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  1. It is a bit frustrating watching a wee lad like Marner get pushed around and not retaliate by scoring or setting up a goal or two.
  2. I posted the answer to that in the New Admin/Mod thread. Babcock could become the new mod.
  3. Marner and Babcock could probably be a full time mod and still have time to play Super Mario Brothers.
  4. Yer late and just in time to watch some Don Cherry. You a Don Cherry fan? I mute that asshole.
  5. I view the game in the same way. I blame the players. But I might actually get on the fire the coach bandwagon this time. They showed the bench after one of the Leafs' many minor penalties and Babcock looked like he was stupefied. He was saying "duh" "duh" "duh" "duh", then he finally found some actual words and shouted something. He seems completely incapable of reining in this young team, which is what needs to happen.
  6. It's the stream I've been watching has hi Steph over Travolta's face during commercial breaks
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