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  1. Humper

    Texas School Shooting

    This is a recording.
  2. Humper

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Yeah, " non physical work" you lazy fuck. Man up and get that heart back to normal speed ffs.
  3. Humper

    Questions Only?

    Does that lead to anal sex?
  4. Humper

    The Alphabet Thread

    Just a sugar mania.
  5. Humper

    Word Association Game #3:

  6. Humper

    Word Association Game #3:

  7. Humper

    Questions Only?

    Can I take that as a "yes"?
  8. Humper

    The Alphabet Thread

    How did you miss pointing out that for the last five years I haven't been able to do anything to earn a living?
  9. Humper

    You Laugh You Lose: NHL Edition

    Ron Wilson drawing zero interest from any teams for their coaching spot. I don't care who you are, now THAT'S funny.
  10. Humper

    Word Association Game #3:

  11. Humper

    Questions Only?

    How do you know I get up at night, you been peeking in my windows again?
  12. Humper

    The Alphabet Thread

    From a guy who climbs walls for a living.