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  1. RedSelf

    Toronto FC Thread

    It's the international break this weekend. Players on their international teams will be playing in world cup qualifying matches. Even the Premier League itself is taking a break. Happens in all the top football leagues around the world.
  2. RedSelf

    Rebuild Battle Thread

    Development. If you're expecting young kids to come in and win the cup, it's not happening, sorry. They're up here to learn. And unfortunately, even though we would all like it, they are not grasping the concepts taught to them the moment they step on the ice. It will take time to learn to play the game the way Babcock wants it played. Maybe Nylander wants to take the puck all the way by himself at the end of a shift, but Babcock has taught him to get it deep and make a change unless it's completely open. Nylander hesitates, makes a mistakes, puck gets turned over and we get scored on. Hypothetical situation. More games pass, and now Nylander has learned what he needs to do. Now he gets it deep and Hyman crashes in, wins the puck, like he's been taught to do, and we score later in the same play. Suddenly, we're up 1-0, instead of down 1-0. Development takes time, and yes we are going to lose because of it, but it's not on purpose whatever you want to think. Babcock and company (again hypothetical, I don't know what he's thinking) are trying to win, but by playing hockey the way we need to to contend. Having Kessel score in bunches is not a sustainable winning formula. Developing players is.
  3. RedSelf

    Rebuild Battle Thread

    It's actually ridiculous how this season can be seen as a failure unless you are looking at it through a pigeon hole that only shows the standings with the assumption Babcock and company guaranteed the cup at the beginning of the season. Development is a long term process. These young players have been training all their lives to make it to the NHL, but that isn't enough. We need them to make it to the NHL and be the best players they can be while playing in the best league in the world. This involves many different things, such as learning defensive responsibilities, adapting to the speed and lifestyle plus some more. Each player is different and will learn these things a different way. Some in the NHL, some fine tuning it between the NHL and AHL and some purely in the AHL. Shanahan and Babcock are playing the young kids we have to evaluate their talent and see if they will be part of this team moving forward. When the players get called up, they are taught new things. When they are sent down, they have clear new instructions on how to play the game. The ultimate goal of development is winning by playing hockey the right way, but that could take years of learning, which we actually do have. The last 12 years are a write off because of the new management group. They weren't here before so previous failures are not their failures. We're sacrificing a few wins that don't matter now for wins that matter in the future through development. I'll make that trade any day of the week.
  4. RedSelf

    Rebuild Battle Thread

    Sure, we might not have any solid NHLers pan out from our group of prospects, but I like our chances now of having top NHLers in there then when we had Robbie Earl to look forward too. Sure, we might finish last and still only have a 20% chance at picking first, but I like that we can grab a Tkachuk in our worst case scenario, which is better than trading the pick. Sure, we might not have a Niedermayer, Pronger or Quick, but I like the fact that our current management group (Shanahan, Babcock, Lou, Dubas) and scouting (Hunter) are looking for and possibly developing these players we need rather than previous management. The Shanaplan might not work, but it's a damn lot better than anything else we can do, and have done, to build a contender. Full steam ahead with it I say.
  5. RedSelf

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Story of one of the greatest days of my life: Wake up in the morning thinking I'm going to work and streaming the game on my phone for the first two innings and then rushing home to catch the rest. 2:30 - Brother texts me saying he's at Boston Pizza by the Rogers Center and the people behind him ordered Pepsi. Suddenly people who work for Pepsi pop up and give them free tickets to the game. 2:45 - Brother calls me saying he got two tickets to the game and he's going with his buddy. He ordered a round of Pepsi and sweet talked the camera guy into giving another set of free tickets to him. I tell him to have fun and take a lot of pictures. 3:00 - Brother calls me and says the camera guy swung him one extra ticket and to get my ass downtown as quick as possible. Lucky I work right beside the DVP. I look at my manager and tell him I'm going to the game. He tells me to hurry up and get out of the office. 3:30 - Sitting in my seat (3rd base, 100 levels) and witness one of the greatest games (hockey, baseball, soccer) I've ever seen in my life. Been watching the Jays so long that I became accustomed to them not making the playoffs, but oh my god, now that it's happened, I've never felt anything better. Cheers everyone! GO JAYS GO!
  6. RedSelf

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    When we first went for it several years back, AA traded for Buerhle, Johnson, Reyes and Dickey. This provided us with a 3-4 year window. At that time, we gave up top prospects Hechavarria, Alvarez, Syndergaard and D'Arnaud. We didn't make the playoffs and we still basically a .500 team during that time, but we saw what management was willing to do (Johnson never worked out, Romero imploded and Morrow was more often injured than not, can't really predict those things). The thing is now, we are going for it again with the acquisition of David Price and Tulowitzki. But we got those players with prospects we stockpiled during that first 3-4 year window we were trying to win. That's why giving up prospects now is not the biggest deal if you are getting one of the best pitchers and shortstops in the game. When we first went for it, we had the above prospects to give away, but then we just stockpiled more (Stroman, Sanchez, Norris, Pompey, Hoffman) while we were trying to win. The beauty of the draft is it's 1500 players and it seems AA goes for the boom or bust. You draft 6-7 that look like a bust but then you get that one who looks like he's gonna boom. That creates trade fodder. There's also the chance that the prospects never pan out. Leftover from the Halladay is pretty much Devon Travis I believe (when accounting who ended up being traded for whom). Drabek and whoever else we got, can't remember, haven't done much. Basic point, baseball has a deep development system and you can get prospects from the draft, international signings and whatnot. Sure we gave up a lot of prospects for just a chance at making the playoffs, but the only issue is David Price leaving for that big contract, which we've all pretty much expect as the worst case scenario. Donaldson and Tulowitzki are here for the next 4ish(?) years at least. We can always just get those prospects back. We stockpiled them during our last "win now" window. We can do it again. Plus, we didn't give up everyone. Stroman, Sanchez and Osuna are still here. I love it. AA delivered and now it's up to the players. I think the biggest thing about this trade is that Price and Tulowitzki gives the clubhouse a "we can do this" mentality. Nothing's more dangerous than a team loaded with that much talent now also loaded with that much confidence and desire.
  7. RedSelf

    Draft Party 2015 Maple Leaf Square LOL

    I actually went to the Draft Party where the Leafs drafted Morgan Rielly. That one was inside the ACC. A friend of mine got three free tickets so we went down, drank and ate for free and took pictures with the cheerleaders and commentators. When Morgan's name was called out, there was a brief second of pause before everyone cheered because I believe he was ranked a bit lower in the draft (8-10) so people weren't really expecting it. Had a great time.
  8. RedSelf

    Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    Was at the game. Great atmosphere. Couple of stupid small delays when people started throwing their rally towels on to the field (must've wrapped them around a full water bottle or something for it to travel so far). Those swings by Edwin in the 9th really made us know he was trying to win it right there and then. Crowd became completely deflated after he struck out and Bautista was thrown out. Great atmosphere, not so great result, but still many games left. The new security with the metal detectors had the lines to get inside the Rogers Centre way back. Had to wait 30 mins to get inside and missed the top of the first (thank god for those opening ceremonies that delayed the game). Should be a bit easier to handle when attendance goes down, but annoying for big games.
  9. RedSelf


    Nonis' best move, pretty much fixing his worst move
  10. RedSelf

    2015 World Juniors

    Just scored 2 tickets to both Sweden vs Denmark and Czech Republic vs Switzerland on December 27. Same seats for both games so not sure if they'll make me leave the arena for that hour in between them. Been a Leafs fan for 16 years and yet this is going to be my first hockey experience at the ACC. Hopefully Nylander makes it a good one.
  11. RedSelf

    2015 World Juniors

    Ok cool, thanks! I'll look around online. Never been to the ACC for a hockey game, even though I've lived in Toronto all my life, so this just seems like the perfect opportunity.
  12. RedSelf

    2015 World Juniors

    @@doctorkong where did you get your tickets from? I'd love to go catch the Sweden vs Switzerland or Russia games.
  13. RedSelf

    No fan salute? Leafs snub fans?

    It's not so much that they missed the end of game salute that gets to me so much so as we actually have reason to believe it might have been a snub to the fans, it might have been lead by Dion or Phil or it might have been intentional. If this were to happen to a Boston, St Louis or Chicago, not a single fan would question that it was an accident, or they forgot, or they were too tired after the game. The fact that we actually have a slight inkling that this might have been an eff off to the fans (however low or high the chance) speaks volumes of how everyone sees this team's character. Character is one of the most important aspects of a hockey player, and more so in a hockey team and if we can question any move done by Leafs players might have had negative intent, then something's not right with this team's character.
  14. http://www.tsn.ca/leaf-s-ashton-suspended-20-games-for-violating-ped-policy-1.127003 EDIT: Link doesn't seem to be working, but it's on TSN's front page. Sounds like he legitimately didn't know there was a banned substance in his inhaler.
  15. RedSelf

    Everyday things that piss you off

    "Gangstas" Had a 10 year old kid come up to me a few years ago saying if I don't give him my money he'll get his boys to beat the crap out of me. I simple said no and stared back at him. He told me to watch my back and walked away. Unless he sent that guy who broke my ankle in that soccer game last year, I don't think I have anything to worry about. Just the whole "I'm ruff and tuff and from da hood, y'all feel me?" type attitude. Just pull up your pants FFS.