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  1. Blues cancel practice due to multiple cases. Gee whiz, it's shocking that this happened.
  2. Good to know. I have one.
  3. Yo, I'm MC Public Urination, what whatI'll take a fucking piss on the fucking sidewalkAnytime, anyplace I just whip out my cockAnd empty my bladder while you motherfuckers watchYou other emcees can't handle this shitYou're just a little bitch afraid to pee in publicYou run into a toilet every time you have to pissYo, fuck that shit, I just whip out my dick
  4. Two fuckwits on TSN going on about how unfathomable it would be if the round robin playoff teams (Boston, Washington, etc) get prime time TV viewing, as those games might not be as good given they are not playing for their lives. They say this while acknowledging that broadcasters in the USA would likely want those prime time as they are huge markets (Boston, Washington, Philly). It's almost are if these talking heads don't understand the business they are in, and what the fuck this tournament is even about. I'm just happy they didn't use complete as a noun... "The compete of these teams just wouldn't be there!" Morons.
  5. Looks like Toronto and Edmonton are gonna be the hubs.
  6. I stand by my PornHub comment that opened this thread. Brand this as the PornHub City, and it will generate stiff revenue. It'll get make loads.... of money.
  7. 200 storm troopers couldn't hit the broadside of an ass hole with their blasters if their lives depended on it.
  8. Do sphincters dilate? Asking for a friend.
  9. I wasn't thrilled about the contract negotiation, or his return in the second part of that season, but he was lights out this year. Some people won't change their opinions on anything, I guess.
  10. While that's a staple of being a Leafs fan, I don't want to be lumped in with them for my Nylander comment. If we were to win the draft and we COULD keep everyone plus Laferniere, you do it, obviously. But damn, that's a lot of money in 7 players (Mathews, Marner, Taveres, Nylander, Lafernier, Anderson, Reilly) Like what, 60 - 65 million bucks on them alone? (Post ELC for Lefernier)
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