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  1. It was a bad concussion. The type that at his age you start to think Hockey just isn't as important anymore.
  2. Why I said a little surprised, not super surprised. I don't think the choice is even close to being that clean cut
  3. I mean, I'm a little surprised. #44 had as much of a right as #34. But we all knew who it would be.
  4. I think he is retiring. Apparently he went through summer training and has been doing everything and just didn't have the drive or motivation to play an NHL season. His game never really was going to give him a chance to play until his 40 or late 30s.
  5. I just read up on it, why i said it lol I love that it even accounts for fielding in different stadiums. Baseball stats are stupid accurate and stupid awesome.
  6. I think Tampa was getting those amazing deals due to Stevie Y. He must be an amazing car salesman because he convinced some top end talent to take 50 cents on the dollar.
  7. What makes him really good is how they haven't resorted to slinging mud or threats. But I also guess you can do that when you're waiting for the market to set, vs setting the market
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