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  1. We lose 2-1, final goal scored in the last 5 minutes. By Florida. To win the game in regulation.
  2. Morri with the grade A chirp. Be proud of that one
  3. If nothing else, I love your consistency. Thank you
  4. For easily 40 years too
  5. Nope. He firmly believes what he's typing it out. It's what makes him Tie
  6. Jodi makes coherent posts 99.99% of the time. Jodi made claims to make a trade and names players involved in said trade. Puq just types to type, does not make sense 80% of the time, because he's busy saying nothing and his trades are just that. "We should trade for better players". Hate Jodi all you want, only one of them drives a thread forward. The other says fuck all, expects to be protected from the bad man for saying fuck all and he cries consistently.
  7. @ZomBI'll continue to out you for the stupid shit you report. You're a 46 year old man child. And a fucking moron. Your reports are nothing, because you're the Grandpa who has cried wolf too many times. Nothing you report is taken seriously, because if it was, we'd have to ban you and move on. Stop bitching, stop being a 46 year old Internet forum victim, stop complaining about moderation. But you won't, because you're a fucking world class moron that makes even the stupidest person I know look smart.
  8. The Marlies and some trades will put us back on track
  9. What a sad fucking life at 46 years old. Jesus
  10. Listen we need better players that we will trade for. Once we have the better players, we will do better. Simple
  11. It's actually not bad considering I was expecting 5. Eaaily should have been 20 games though.
  12. That might be the stupidest thing I have seen
  13. Pretty expected. Why wait so long lol
  14. You might have just hurt all of us with your vicious words. All of us, Army. When you hurt yourself, you hurt us all.
  15. Way to be a Debbie Downer Army. What the fuck man.
  16. Has he not looked lost for the past handful of games? Like, super super lost.
  17. We have decided to challenge Arizona D to stop us from scoring goals. We're either potting 6 goals, or getting shut out. I'm not seeing an in between here with that first line lol
  18. Said the fucking pot to the kettle. You stupid fuck.
  19. We'll look back at this year as the year we killed the guy lol It'll be a big TSN movie thing too, the desperate Leafs trying to win, at the expense of their #1 goalie.
  20. Super fucking brave of you, too. You fucking doofus
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