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  1. Marlies seem to have the same afflictions as the Leafs.
  2. But we're still going to be a much better team with him, amirite?
  3. Good, with that much security, he should feel comfortable directing Dubas to fire that guy in the other thread, or he'll give him a bare bum spanking.
  4. Some lifting, some crossfit, some bicycling, lots of running. I don't need big dumb muscles to compete in middle distance runs, but I need to be strong and muscled and I can't carry much body fat if I hope to be competitive at this level.
  5. Well I'm about as close as you can get, at about 7% body fat with a six pack. Whether my Mo Farah like build qualifies as shredded or skeletal is another topic. 30k run yesterday morning, then a 10k in the afternoon. Starting to get into competition shape for the MCCWMA track championships in July.
  6. It'll definitely make us a much better team next year.
  7. No cause Babcock wants an injured gudpro with Matthews instead.
  8. The Leafs are back in the playoffs. They secretly replaced Columbus for last night's game.
  9. I've turned my tiny pyramid 180 degrees in his honour.
  10. Plus if Freddy played a little better the Bruins may have played a lot better and the Leafs may have played a little worse.
  11. Hard to win a cup with a healthy hyman on the best line, never mind wonky hyman. Thing is, with the current lineup and the limited changes that can be made, I can't imagine winning a cup with Babcock coaching.
  12. Agreed, Nylander didn't have it at all. Frustrating. Marleau is spent. Gardiner is a talented deer in the headlights guy who looks like he'll always panic under intense pressure. Just to get back on topic, Babcock is outdated and at this point they should be planning his replacement. Welcome back to my world.
  13. Brown is a known liar and there are lots of discrepancies in the party management, plus he's a politician so you can't believe him either. Unless of course you believe Trump didn't do Stormy and are just inclined to believe the guys, because like once or twice in a fucking lifetime it happened to be so. Either way, good thing the parasite is gone, although I'm not sure they're attracting good replacements right now.
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