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  1. Only in Toronto could the games best coach in almost 30 years be questioned as a possibility of holding the team back. Holy fuck, some of you really are retarded. I'm not even joking, I'm sorry. I'll try and be more understanding going forward when I think to myself that's a retarded idea. It's because it came from a retard.
  2. Defense hasn't been improved. Which is how you prevent goals. What exactly has Babs said that is outlandish? On the flip side, it's not like Dubas can just go get a RHD. Not without giving up pieces. So, he shouldn't be taking this personally. Babs is saying the cupboards are bare for prospects that can be called up and relied upon. If you think he's wrong, you're out to fucking lunch. Babs is literally saying the process is still ongoing and the first thing the media and fans do is try and pin the comments on Babs shitting on his GM. Unbelievable.
  3. edgelord. Yes, that is a perfect fit. Holy shit, it fits so well. He thinks he's cutting edge PC, so woke, opening all our eyes. Fucking perfect.
  4. Raiden


    No fucking shit lol Finally, a little bit of logic
  5. "Did not accept that it had no value. Engaged with another Leaf fan for 12 hours on the value of Clarkson before giving up and admitting Clarkson didn't live up".
  6. Outside of the Office, I've not seen anything of his. I was going to watch his David Brent movie where he goes touring next.
  7. I actually just finished this and came here to say this. I thought it was pretty great as well
  8. I've had enough of you speaking for him. Stop trying to muzzle him
  9. Logan must be sexually frustrated. That's a lot of needless sass. Even by your already needless sass standards.
  10. I watched it too. Dude is fucked. The video is fucked. I shouldn't have watched.
  11. Well. That was a 16 minute video I did not expect to be watching.
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