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  1. Weak. Do better. You're getting old and slow.
  2. He will never win a Stanley cup. Ever. He's a loser. For life. Phil is MVP. Fucking crickets all summer long.
  3. I agree. The way you guys are talking, Babs is the second coming of Ballard. It's fucking ridiculous
  4. Maybe. We're also ignoring the obvious improvement and placing blame on a Head Coach who has been the most qualified in 2 decades. Everyone needs to settle down.
  5. ... What. Clearly players weren't aware. Stevens ended Lindros' career, nearly ended Kariya's career. The game is in a better place. Blind side hits to the head being eliminated are the best thing for hockey since the removal of 2 line passing.
  6. Bunch of Chicken Little's on this site. And entitled ones at that. Unreal
  7. They really do. They play the way the Bruins want to play but are too old. We beat the shit out of them, and The Blues are much bigger than us. Plus, Maroon is a likeable pest. Unlike Marchand. I'm hoping for a Blues win. But I know it is unlikely
  8. I love how Drake pisses everyone off sitting on the side. I love Drake.
  9. Super disappointed. Should have swept.
  10. Take all our scraps please and pay us gold. Yeah. Sure.
  11. Nah, we live in the Darkest Timeline. The Bruins will win in a sweep, with Backes scoring the game winning goal in Game 4, as he skates around the Blues' Ice with the cup. I kind of want that now actually.
  12. Even I'm getting excited and I'm the definition of bandwagon and fair weather fan of basketball.
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