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  1. El Camino. (The Breaking Bad Movie) It was very good. ........bitch.
  2. Tristan28

    Federal Election

    Can I put a hand in there? 😏
  3. Tristan28

    Playstation 4

    Finally got PS+ . Anyone in to Bloodborne, Battelfield 1, or World of Warships?
  4. Hahaha, I figured they were after more rights to characters. Those venom movies aren't gonna float all on their own after all.
  5. They brought Clarkson back for a reason.
  6. Depends what you mean. The House may impeach him, the Senate, no.
  7. I wish Tim's would just move to America. I really hate everything they offer.
  8. Just a bunch of libtard soyboy snowflake cucks eating their pussy burgers. They should go back to their county if they don't like this one.
  9. One week or so out. Anyone getting excited yet?
  10. IT Chapter 1. Saw it before, thought it was okay. I like when children say fuck, piss, bitch and shit a lot because that's how I was. The clown part, take it or leave it.
  11. If McQuire still gets any screen time at all, then no, they are not doing things right.
  12. Don't forget to bring a towel
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