(C1) NSH 2
(WC1) DAL 2
(C2) WPG 2
(C3) STL 3
(P1) CGY 1
(WC2) COL 3
(P2) SJS 2
(P3) VGK 3
(A1) TBL 0
(WC2) CBJ 4
(A2) BOS 2
(A3) TOR 2
(M1) WSH 2
(WC1) CAR 2
(M2) NYI 4
(M3) PIT 0
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  1. Brown is a known liar and there are lots of discrepancies in the party management, plus he's a politician so you can't believe him either. Unless of course you believe Trump didn't do Stormy and are just inclined to believe the guys, because like once or twice in a fucking lifetime it happened to be so. Either way, good thing the parasite is gone, although I'm not sure they're attracting good replacements right now.
  2. This will be the first Olympics in forever that I haven't watched an event. I don't have cable and can't be bothered streaming it from somewhere. I'm not saying never again, but I'm not missing it at all.
  3. I agree on Vanek. Also we don't need any shitass 4th liners when we have such good other lines. Paying 2nd round picks for slugs that should be playing 5 minutes or less a night makes no sense. Fuck Letestu.
  4. When saving dollars means more than saving cap space, it's time to sell the team. Move them to Quebec, give the Province something hockey to cheer about.
  5. Boston is playing above their level lately but they're due for a slump. Let's hope it's on the playoffs.
  6. Well hockey in Ottawa is becoming that saving dollars is more important than building a team. They kept 25% of his salary I think. Still not sure I'd want Dion at that price because of the term but he's still a functional Dman if a little slow. Tempting though, so good on LA. Let's see what we do.
  7. Nice to see some hockey sense, from you and TI. Of course my trade offer is way lower than what they will likely get from some misguided Sucker. On the other hand, Sens just paid to give away Dion. Bottom lĂ­nea is Nash would be a big improvement over Hyman and Hyman would be good in a lesser roll. Those piling on me over this continue to show that they'd rather slag than think.
  8. Dion now only worth slightly less than LA will pay him Sens fail #145
  9. I like that kind of math so here's some similar. Only Matthews and JVR have more than 1 goal more than Nash.
  10. LOL, Nash will score 25 goals this year without Matthews and Nylander and your average is flat out wrong.
  11. Leivo's not going to succeed under Cocks anyway, so yes. I still would like to get Nash for a 2nd Sosh and Kommie, I don't think teams are giving up 1sts for these guys, but it is the silly season
  12. He'd be great. So would I with those two. It's only for one Cup.
  13. I'd love Nash to knock Hyman off the 1st
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