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  1. If Chuck Norris was a goalie, he'd be McBackups backup and I bet that would get his back up
  2. Sssshhhh Danny, they may be listening
  3. Security Camera System

    $100 a year stores the last 10 days.
  4. Security Camera System

    I have a nest system. The outside camera is mounted to the soffit and plugged into the soffit outlet. It's accurate enough to notify me when a fly lands on it. It detects motion and sound and you can control it remotely including talking to it. Everything is stored in the cloud. You need fast unlimited internet. I've had no issues
  5. Patrick Brown

    Brown did segments with Rebel but is now pretending he has disavowed them, at least until after the election.
  6. Patrick Brown

    I was accused of setting up that site and the facebook group but of course I'm not capable of that, anymore. I've never been sure if it is really a disgruntled further right segment of the Ontario PCs or the Liberals trying to take out his legs. We're in Canada so use Rebel as your reference point.
  7. Patrick Brown

    I've already provided a link you failed to follow and listed some other problems with this character and then there's sex ed, and abortion. Hard to criticize his 139 policies though, because they intentionally say dick all. That should sit well with you though.
  8. Patrick Brown

    We do but I'm a somewhat strategic voter. Green aren't getting in so I'll do what I can for the NDP. They've only had one chance in Ontario, and yes they did fuck it up so bad that we got stuck with Mike the Indian Hunter. Municipal debt and property taxes soared after his reign of terror and his band of thugs are still infiltrating provincial and federal conservatives. Fucking conservatives, can't just be fiscal conservatives anymore. They welcome the extremists, support carbon taxes, fix the nominations, and still use Brylcreem.
  9. We didn't score enough goals, but a better comparison would have been Aki Berg
  10. Patrick Brown

    Again, I knew you would get defensive and claim you were only looking for glaring weaknesses and that Saint Patrick's weaknesses are dim. I also knew you'd claim I love Ontario Liberals when I suggested it's time for Andrea and am going to vote NDP, which is how I usually have voted in Ontario.
  11. Smart Speakers

    If you are tied into Amazon, eg Prime, Fire TV, etc, then Alexa is your huckleberry, maybe, but I'm not, so I prefer Google. It's like having an Apple computer, iPad, iPhone and then getting Apple TV, Apple Watch and their Siri based home pod. I have a lot of Google and Android and some PC but don't want to get into other platforms. It's complex enough sorting all these out. The Alexa is supposedly a better quality speaker but the Homes are sufficient for light listening. The best hardware doesn't always win, just ask Sony.
  12. You damn NDP's are so predictable and just can't stand anyone criticizing the left. I bet you wouldn't think Polak was so damn good if he wasn't a left DMan.
  13. Patrick Brown

    I could have written that post for you, before you did, because, well I knew you'd write it. You stupid fuck, you said you couldn't find anything wrong and now you're saying anyone can, but that's the way you usually react when called on your bullshit.
  14. Patrick Brown

    Take Back Our PC Party https://www.takebackourpcparty.com Even his own party can't stand him.