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  1. Just an actual defencemen would help at this point....
  2. Raiden

    NFL Thread

    He'll always be my favourite coach. I was a little sad we won the SB and Andy wasn't there. I was jacked Dawkins was there though. Fucking love me some Dawkins.
  3. Raiden

    NFL Thread

    That was the greatest run for a td this decade I think. 27 yards and just kind of... Ends up there. Go Andy Go.
  4. Right? Dude must have just gone ham one night in Vegas this past week. Because this makes no sense.
  5. So they can fire him in 4 years too. Obviously. I love PoMo, but I'd dump him for GG so fast.
  6. I'm insulted. You've made an enemy for life. I made my reasons clear as to why I don't want him. It's not because I don't think he's good, it's because he won't help us where it matters. I'm not sure how him scoring a hat trick proves me wrong? Whatever floats your boat though.
  7. Yeah, don't be Tampa or Washington. Be better, beat them.
  8. Puq, your circular posting stops here. Good grief. Figure it out already. If you have nothing to post, post nothing. Don't waste everyone's time posting the same thing over and over.
  9. You're responding to a comment over a year old.
  10. Coaching. It's all coaching.
  11. I'm not sure we need 2 Hymans though. We need Defense. Real Defense. Barrie just hasn't panned out at all, for me. The problem is, I'm not sure we can move him and get anything in return that nets us a a Dman that can insulate our Offensive minded D.
  12. Why do you want Blake Coleman? I'm not sure what he adds to our team.
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