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  1. What's a meme? I had my Grandson copy the picture from the facebook and fax it to here. #GenXSarcasm
  2. This thread would be wayyy better if it linked to the book itself. For "educational" reasons.
  3. Brienne writes in the book. And then closes is before allowing the ink to dry!!! Fucking savage.
  4. Both games were great to watch. $2 beer $2 hot dogs $2 popcorn The 2nd one was painful seeing us blow a 3 goal lead. But the local crowd was intense and vocal. It was a good weekend for hockey in this area. I hope to God there is a game 7. You can all stay at my place!
  5. That would indeed be 7 hours. Will be sitting against the glass. Looks like there is at least 4K tix sold for tonights game. This town is getting a small but rabid fan base.
  6. The Marlies are finally playing in Charlotte !!!! I'll be going tonight and tomorrow night donning Maple Leaf gear. Been waiting a long time for a chance to see playoff hockey in person. And I have never been to a Marlies game before.
  7. random quotes from Reddit: "How fitting for Cersei to die on Mother's Day." "It’s Always Sunny in Westeros: The Gang Commits War Crimes." "I don't think elephants would have made much of a difference." "The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth" - African proverb "I can empathize with Dany. My neighbors have wind chimes." "Tyrion deserves the No Bell Peace Prize..." "I wonder how the people who named their daughter's Khaleesi feel?" "I was just disappointed my theory about the Mountain being two guys in a trenchcoat was ruined" "Attention southerners who survived the dragon queen attack! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation."
  8. "Gendry still got shot down harder than Rhaegal"
  9. Some good quotes off of reddit: "The new official words of house Targaryen: "We do not scout"" "Arya this episode: Thanks, but I already have a husband and his name is revenge" "Ghost survived a White Walker horde to be abandoned by his owner" Jon: I have the biggest secret ever, swear you won't tell anyone Sansa: I swear *37 seconds later Sansa: hey Tyrion guess what "Dany about to blow a three dragon lead." "Jon may be the rightful king of the iron throne but he is a terrible dog owner." And from Missandei's perspective on all this: " imagine surviving the army of the dead, the great war, the long night, and then you get captured by dollar store jack sparrow and get beheaded by a crazy drunk lady"
  10. I assume that Tyrion is about to truly shine in the next few episodes. What he said to Bronn way back when: So I assume he will rebuy Bronn's loyalty. And then promise a better deal to the Gold Company, since they are mercenaries. They flip sides at the most critical moment, easy win. Anyone have any predictions on who takes down Cersei in the end? I have NFC.
  11. Oh, Dothraki Horde, You pulled a real Tampa Bay Lightning performance this night..........
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