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  1. I can deal with Kapanen on the 4th IF we're not wanting to upset chemistry on working lines and there's no opportunity for him to move up. But that isn't the case, and he's played very well for a guy playing with Moore/Komarov every shift.
  2. Hey you know who woulda scored there.... his name also starts with a K...
  3. I think Babcock is the most infuriating coach we've had in a long time. Because you know the guy is smart, and a good coach, but good lord does the man play favorites and make just mindboggling lineup decisions. At least when people like Horacek were fucking up it was because they were incompetent.
  4. I want Kapanen in his spot, but not like this... I hope he's alright.
  5. Tanev isn't worth a "special" type return. Vancouver is always so out to lunch.
  6. What's the rule on being highsticked at the same time as scoring a goal. Feels like should get another powerplay to me.
  7. I really wish Kapanen would stop trying to setup Komarov. Just shoot buddy, Komarov is useless.
  8. No wonder they scored. How is he supposed to keep the puck out if the can't even bother getting on the ice. What's a piece of garbage
  9. I hate to beat a dead horse, but Hyman has blown a couple glorious chances already tonight.
  10. If you mean the first goal, Malkin didn't really do anything overly noteworthy.
  11. I feel like Malkin's line have gotten away with a couple offsides already that lead to good scoring chances. Including the first Penguins goal