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  1. Next time Uteck and Jodi/Tie get into an argument, and Uteck throws down with the claim that he is 'always right', can we use this as evidence to the contrary before the thread is derailed with 8 pages of semantics and epistemology?
  2. They did, but his beard required a bigger image so they stuck with that one.
  3. Just checked our injury reserve.....got some lols
  4. We'd have killed for this season for much of 2006-2014
  5. This really sucks. Who's D is in worse shape? Maybe Winnipeg?
  6. Anyone ever listen to Spittin Chicklets? I think it really sucks balls.
  7. Not sure he was going to get anything that wouldn't make us worse. For better or worse (it's worse) we are the team we are for the rest of the season. As frustrating as the performance of this team has been, we have a relatively clear idea of what needs to happen to git gud and HOPEFULLY can make some steps toward that in the summer.
  8. No. They lost to a Zamboni driver, and then that Zamboni driver came to my house and kicked me in the dick.
  9. No team has ever lost a game after losing a game to a zamboni driver. Bro-analytics.
  10. Good thing we're not playing against Ayers in any of those games.
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