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  1. Good thing we didn't re-sign him lol
  2. I was only referring to the powerplay lol. I just don't see why you'd want komarov on the point. If anything, he should be creating chaos in front of the net with a guy with vision like Marner/Nylander on the point. I think a Gardiner-Nylander combo could be deadly.
  3. So, you want Komarov manning a point and no Nylander in a 4 F group?
  4. Connor Brown should also see his fair share of PP minutes as well. I expect him to make this team.
  5. I still think they'll have plenty opportunity to become regulars immediately, even if it's just the 2nd PP. I do see your point though, Babcock held off on using Rielly on the PP and focused on his defensive game with regular PK minutes. Either way, I'm sure we can both agree that both will likely become solid contributors to the PP unit in future years, when it really matters.
  6. Really? I'd be surprised if either were on the team and weren't at least on the 2nd PP unit, especially knowing we play 4 Fs. Marner manned the point with London, though there may be a size-concern there. He should at least be given an opportunity to do so during the preseason.
  7. Maybe wanted to see if an actual contract was offered prior to accepting a PTO.
  8. We also gave a PTO to D Raman Hrabarenka, a 6'5 230lbs right handed D. Played in Albany, so I'm sure Lou is very familar with him. Potential for him to provide some depth for the Marlies, especially since the lack RHD.
  9. Lmao ranked 10th with 6 pts in 36 games. I'm the exact type of player I say not to draft early.
  10. Iunno, they seem like the type that could use a quality middle-six winger that's on an ELC. I do see your point about them being more short-term, however Saad + Shaw did get paid elsewhere and made a name for themselves. To me, it's evident the Rangers are regressing, plus there's no Toews/Crosby etc to play with there.
  11. Agreed, don't understand why he picked the Rangers. I would have gone to the Hawks or Penguins
  12. Don't tank, but don't mortgage the future to win now. Just put out what we have and evaluate accordingly. Start to sell of pieces at the TD. Would be really nice to win one of those lottery picks and pick up good old Timothy.
  13. I could see it, at least Brown 100%. And at least as an extra F. These aren't what I'd make the lines, just listing players JVR-Kadri-Komarov Marner-Matthews-Nylander Holland-Bozak-Martin XXX-XXX-XXX (without those 4) It's definitely still possible though, there's Johnson, Rychel, Soshnikov, Kapanen, Froese, Hyman, Lindberg, and whatever try-out guys we sign that are all competing for those remaining spots. Definitely refreshing compared to previous prospect pools.
  14. Yep, ppl get bent out of shape over nothing.
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