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  1. Nah, we live in the Darkest Timeline. The Bruins will win in a sweep, with Backes scoring the game winning goal in Game 4, as he skates around the Blues' Ice with the cup. I kind of want that now actually.
  2. Even I'm getting excited and I'm the definition of bandwagon and fair weather fan of basketball.
  3. This. It really was a solid send off, even if it was a bit.... predetermined? I think we all knew when Arya said she wasn't a lady she was just going to go do her own thing. And when Sansa started moving against Dany, we all felt she was getting to either fight for the North independence, or just receive it as good will when it was all said and done. I just dont like how it came to a halt in 20 minutes. Just, 3 episodes, 1 between Dany obliterating the main forces and then scorched earth on KL and 2 to send the series off, to better explain why after talking with Tyrion Jon suddenly felt he had to kill Dany. Let Dany rule for an episode, let Arya flesh out her plan beyond "I'm going west because the maps end there". All in all, I really enjoyed it though. I really like where everyone ended up (I still would have preferred everyone losing, but that's just me)
  4. Well, it is over. Everyone got what they wanted. Arya gets to be Sinbad, RBF Chick gets to be queen, Jon gets to be forgotten and left alone beyond the wall and, Bran gets to be King, as he always planned. Evidently.
  5. Honestly, at this point, every OT goal should be reviewable, and everything that would stop play normally, should overturn the goal.
  6. It looked real good. I'm just finishing up VEEP and then I'm starting Barry. I love VEEP, for anyone interested. I find it hilarious.
  7. Yeah, that's not the rule. It's a hand pass, unless St.louis touches it, which I'm betting they thought happened. You're manufacturing this outrage at a rule they followed, to the best of their ability. Same reason a high stick gets blown off if it taps an opposing player.
  8. I'm going to be honest. I think a lot of you are out to lunch. This isn't some "blown call" or "terrible for the league" play. I think it hit JayBos leg. I'm betting they thought the same.
  9. He did make a Wildling fall in love so, maybe he is? His dick is actually azor ahai
  10. Wouldn't it be more like years? They've had 8 years to get this right, building it up, moving towards it and then 50 feet from the finish they take the wheels off and are just kind of skidding across the finish line.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I think how does Dany die, and her Dragon just let it happen. Unless they have Jon take her Dragon, but then if he rejects the throne, and flies off with a dragon, does that mean Sansa steps up? Because I like that idea actually.
  12. It's pretty ridiculous, and I don't like how the storylines match up either. Thornton vs the Bruins. Good lord.
  13. The countless apologies they seem to give but not actually do anything about?
  14. What is A. N.? Or is that a spell check thing?
  15. I don't want to get too sentimental, but yesterday sucked. Canes lost, my OG Xbox died finally and I lost my Jet Set Radio Future save and Sega GT 2002 as well and it isn't even the weekend yet. Just Wednesday.
  16. What's the reason for the rush? What happened? Because if it is the characters were getting older, that's fucking stupid to destroy the show like this.
  17. Better yet, the predictions you're 'wrong' on could just be because they happen next episode. Except the Cersei one. I'm hoping you go 6 for 7
  18. Is that league professionally run? Or just a circus pretending to be professional?
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