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  1. I live about 2 hours away from the area. Local news does not even cover their results much of the time. And now, they are featured right up front locally! This has been the best hockey promoting event in years. The tv commercials now show these celebrations as part of the montage. This is the perfect thing for a team "in the South". I'd hate to see many teams do it. I'd REALLY hate to see a team celebrate this way in an enemy barn. (Ok enough posting from me, I have been way too chatty on here lately)
  2. I don't pay attention as much of the rest of you, but did we not used to love Zaitsev a few years ago? Has his play tailed off that much? Is it just this season? And is there any chance that he could regain his rookie form?
  3. I wander back after a long hiatus to see what everyone thinks of this Nylander situation. And I end up reading pages and pages of dick jokes. I am so proud of you guys!!!! Keep up the good work.
  4. Random shit from twitter.....
  5. My good buddy has a Leaf. He just went 1 full calendar year paying nothing. He parked at city charging station as often as he could and then at the University charging station. A full year of not plugging it in at home.
  6. I put Ana winning it all. Because Carlyle. Also, I clearly have not paid enough attention.
  7. I had a pool at my pace from 2012 until this past summer (the big event). It was scary at first but once you are armed with enough knowledge on the care / chemicals it is a breeze. The only website you will need is http://www.troublefreepool.com/pool-school/ There, they describe the pool chemistry. I only ever bought household bleach for the chlorine source. way cheaper than Pool supply store. The Pool calculators there are a Godsend. And if it doesn't have a salt water generator, explore getting one eventually. Less fussing with chemicals. I installed my own after watching a few Youtube videos. For the pool, get in and feel the bottom with your bare feet. You want to make sure it is not etched (really scratchy to the touch). Otherwise if it doesn't leak (unlikely), the rest is easy enough to replace / repair if not working correctly. The cost to resurface the pool is like ~10K. You often can get a pool person to come out and do an inspection for piece of mind. And like all inspectors, they will find something wrong with it, hoping to drum up some business.
  8. Raaaaawr. Hi all. Been gone for a bit. Life took a left turn for a while. But it will all be a bright sun shiny very soon.
  9. Raaaaawr ! Hi folks. So how has everybody beeeen? It's still nice here in North Carolina.
  10. Leafs lose in regulation. Boston wins. Florida wins. Flyers win. Montreal wins. Fuck off Karma, we deserve a better fate.
  11. robbie

    Trade Deadline 2017

    Saw this posted elsewhere: "Given his numbers you might say that Bishop going to the Kings is a lateral move, but Iā€™m pretty sure when it comes to Bishop it can only be diagonal."
  12. robbie

    Claude Julien Fired

    And they have the "Firing" press conferene at 11:30. Good time for that. Nothing going on in town at that time. Not like a giant parade or anything.....
  13. robbie

    NFL Thread

    In hockey terms, "He was terrible for 2 and half periods but then score a hattrick and the OT winner". MVP undeserved? He just set these records last night: Most completions, game, 43 Tom Brady ā€“ New England vs. Atlanta, LI Most passing yards, game, 466 Tom Brady ā€“ New England vs. Atlanta, LI Brady is to NFL as "NOBODY" is to NHL. He has earned G.O.A.T. The only question remains is he greater than Jordan as all time greats (I still wager no, Jordan still greatest)
  14. I now have a life mission to get a Seqway and google glasses. Tie a sweater around my shoulders, pop my collar. Wear a Habs ball cap and troll the fuck out of the streets of Toronto. (I was going to try Vancouver, but I probably would just blend in)
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