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  1. Eastern daylight saving?
  2. Upside down...what kind of kinky perversion is this of which you speak?
  3. This is sexist. If paternity tests are required, then maternity tests should be as well.
  4. This sepsis shit is scary. I'd never heard of it (or else never paid it any attention) until about a year ago when a friend of mine had it. He was out shopping with his girlfriend and started to feel and act strangely. Luckily his gf was a nurse, and diagnose it almost immediately and got him to the hospital asap. Apparently without the quick action he could have easily died that day.
  5. Congrats on the positive PR, hope this helps things to keep progressing. The back-story on this is interesting but very melancholic - I'm sorry you had to suffer so deeply prior to inspiration to take action.
  6. If I had met the reaper, wouldn't I be dead by now?
  7. So exactly where was the left hole?
  8. Suck it, you Beantown douchebags and your mouth-breathing fans.
  9. Isn't his first name Stu?
  10. Quite important to choose the right hole.
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