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  1. I mean, it's certanly within the realm of possibility. Rule 1 is usually just not talking about it. Typically nothing good comes from talking about it. I feel like your NHL club would not apply here, but who knows what he was told about best way to proceed.
  2. IF everything went down as she claims, then it's bad. Not the worst thing ever, but bad, and there should be consequences. That said, I'm not prepared to pass judgement on Matthews based on simply her word. My understanding is even the portion of this incident that is on video is only Matthews walking to his building with his pants around his ankles, but nothing about the specifics of the more serious parts (trying to open the door of a locked vehicle with a person inside at any time, let alone 2am) The fact he didn't tell the Leafs about the charges however was definitely the wrong move, but a teachable moment. I don't see this as something that should take him out of the captain discussion, but if he IS their guy they pegged as Captain, I think it probably should delay the announcement out of respect for the process and letting it blow over in the media.
  3. That's not an answer... If it's not a C, what the hell is it? Because there is very clearly SOMETHING there.
  4. lol. In all seriousness though, does anyone have a viable explanation for what that is if it's not the outline of a C?
  5. The second one well might be. I still think the video shot looks pretty compelling though, personally. If it's not the outline of the C, then what is it? Because there's something very C like there...
  6. What are you talking about? if you watch the video is pretty clear there was a C there. Whether that means he's the captain or they were just covering the bases for media shoots who knows. For all we know there are unleaked images of Rielly and Tavares that have Cs as well. I'm just saying, it's in the video. And the Leafs posted the video. I'm not really sure how you can call it fake news tbh.
  7. not really. This is literally on the verified Official Maple Leafs instagram account: Not to mention another picture came out that showed Matthews during a photo shoot with the C fully stitched there. Nothing about it seemed photoshopped.
  8. Because I feel bad for you, as a Jets fan. The cap is ruining teams before they even hit their stride.
  9. I'm not so certain Maurice is on the hot seat this year tbh. He's largely done a pretty good job. IF Byfuglien doesn't come back they'll have lost Byfuglien, Trouba, Myers and Chiarot inside one offseason. That's horrific. For those not following along at home that 4 of their top 5 defenders and THEIR ENTIRE RIGHT SIDE DEFENSE. They honestly may have gone from a top 5-10 defense to bottom 5 in just one offseason. Add to that the fact they haven't been able to close deals with either Connor or Laine. With the defense they're looking at they're gonna need all their firepower or they could be in big trouble early. I have a hard time looking at the shit kicking that lineup has taken this summer and thinking if it doesn't work the coach is the one to blame. Sorry, Raiden.
  10. Odd. I thought Kivihalme got better as the game went on in game 1.
  11. Truth be told, as much as I think Matthews is a perfectly deserving candidate for the captaincy and I'm excited he's gonna get it, it was almost the only choice that can be made. If Rielly was named captain, rightfully or not, and I think he would also deserve it, it'd honestly be probably a way bigger conversation that Matthews DIDN'T get it than that Rielly got it. Especially outside this market.
  12. lol, I can't see that. Between Seattle expansion coming soon, the US TV deal and single game betting being legal I just can't see a freeze happening. There's a lot of growth potential in the next 3 years. The amount of the escrow, to me, seems like it's a smaller problem than how long the NHL has always taken to calculate final HRR figures and return the players whatever portion they were due. Clean up the process and I'm not sure the escrow % matters nearly as much.
  13. Vlasic, Krug, Carlson, McDonagh, and OEL ahead of Rielly is shameful. List is actually so terrible.
  14. yeah, alright, that's how I understood it too.
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