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  1. Sypher_04

    Off-season Plan

    Nylander getting paid isn't a problem. You need to find cap to make it work long term but singling out nylanders cap is kinda nonsense. I mean Marleau makes 6.25 and comes off the books in 2 years or sooner.
  2. Sypher_04

    Off-season Plan

    Why is everyone speaking like Lou can just talk to other clubs if he wants. Maybe he can, maybe he can't. It's largely irrelevant as I'm sure we would do right by Lou and wouldn't block it from happening but the man appears to be under contract as a senior advisor he can't just take other jobs. The channels would have to be followed I assume.
  3. Sypher_04

    Round Two: Jets vs Predators

    Fuck the Jets Fuck Washington Fuck Tampa Fuck Vegas Worst final 4 ever.
  4. Sypher_04

    Off-season Plan

    False narrative started by the media. They were asked a direct question about whether they'd like to play more together. They both said yes, but that they don't make lineup decisions and there are lots of great players on the team. Certain media then ran with it only as misleading excerpts. No request has been made.
  5. Sypher_04

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Babcocks trip to Arizona was a family vacation. For all we know Matthews invited him and his family to come out to his place in Arizona after the season ended. It's useless to speculate really. And yeah Babcock is also visiting Freddie after the world championships
  6. Sypher_04

    Round Two: Pens vs Caps

    Go Vegas (or Nashville) I guess? This playoff is turning out very bleh. The Penguins this year just didn't have it going. I dunno if it's all their hockey catching up to them or what but Crosby and Guentzel carried them as far as they possibly could with the depth not firing so badly.
  7. I agree on Netflix universe, but hard disagreement on Arrowverse
  8. Sypher_04

    Lou will not return as Leafs GM next year

    Dubas. Are we even sure Hunter wants to be GM? I mean there's a lot of speculation flying around but isn't his passion scouting? If he becomes GM he will have to kiss that away as GMs very rarely scout for themselves. Also it's been implied he makes serious coin in his current role so I'm not sure money would be a huge motivator either.
  9. Sypher_04

    Off-season Plan

    I have basically no interest in trading nylander, especially for picks, but even if I did wouldn't Carolina make waaay more sense than Montreal
  10. Sypher_04

    Leafs to sign Par Lindholm?

    2nd on his team behind the amazing Joakim Lindstrom lol In all seriousness though, why not, right? Seems worth a chance
  11. Sypher_04

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    That wasn't a first round.
  12. Sypher_04

    Post-mortem, 2017/18.

    Not even remotely true. In 11 career playoff runs he's had less than a point per game in the first round just once. And that one was 4 points in 5 games
  13. Sypher_04

    Laptop Specs

    Asus is hit and miss in their budget lines. HP I find to be generally better in the price range you're aiming at. I wouldn't classify them as a cheap brand at all. I'd say an i5, and 8gb of RAM is a good baseline look for. If you can find a good deal on one of the i5-8250u laptops those are a nice find as they are quad cores and much powerful, but for your purposes mentioned OP not necessary. Just nice to have
  14. Sypher_04

    Laptop Specs

    For your uses virtually anything will suffice but I'll toss you a few ideas. Do you care at all about weight? Obviously portability is something you're looking at. 14 specifically will really limit your options though tbh. 13 or 15 is where most screens fall. https://m.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/hp-pavilion-14-laptop-silver-intel-core-i5-7200u-256gb-ssd-8gb-ram-windows-10/11558151