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  1. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    At this point, if this is how Babcock wants to use Matthews it's kinda all the same lol He's doing nothing to help him at all Hyman and brown have been garbage with him offensively. Line has been ice cold since being put together
  2. GDT: Stuff those Penguins!

    Almost as big a joke as the refereeing. We are wasting Matthews and nylander offensively.
  3. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    Haven't been able to yet, but can't wait to this weekend. You?
  4. Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    I like The Blacklist. But lots of good netflix ones. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron First, Defenders... Ozark. Narcos. I could go on.
  5. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    I'm sure you've tried virtually everything but just in case... If you can get both joycons attached to the switch tablet long enough to update the joycons firmware I'd check it Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Update Controllers
  6. Boeser wasn't particularly noticeable except for when Matthews blocked his shot at the empty net and when he skated backwards into Matthews and the crowd wanted a penalty. Otherwise he wasn't much of a factor. Couple long range shots Oh he also tried to shoot in a puck on the en and caused an icing.. in a 2-1 game where they were hanging on for their lives
  7. Also Hyman and polak wasted so much of Matthews ice time.
  8. Matthews was so far above everyone else playing in this game. Markstrom tonight was the luckiest goalie I've seen in a while.
  9. Agreed. If Babcock isn't willing to play any of the guys behind polak then a trade needs to be made.
  10. Henrique & Blandisi to Anaheim for Vatanen

    Weird. I coulda sworn he was left. Meh. Either way, not going to lament it.
  11. Henrique & Blandisi to Anaheim for Vatanen

    As much as Vatanen is a good player, I'm not convinced he necessarily would have solved much for us. We're pretty set on LHD.
  12. Matthews linemates lately (all the different ones) have just done a terrible job getting him the puck. It's like nobody he plays with understands their role on that line.
  13. Actually, we did. Even our team looking sloppy as it was did enough to win. It's stolen from us, plain and simple.
  14. Not to be that guy, but this game is entirely on the refs, despite us not even playing well. 1st goal should've been icing. 3rd penalty, against Hyman that lead to goal #2 for ARZ, should've been matching penalties as it was clear embellishment. 1 powerplay despite there being several opportunities for calls against Phoenix. Called back a perfectly good goal to tie it at 2. THIS GAME WAS A JOKE.