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  1. Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Raaaaawr ! Hi folks. So how has everybody beeeen? It's still nice here in North Carolina.
  2. Leafs lose in regulation. Boston wins. Florida wins. Flyers win. Montreal wins. Fuck off Karma, we deserve a better fate.
  3. Trade Deadline 2017

    Saw this posted elsewhere: "Given his numbers you might say that Bishop going to the Kings is a lateral move, but Iā€™m pretty sure when it comes to Bishop it can only be diagonal."
  4. Claude Julien Fired

    And they have the "Firing" press conferene at 11:30. Good time for that. Nothing going on in town at that time. Not like a giant parade or anything.....
  5. NFL Thread

    In hockey terms, "He was terrible for 2 and half periods but then score a hattrick and the OT winner". MVP undeserved? He just set these records last night: Most completions, game, 43 Tom Brady ā€“ New England vs. Atlanta, LI Most passing yards, game, 466 Tom Brady ā€“ New England vs. Atlanta, LI Brady is to NFL as "NOBODY" is to NHL. He has earned G.O.A.T. The only question remains is he greater than Jordan as all time greats (I still wager no, Jordan still greatest)
  6. I now have a life mission to get a Seqway and google glasses. Tie a sweater around my shoulders, pop my collar. Wear a Habs ball cap and troll the fuck out of the streets of Toronto. (I was going to try Vancouver, but I probably would just blend in)
  7. You're not the boss of me. Go away public message, talking to myself, need more tinfoil.

  8. Pokemon GO

    I was thinking that Niantic labs needs to hook up with the creators of the Walking Dead. Same game but instead you blow away zombies and take over areas to make them safe for your team..... Could work with GOT, Marvel......
  9. Pokemon GO

    The other secret benefit to all of this. The distances and weights are all in metric so Americans are quickly learning how far it takes to walk a km.
  10. Pokemon GO

    Think of this from the perspective of the technology. Can play everywhere, via a cell, using real world locations. Huge social component + video game +plus exercise. Now imagine it was a hockey themed version like the trading card game. You go to real world locations hoping to spot NHL calibre players to add to your roster. You then battle other teams with the players you have gathered. Could include all time greats, current players, future prospects, imaginary players (Oglethorpe)! I think people would stop traffic dead cold if a "Pavel Bure" suddenly appeared on a street corner......
  11. Pokemon GO

    It's out in the US and so far it has been kind of epic. Release for Canada is still slated as soon. The current server issues are persistent, in that at least half of each day, I fail to connect. If you grew up with POkemon, you will loves it. I did not. I still loves it. The idea of the game is find cute lovable critters and enslave them inside confined spheres of hell. You can then either mutate them into beasts that you send out to battle other pokemon (Michael Vick style). Or you trade them to the professor (slave trade sex worker style) in return for some candy (#likeCrack). Reality is you will walk around public places and pokemon will appear and you catch them. Level them, Evolve them, take over gyms, yadda yadda. That being said, I went to the local university campus Friday night with my son and wandered from Pokestop to Pokestop. Met no less than 30 other players in 90 minutes of walking. Easy to spot other players as they will gather at stops and be staring at their phones. From an exercise perspective, this will get you walking / running / biking. My buddy played for 7 hours yesterday. I covered 10K this weekend and my phone could not connect 70% of the time. Best places to play are city cores, parks, near churches, cemetaries, police stations, fire stations, monuments. This is me last night. So will join the battle? Oh there are also 3 teams, yellow, blue, red. It would make sense that all Leafs nation would join Blue yes ? Oh I forgot to mention, the android apk is out there in the world (check reddit pokemon GO threads) so Android users should be able to side load that and play. Be weary though, a trojan has already been attached to some versions of the apk (see here for more)
  12. My favourite reddit line from this week referring to the Hound: "I prefer chicken". Colonel Sandor !!
  13. I thought this episode was the dullest of the season. (which will make the 2 of the next 3 mind blowing) But some great stories. #andTitties Hey look, a plucky group of folks in a shire like setting, peacefully building stuff instead of destroying. That won't last long in the GOT universe. Showing the Hound before the opening intro was great. I still feel Sansa is the most useless person around. Power by name only. Read a cool theory on Gizmodo about Arya: It was that handsome Jesus still owes her a life, so he puts on Arya face, requests the killing be merciful since he would take her place. Hangs out in the open to be an easy target. Flees into the water so as not to die in front of the waif. Makes sure to be seen by everyone walking through town. Now Arya can leave happily on boat the next morning.
  14. My favourite reddit comment of the week: "Tormunds eye fuck game is getting stronger."