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  1. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    Fuck Christmas, especially the Christmas gifts part. Bah fuckin' humbug.
  2. Possibly. Maybe my point was more that comparing our team to theirs, we should have had a comfortable lead by the middle of the third period instead of grasping for overtime in the final minutes. Hence by not living up to our potential, we were undeserving.
  3. Bad call(s), yes. But...Leafs did NOT deserve to win this based on their shitty play for most of the game. Sometimes when karma works, it sucks.
  4. Is it just me or is Colby Armstrong about as much use on a hockey broadcast as he was on the Leafs?
  5. I keep waiting for the "Last Saturday Night vs the Habs Miracle". So far, no. These guys need to wake up.
  6. Not sure. I have only noticed that he's looked like lame dogshit for most of season so far.
  7. Questions Only?

    Do you really think that was the kind of "goose" I was asking about?
  8. The Alphabet Thread

    Knobs that throb can make one sob.
  9. Finally, some good news. Charles Manson dead at 83

    Does anyone even give a shit anymore? -------------------------------------------------------------- Edit - Someone might have cared if they had him in the Deadpool, but that hasn't happened since @Morrison7 chose old Chuck in 2014.