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    Depressingly useless then.
  2. ... Martin couldn't even reach him. Holy shit
  3. I'd rather not be a walking STD who is a sad excuse for a human. You can have that honour
  4. Rotting dick is a real great motivator to practice safe sex.
  5. You're a retard too. Dont blame me for what I grew up with. You're a retard who wastes oxygen and failed as a human being in every respect.
  6. Almost like he has a plan, and you playing Armchair Coach had nothing to do with it.
  7. No, you're a retard for thinking that even making those changes results in a different outcome. We're having a career year, and you're busy playing arm chair coach because you played EA NHL for 15 years and know how to juggle lines.
  8. It took Crosby and the Pens 4 seasons to win a cup. 1 year they missed all together, the next they were out first round and the next they went to the finals and lost, and the next year they won it all on the backs of a stacked team. Playoff success doesn't happen overnight, or 2 years.
  9. I always thought you were my age. Sorry Gramps.
  10. I never really disagreed with you on us being able to beat Boston. But I never really thought we were going to win the cup this year either. I figure next year will be the prime year to gun for it. This year, we'd have to beat Boston and Tampa and that's just not physically possible.
  11. It's 4 games, we still sit top 5. The world isn't ending and I don't think Babs is holding the team back.
  12. The cup window is wide open. This team has years to be together. That doesn't mean we will win every year. It means we have a decent shot every year. Winning the cup isn't easy, and the best team in the league rarely ever wins it anyway. We get through Boston, we can probably make a run for it. Not unlike Washington finally being able to get past Pittsburgh.
  13. This short slide is unacceptable Perfectly encapsulates the average Leaf fan. Acting like we dropped 10 straight, when in fact, we only lost 4. With our backup in net. Who is, has always been, absolute trash.
  14. Holy shit, Logan is fucking stupid old. Brah, you're fucking old.
  15. I love that Leafs fans always think they know better. Only 4 teams have a better record than us, and only 2 teams have more ROWs than us. I'm more trusting in Babs guiding us to a long term stable future, vs shattering our young kids now just to push a bit deeper into the playoffs just because you think you might know something about which you know nothing. Again, unbelievable.
  16. Not even you believe what you just typed out. You bounce your own balls, maybe.
  17. Honestly, if you can't pay the car off in 3 years? Don't get a new car. You're absolutely right, it is predatory. They push it so hard too. "Cheap payments, won't even make a dent in your budget" They wanted me to sign for my Mirage for 7 years and I laughed. Yeah, I'm going to take 7 years and pay almost 25K for the 13K car. It's disgusting
  18. I admire how you almost fit into society Never stop trying. I understand now. I wish you nothing but good fortunes in your struggles moving forward. I'm rooting for you
  19. Only in Toronto could the games best coach in almost 30 years be questioned as a possibility of holding the team back. Holy fuck, some of you really are retarded. I'm not even joking, I'm sorry. I'll try and be more understanding going forward when I think to myself that's a retarded idea. It's because it came from a retard.
  20. Defense hasn't been improved. Which is how you prevent goals. What exactly has Babs said that is outlandish? On the flip side, it's not like Dubas can just go get a RHD. Not without giving up pieces. So, he shouldn't be taking this personally. Babs is saying the cupboards are bare for prospects that can be called up and relied upon. If you think he's wrong, you're out to fucking lunch. Babs is literally saying the process is still ongoing and the first thing the media and fans do is try and pin the comments on Babs shitting on his GM. Unbelievable.
  21. edgelord. Yes, that is a perfect fit. Holy shit, it fits so well. He thinks he's cutting edge PC, so woke, opening all our eyes. Fucking perfect.
  22. Raiden


    No fucking shit lol Finally, a little bit of logic
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