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  1. Eating soy and pot, of course I have tiny man boobs. They're perky though. Unlike those saggy ones on Willie and Mitchie.
  2. I still stand to pee, outside. I have gritz.
  3. Generally, I agree with this post, but I have one question. Was that a truck, or just a reflection?
  4. Cap. We can't fill out a great d with those three 11 million forwards, so take your pick, Tavares or Marner.
  5. I'm missing his wrongosity, a lot of people didn't know that.
  6. Marner needs to go. Then whichever of Johnsson or Kap brings the best return. Can we get the d we need for that? Not likely.
  7. The high pitched whining is hurting my ears, I'll have to turn my hearing aid down. Damn Freddie, he should have scored at least two goals. A couple of mms and we would be in the 2nd round, with the worst defence of any team getting there, and we wouldn't have gotten out. Better to have a shot at Lefren. Muzzin's loss hurt a lot. We also need another like him. Fortunately Ceci and Barrie are gone, and like I predicted, they really stood out, in a bad way. Good luck getting decent contracts, boys. I've been after trading Marner for Doughty since the start. Nobody agreed and after that shit show, it'll be tough to get a good dman for him without taking back salary, unless it's Subban. We're not in a great position, but there's always the season after next.
  8. I thought it was a replay from a previous game, but then again, Ceci never did anything right, until now
  9. They're looking good, just need a break or the puck to follow someone into the net.
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