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  1. Raiden

    NFL Thread

    Half a Billion What the actual fuck
  2. Can't wait for the team who manages to not get Covid win the cup
  3. You misspelled Pavel Bure
  4. You guys take your Ovi love very seriously Still take Teemu
  5. More like, he's just better
  6. Not even close. Teemu all day
  7. I'd say it isn't unfairly. The NHL has never, ever, actually planned an event and then had that event go off without spectacularly fucking up somewhere. This will be no different. It's happening though.
  8. You know what, let's open the border. Gotta just jump in. Get it over with
  9. Yes. The fucking NHL resides in the same stratosphere as retail malls, and general life. Fun fact, I'm good living without hockey. They can sit on the back burner. Where they belong.
  10. You literally just said we know shit about it And then advocated to just jump in. Holy shit.
  11. Did you seriously just ask why I think a stupid idea, should fail and blow up in the faces of this bush league? Because it is pretty obvious what's going to happen. Teams are going to get infected, the League will say tough shit, and we're going to have playoffs with half capacity teams. Or, better yet, playoffs will take 4 months, because after each series, or shit, every game, players will get infected. Do I need to mention the risks posed to staff working this bullshit event? The NHL is fucked. This will fail, and when it does, I'll laugh and laugh because stupid ideas deserve stupid outcomes
  12. I hope it fails, and fails so disastrously.
  13. Yep. The committee better be put together now. Lot of health info to disseminate.
  14. As a fan, I demand to know every single detail as I'm an investor and have a right to know. Somebody has some explaining to do. Bettman better put together a committee for us.
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