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  1. Great team effort, but kudos to Willy and Freddy in the third.
  2. Did I just see the end boards take the puck away from Marincin?
  3. I'm going into this with (again) fairly low expectations. Prove me wrong, you Jekyll and Hydes.
  4. Gutsy showing. Nice response to that last shitshow.
  5. Bolts are starting an Uber driver in goal. Their zamboni guy is apparently not feeling well.
  6. 3.000 for his hockey skill 1.625 for his work ethic 1.000 for his cajones _______ 5.625
  7. I don't know how to fix the team and that's partially because I don't know what's wrong exactly. And while I agree with many that the problem is with the players, we should also consider this - the top of the overall Leaf pyramid consists of rookies. Shanahan never had anything to do with coaching or managing any team, let alone an NHL franchise. Then boom! He's the president. Smart guy, hockey background yes, but... OK, so he parried off his own inexperience by bringing in 2 veterans to manage and coach. However, both original guys are gone. Now we have Dubas and Keefe instead, neither with NHL experience in their positions. Leaving us with a triumvirate of greenhorns. Even if 2 of the 3 (Keefe, and to a much lesser extent, Dubas) are not solely responsible for the situation we are in, can we really expect the answers and solutions coming these guys? I myself have very limited confidence in anyone above the players to sort this mess out.
  8. I think he's a skinny reincarnation of Kyle Wellwood.
  9. Yeah, the only bright spot for me tonight was Ayres. Felt great for the guy and liked the way the Canes treated him. As for everything else, I feel sickened.
  10. Is this what it looked like when the White Sox threw the World Series?
  11. If Clifford was charging then Mrazek was too.
  12. Yeah, let's arm wrestle about whether Freddy really really deserved the shutout or whether it was a gift from his always stalwart defense. It was a win, it was a shutout. Nuff said.
  13. All synapses firing and all testicles accounted for and on display 2nite.
  14. Did I just see Engvall get crosschecked? In the back? Into the boards?
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