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  1. Just heard the call for desert. Normally I would ignore it because hockey trumps food, and the calories are not needed. In this case, I'm going for pie.
  2. Shit on those shitty Shithawks from that shithole Chicago, for shit's sake. Make 'em shit their shitty pants. Don't give a shit if they can't tell shit from shinola.
  3. ...1st game without Reilly...allowed 4 goals... ...2nd game without Reilly...only played one period so far. So nope, no conclusions.
  4. Doc J, rocking the GDT. Noice. BTW, should we have a pool for home games based on when the actual puck-drop will happen? Games from the Scotiabank arean semm to begin whenever the fuck they feel like, but NEVER at or close to their published time. WTF is that all about?
  5. Way to go Leafs, despite sleepwalking in the 3rd. Stopped the slide and Auston gets a hatty. All's well tonight.
  6. Funny how a 5-1 score is so much more interesting than when it's 1-5.
  7. "Must win" because I don't need any of the locals around here chafing my ass if we lose to these spunk-barrels.
  8. If this spurs the NHL to extend OT and ditch the SO, then I'm all for it.
  9. Well I've got laundry to sort and put away. And even if I didn't I would use it as an excuse to GTFO.
  10. All they need is 6 goals and a full sheet of 1/2" plywood behind Hutch.
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