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  1. So, according to Elliote Friedman (who to be fair is imo a garbage insider these days - TMZ of hockey news, but seems to still occasionally put things out) Hiller is "not expected back"' next year. He's been given the greenlight to interview with other clubs.
  2. Thanks @Mantis Toboggan It's good to see you all. I wouldn't care that the prophecy was abandoned if it wasn't part of the story.. but given Brocto says they never mentioned the Valonqar portion of it in the show, I suppose that affords them the latitude to do what they want now.
  3. Oh sorry, I didn't see any others using spoiler tags so it honestly never crossed my mind.
  4. Poor writing. I give them a little leeway on the scorpions because in other instance the dragon was caught off guard. This time she flew in knowing to expect it. I will say however, in episode 4 those 2 shots that Euron his Rhaegal with are complete BS. We're talking two consecutive perfect shots...
  5. I'm extremely disappointed with season 8 as a whole. Also, I guess we're just throwing out the rest of Cersei's prophecy.
  6. Just had some time... decided to catch up on what people were saying in here. 3 weeks later... I still want Babcock gone, even though we aren't getting it... officially. Emotions are always at a high coming off a series loss, but I think for many of us the desire to see this team in someone else's hands has been there much longer than just this series, so nothing really knee-jerk about these thoughts and no doubt a big part of why they continue to linger. We may not be individually more qualified to coach this team than he is, but when everyone is basically scratching their heads over some of his decisions, I have to think it becomes fair game to call them bad ones. Babcock may have a Stanley Cup and may have international success too, but his international success is honestly rather irrelevant to this discussion and his true NHL successes are but a distant memory at this point. There are any number of areas we could have been better this spring that would've seen us advance. Babcock's coaching was without question among them.
  7. Really unfortunate that there are no likeable teams left, save for maybe Carolina, and honestly, they are completely outmatched.
  8. Him being carried by Petterson and Boeser doesn't change that his value was minimal and we had no room for him. The trade will be fine
  9. Hardly. Nylander's value based on his comparables was always closer to 6.5M. 400k above that was where the eventually settled, but that also implies Nylander was above that number. Given our future cap concerns, 500k to maybe even a 1M per is worth fighting for.
  10. Also, I'd like to once again make it abundantly clear, I'm happy about the deal. Just a couple small details I wish had been a bit different. Not dwelling on it. Can't wait to see our whole lineup together for the first time!!!
  11. I agree on that last part. And I also agree he should've gotten more than Ehlers, however, his numbers were definitely closer to Ehlers than Pastrnak & we were buying less UFA years than either of those 2. Again, I'm still happy with the deal overall. 7M is and will be fine.
  12. Based on comparables, he's simply not, yet, but that's fine. I don't wanna get hung up on this argument. I have belief he'll grow into it.
  13. All the details aside, I'm extremely happy to have Willy back! We're finally getting to 100%. Can't wait to watch
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