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  1. Correction. Swiss is the term for people of Switzerland. Cheese is terrible.
  2. He can skate, for a big plug. If he was dirt cheap and knocking a more expensive plug like Hyman out, I could live with it. I also don't see the point of having tough guys who only play against the other teams tough guys. Might better just not dress them and let them fight in the alleyway before and after the game
  3. Well it didn't really get implemented that well. Coach cocks sucked.
  4. I have the answer. Put your best players out on the PP and score when they take a penalty. It works way better than putting out a plug and instead of the other team taking the bait, they score.
  5. Embarrassment to whom? He's incapable of being embarrassed. I just had a massive dump that did better on a sniff test than U's take on this.
  6. However, in the playoffs when you're going to get eliminated again by Boston, Babcock might want to try having an idea.
  7. Just in the regular season. In playoffs when it tightens up, you have to allow less goals than the other teams. Only gudpros can do dat.
  8. Came in 4th in my age group at NCCWMA2019, so no medal, but not a total embarrassment.
  9. Shyte coming back for sure.
  10. You getting a tubing enema is not epic. Port Huron is probably still polluted.
  11. They're close to a deal but neither side has approved it, would be a more accurate depiction of the situation.
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