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  1. Is the MGM lion going grey as well?
  2. Could be harder to remember crap like that AFTER the long weekend.
  3. Did Tony The Tiger have the tips of his fur frosted?
  4. Am more familiar with Zigzag as a rolling paper rather than a sauce application technique.
  5. Isn't Captain Crunch the Cereal Killer?
  6. You know that leads us directly to Xavier Steak...
  7. Was he the guy who did the movie "Dwayne's World"?
  8. We are known for featuring the steak tartare of ideas.
  9. Miami Vice-President Pence?
  10. Too many cooks spoil the corned-beef-hashish-browns.
  11. The guy had zero quit in him. RIP Leonard.
  12. With tbnl, isn't it usually vice to begin with?
  13. Who's the bigger joke - Marchand or the NHL? Tough call.
  14. Well its troo. He's bin pratically invisible since he got hear. Like, what good has he dun us, huh?
  15. Is that more ironic than a free ride when you've already paid?
  16. Or could we just simplify things by combining them all into one order of corned-beef-hashish-browns?
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