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  1. Considering the wasteland that the goaltending has generally been for the Leafs for the past decade and a half, Andersen looks alright much of the time. Other times, he looks like the same old shit.
  2. Most people think of Florida as in the Eastern time zone, but I am in Central time zone. 6:30 is gettin' late for a guy who goes to bed at eight
  3. I approve. Good player who makes up for some of what some of his fellow defensemen lack.
  4. This was the most complete game I've seen the Leafs play all year. The Isles played well, but had an impotent offense. Tried hard. Stonewalled by Hutchinson who had a great game. One of the few I've seen all the way thru as I'm usually lights out by 8 PM Central.
  5. I don't feel that way about Morri
  6. He does. I'm gonna continue to talk shit about him.
  7. I want a truck that a little truck rolls out of the front of.
  8. Is there a sumo wrestler in the audience?
  9. I do too. Andersen needs a day off. Playing too many games increases his chance for injury and that would be a horrible situation to be in.
  10. Hutch needs to become an internet troll and play well just to spite the internet.
  11. I've seen enough already. I normally try to hold off judgement and even enjoyed some of Toronto's bad goaltenders, like Gusto. But Hutch is not as entertaining as Gusto. Hutch and Marincin are the two players on the team that I think should be in the minors. That's a major improvement over when most of the players should've been in the minors, eh? I wanna see them keep it rollin' despite the curse of the inept backup goaltender.
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