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  1. Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Beautiful. Just beautiful
  2. NFL Thread

    Jerry Jones flexing on the league lol Crazy Old Man.
  3. Les Habitants, the Habs Thread.

    Jesus. You rarely disappoint
  4. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    It definitely is. So many coaches, same attitude. But Ovi probably leads the way no problem
  5. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    I just read his comments. Guy can dive his way to an early playoff exit again. What a chump
  6. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    This bullshit of Goalies getting to dive all over the place needs to end. Holtby just took a dive to take away a goal. There's an embellishment penalty. Start fucking calling it on these floppers already. I fucking hate goalies sometimes. Fucking babies
  7. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    I'm 80/20 for handheld vs docked. I bought the Switch for it. You questioned why anyone would play Doom on the Switch. There's a ton of reasons
  8. Framework for Marijuana Bill

    That about sums it up
  9. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    You don't see why playing a game anywhere vs playing it only at home is appealing? Really? I played Doom on the PC. Doom on the go is perfect. Short levels, pick up and play. I already know what the game is like at the pinnacle of graphical capability. I'm not even buying Wolf 2 until it launches on the Switch. For the exact same reason.
  10. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    Nothing will compare to the PC version. I bought it again because Doom on the go is amazing.
  11. Currently Playing?

    Xbox one X is purely awesome. The Xbox One X enhanced games program is fucking amazing. Assassins Creed 1 is stunning
  12. Duchene to Sens

    Players don't sign with Canadian teams because they are all shit. It's not a tax thing, it's a performance thing. I don't think it's rocket science
  13. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    Fucking Doom in 2 days petty much. So excited
  14. Winnipeg Jets thread

    He weighs 300 pounds. I hope he could
  15. Duchene to Sens

    No player in Colorado has looked good for extended periods of time. It's a blackhole, like Edmonton