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  1. Uh, why don't we let the gay guy decide if he's offended or not?
  2. Do penguins drink coffee?
  3. Ever heard of cholesterol tbnl?
  4. Why don't you move to Antarctica?
  5. And where does the heroin spoon go?
  6. Humper

    Kessel traded to Arizona

    Well for those who do, there's always this...
  7. Just curious, are you putting your daylight savings in the bank or spending it on drugs?
  8. Spezza is detestable due to his past association with the Sens, per previous explanations. Marchand is detestable because he is a two-bit, shit-headed, slew-footing, cheap-shot, whiny, douchebag...and THEN some.
  9. Humper

    Kessel traded to Arizona

    He's gone, oh I, oh I'd Better learn how to face it He's gone, oh I, oh I'd Pay the devil to replace him He's gone, what went wrong
  10. Will Marner's contract have a special "Mitch rider"?
  11. Sorry, I don't have aphantasia. But I DO have a large pimple on my ass right now.
  12. You mean @HippyHappy hour?
  13. Wasn't he the guy that pitched for the Yankees in the late 90s?
  14. Humper

    Subban to NJ

    HEY, FUCK YOU!!! even if it's true
  15. Eastern daylight saving?
  16. Upside down...what kind of kinky perversion is this of which you speak?
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