It ain't much, chief. 🤠 Another Big Dub for Rai Rai!
  11. Do you see why it worked and why I want in your head?
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