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  1. I was in a Toronto restaurant in the 1980s late one Saturday night when he came thundering through the door. Being dragged behind him was bimbo about 1/3rd his age. They both appeared to be fairly drunk, but with Shack how do you really tell? Anyway they loudly checked out the menu, then stomped out as quickly as they has arrived. I considered it to be typical Shack behavior.
  2. I want to know the circumference of every players' anal sphincter when fully dilated. Although asking for a friend, of course.
  3. 1. That's true, even at my age. 2. Thanks for asking, it's going slowly. I need to get it into my schedule and not just at random times. I cycle on the stationary for 20 miles a day, and accompany my wife on her 1 mile walk as well. But the OYO so far has just been fitting in when I think of it. I need to ramp up my commitment. And soon, since I don't see going back to the gym until I at least get get a vaccine shot. or two.
  4. How do you know my penis didn't crap out first?
  5. I can't remember any of you fucks.
  6. Buffalo needs to suck my pecker.
  7. Yes and no. My recollection, which is also born out by actual facts, is that more often than not we got our asses handed to us. I'm not sure I want to relive that shit again.
  8. He's got a real purty mouth, ain't he.
  9. Didn't LOL, but at least did a pig-snort through my nose.
  10. The plot certainly thickens...
  11. Humper

    NHL Postponements

    The NHL has scratched some landmark dates from the official league calendar. It was announced Wednesday that the 2020 NHL Scouting Combine, NHL Awards and NHL Draft have been postponed due to “ongoing uncertainty” amid the coronavirus outbreak. All three events were scheduled for June, with the Scouting Combine originally slated for the first six days of the month, the NHL Awards planned for June 18 in Las Vegas, and the Draft prepped for the last weekend of the month in Montreal. The NHL added that the location, timing and format of the NHL Draft will be determined at a later date, while seeming to also turn the page on the Awards taking place in Vegas, stating that it looks forward to returning there in the future. The other associated event that the NHL did not provide updated plans for is the NHL Draft Lottery. With an abbreviated season and therefore incomplete standings, one of the many things drawing consideration in the league office is a plan for the framework of the lottery, which of course will work in correspondence with the possible resumption of the season. While the Scouting Combine might be inessential to the season and draft, the NHL will need to go through the process of selecting amateur players at some point, and the expectation should be that the league hands out awards as well. The NHL pressed pause on the season on March 12, and has been unable to provide a firm timetable on resuming activities since shutting down operations. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/nhl-postpones-scouting-combine-draft-awards-215857637.html
  12. If you weren't at ice level like I was, you really wouldn't know.
  13. I see nobody did a GDT for the game, so here goes. Also, seems like no one watched the game, so I'll just jump to a quick summary. Nashville overwhelmed the Buds by a score of 28-5. Andersen, like always, let in the first shot he faced. And it was a real stinker since Period 1 was played not with a puck, but a beachball. He went on throughout the game letting in every shot on goal plus 3 shots that weren't even close to it. The four Leaf players whose salaries make up 122.7% of the payroll contributed jackshit. Matthews floated all game, Marner looked lost, Tavares was 0 for 19 on faceoffs while Willy skated around avoiding physical confrontation at all costs. 3 of Toronto's goals were scored by Spezza, who at one point was seen to have sunshine beaming out of his asshole. The other 2 went to Hyman, both were empty-netters. Honorable mention in defeat goes to Marincin, Ceci, and Barrie, all of whom were sidelined at gametime with COVID-20, a new virus that causes a player to stand around in a stupor while the opposition scores. Oops, scratch that. It's not a virus and it's not new. Hope that gets you up to speed and satisfies your every desire.
  14. Yeah, that would work if (a) all players were tested simultaneously and were clear and (b) all players and support personnel could be kept in isolation and not exposed to airline workers and hotel workers and restaurant workers and taxi drivers and etc. etc. etc.
  15. Whatever it is, I think at least a part of it is in his head. And if so, my guess is he'd rather not have the weight of captaincy* on his shoulders at this juncture. *and no, this isn't a modified reprise of my "Phaneuf should resign the captaincy" post from oh so many years ago.
  16. 1st period: Jekyll 2nd period: Hyde 3rd period: Hyde/Jekyll/Hyde/Jekyll/Hyde/Jekyll/Jekyll/Jekyll/Hyde/Hyde/Jekyll/Jekyll Might want to consider moving John T off PP1 until he relocates his mojo. Nice win. Hope Freddie's back for good.
  17. Will this team ever score another goal? Ever? Well if they do tonight, I'm not gonna see it.
  18. "Well Mark Messier is retired. But seriously, I like Matthews and Marner But i don't think either one should wear an A. Muzz and Hyman are the two guys i believe should be assistants" alternates
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