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  1. Leafs Lunch was hilarious today with Mike Johnson putting it to Dreger over needing more gRitZ. Andi had to jump in to save poor Dregs. The gist of Mike's rebuttal, after a John Scott phone in, was that nobody was or is afraid to play against a team with a tough guy or two and unless they can play good defense or offense, they're a waste of space. Pronger on the other hand was a nightmare to play against because he was so good and so sneakily mean.
  2. Should we have a Willy and Kessel doing the Floss gif, especially for you, purveyor of most things wrong?
  3. Dumba isn't looking that good lately from what I hear. It was a while back on here somebody was trading everyone for Dumba. Our defense was going to be all Dumba, all the time. In other news, how about that Willy? https://www.tsn.ca/william-nylander-voted-phwa-s-best-comeback-player-at-midseason-1.1431752
  4. I'll check it out. The rest of you, avoid the sauces.
  5. I'm sick of trading away great players or draft picks for bandaids that get wet and fall off in the playoffs. Marner for Doughty and Johnsson for Georgiev and we'll worry about the future after the parade.
  6. Johnsson can play in our top six, but not at a level that I'm happy with. I'd be ok dumping him for a very good backup if Mikheyev was coming back. I'd rather trade him and keep Kap for his speed on the third line and penalty killing. I think he's better there than Johnsson would be.
  7. Nylander is a kid, and a good one on a reasonable contract. Get a goalie and get healthy dmen back.
  8. Marincin showed a little jam again last night. That'll go a long way if the bigger guys, like him, Holl, Engvall and Goat start using their size a little more aggressively.
  9. Probably wasn't the coaches fault but someone had to take a fall.
  10. For all the Nylander deniers, good analysis on leafs lunch. Second most goals in the league from the 'dirty areas'. Lots of praise for Willy.
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