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  1. Such an asshole lol
  2. When Toronto came to Winnipeg back in 2005? Vs the Coyotes. Everyone here was so excited to see Gretzky, I was absolutely amazed I got to see the Leafs and Sundin. I had glass seats and got Sundin to thumbs up me. Couldn't get a puck out of him but that thumbs up was amazing to get.
  3. Raiden

    NFL Thread

    Hoodie is coach. Their dynasty is fine. Brady was never the catalyst.
  4. I noticed that too rofl "4 guys on 99? Better pass it to him" "Shoot the puck? Why, #99 is being covered only by 1 guy. Better give it to him". Like, it must have been a rule. "Don't shoot, unless Wayne passes it to you"
  5. The other thing I noticed was just how grabby it was. Like, was hooking never called back then? I watched dudes catch free rides for the length of the ice like they were catching a bus lol Fuck, makes me really appreciate what we have now, because I never realised how much better the league is, as a whole. The other thing I noticed was the turnovers. Did no one believe in puck possession either? They gave that shit up like candy rofl
  6. Good God, could you imagine? The fucking scores alone would be ridiculous
  7. Exactly what I noticed too. The first thing I thought was, "How the fuck did Gretzky break the league when his skating looks.... So fucking bad?" I'm legit wondering how his skating looks so awful lol Then on the flipside, Coffey looked like he went back in time from now. Absolute butter smooth skating, compared to everyone else. Fast as fuck too.
  8. I'm partial to just call it a season. I'm good.
  9. I'm enjoying the old school games
  10. I can see Kuli nodding in agreement behind his screen.
  11. I love that you are going to be saved by this virus. Well done, Ute.
  12. To be fair to Debaser, none of you really criticize Matthews and it does get pretty tiring. Especially because Marner, Nylander and the whole backend get shit on pretty regularly. So really, Debaser is the balance to the constant ball hugging we have to Matthews.
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