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  1. Out of all the characters the writers completely forgot about, I missed the hill tribes of the Vale reuniting with Tyrion. They had one episode to give us more Shagga Son of Dolf and they failed. I guess the Lannisters don't always pay their debts.
  2. "Normal" for GoT is the characters doing horrible things to one another. The beginning of season 8 was abnormal. Very little conflict. They got back to normal the past couple episodes, which is why I wasn't in here complaining about the writing the past couple weeks. I think the last 2 episodes are as good as any from season 3 on. Seasons 1 & 2 are solid. I don't think any show ever comes close to how brilliant the first two seasons were. Season 2 was so good, I picked up and read those huge fucking unfinished books. Now I'm one of the suckers awaiting The Winds of Winter or GRRM eating himself to death.
  3. In a pseudo-medieval world where men shave their chests, but not their faces, anything is possible, y'all. The writing has been bad for seasons, not just season 8. But I'm stoked the writers didn't half-step with Danaerys destroying King's Landing and burning its inhabitants alive. It was always in the cards. Out of all her followers, Varys was the biggest man. In general, I dig how the show went straight back to conflict between the characters after the White Walkers were destroyed.
  4. Episode 4 was good, but 5 was amazing. I knew that Danaerys was gonna destroy some shit and burn a fuck ton of people, but I didn't know how far the show writers would take it. I got to watch Danaerys burn fleeing peasants. Arya and The Hound were back and had decent (but not as good as their old) dialogue. They were the only characters present who weren't morally compromised by the slaughter occurring around them.
  5. Check engine light came on on my 2010 Honda Odyssey. Misfire Cylinder 1. Spark plug had oil on it. My mechanic researched it and found that there was a Class Action lawsuit against Honda for that engine for just that thing. Took it back to the dealership where I bought it 2 months ago and they gave me my $10,900 in trade on another vehicle. Got me a used 2019 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. Gonna get it converted to right hand drive and a folding bed cover for my packages.
  6. Sharing a large pizza with myself happens weekly. Most of my weight loss is from work. Some is from yard work and sexercise. Lots of baking and sweating in the sun on unsalted almonds, peanuts and dried fruit trail mix and granola bars. M&Ms in the trail mix during the "winter", but too hot now. I will probably lose 10 more pounds this summer.
  7. I probably weighed less before I got baked and ate a large pizza while watching the most recent GoT episode.
  8. I definitely ain't shredded. I have lost 20 pounds since starting to work as a mailman though. Down to 200.
  9. Cool. The location of the studio was gonna be the next question.
  10. Yer son play all the instruments on that track?
  11. I stretch a lot. My balance is great because I practice my crane stance. Drive my mail van with my left hand and foot, so I have a certain amount of ambidexterity. Light a lighter, snap and throw a frisbee left handed. Can hammer left handed as well. With the spawn about to finish high school, the future is opening up. One is already moved out. Could get back into martial arts classes. Turn one of their rooms into an art studio or a sex dungeon. OR bother you people.
  12. "Hate" is a wimpy word and doesn't encompass how I feel about the Bruins. The Leafs are the only pro sports team I follow and the last 15 years have been one clusterfuck after another. Cup Shmup. What I want next year is for the Leafs to annihilate the Bruins in the playoffs.
  13. Well, this four-eyed freak is skeptical of that four-eyed freak Dubas.
  14. The team was obviously on a downward trajectory after Sweeney took over. I don't know a fuck ton about hockey coaching or management. My connection to the sport is that my maternal Grandfather played goal and had no front teeth because of it. Never ice skated. Never made a line change. Cant's skate backwards in roller skates. If a GM strikes me as being ignorant, that GM most be sub-human.
  15. I don't know. I don't meet many hockey fans down here. I hate the Boston Bruins team itself.
  16. He also trade Hamilton. I'm not saying he's a good GM by any means. He's a moron. And Boston's core is moving out of its prime or well beyond it like Chara
  17. This is tiresome, bud. Anyways, I was confused and thought Sweeney was the Seguin for Erikkson guy. Turns out that was the crappy Bruins GM before Sweeney. I hate no team more. I think maybe we can just agree on that and move on.
  18. You'd also be lying to yourself if you said they are a better team now than when Sweeney took over.
  19. Sweeney is a fuckeat with an aging core. The Bruins shouldn't have made it thru the 1st round and were given a gift by the Lightning for the 2nd. Why do you want to argue with me about how awesome the Bruins are? Fuck the Bruins.
  20. Heavier and darker than what I normally listen to. Has he ever heard Neurosis? He should check out Souls at Zero and Through Silver in Blood. I used to listen to stuff like that, but I've mellowed out. Lately, it's all Led Zeppelin and P-Funk in my CD changer in my mail van.
  21. The Leafs lost more than the Bruins won. And ya the Bruins are gettin' old. Hence "on the decline".
  22. I prefer the idea of sending an "injured" Marleau to Robidas Island.
  23. Whatever man. The Leafs made the Bruins look old and slow, which is why Chara had to constantly set picks. It's our dummy players who fucked up games 6 and 7, not the amazing aging Bruins.
  24. The Bruins are on the decline. Chara is older than Marleau, but he's an effective dinosaur. The Leafs should have beat them. They only had 3-4 forwards to shut down. They lost trying to play Bruins hockey too. Everyone in the organization is to blame for the fan fuck.
  25. Black coffee all the way! Morkul cheats every now and then, but mostly eats vegetarian. I do have some deer in the fridge that one of the spawn's boyfriend shot and butchered with his dad. (It's what the meat industry gives/does to the animals we eat that I have a problem with. Also, how it is presented to us in a nice plastic and/or styrofoam container.) It's crazy unnatural. I get exercise on the job 6 days a week. Not the gym type. I also have to do yard work and my eBay shit, which involves moving 18 gallon bins of LEGOs around. Any combination of a grain and a legume, bean or nut is a whole protein, so curses upon all the fuckeats who say one needs meat to be healthy. My immune system is fantastic because I work with mail and my woman works at an elementary school during the day and cleans a medical office in the evenings. I don't even take vitamins regularly. Just make sure I get carbs, protein and as many colors of fruits and vegetables as possible every day.
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