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  1. Sypher_04

    Playstation 4

    Looking for opinions. What do you guys think is a fair price to charge for a PS4 Pro 1TB? No accessories beyond the Dual Shock 4 controller it came with. It's lightly used, but I don't usually include that kind of stuff as I'm not sure it really means much to prospective buyers anyway. Anyone can say that. I have a bunch of games I may choose to sell off with it but I'm undecided on that side.
  2. I think he's actually a UFA after 4.
  3. I'm torn between wanting either a 3 year deal or a 6 year deal for Marner. 3 year deal probably comes in around 8 or 9 million and means we can probably retain both Barrie & Muzzin. 6 year deal takes us right past Matthews' UFA and makes Marner's contract up at the same time as JT which should in theory open up lots of money if needed. JT will be like 34 by then so hopefully he'd take less to stay, but even if not, makes more sense at that time to commit to Marner first.
  4. lol. Good point. I'm sure we're both completely wrong and have no idea what we're talking about at all, we just need someone to come and show us the light.
  5. But, I'm not? A little sleepy perhaps.
  6. Anything of that Nylander contract that was not accrued by him in the season was technically on the table to be used elsewhere, but only IF we left 10.2m of space as of the beginning of the season. I can't honestly say I remember what our cap hit was precisely around season start, so I can't say how much of that additional ~3 million dollars was available to be used. I don't think we saved much more space than the 7m for Nylander, so little to none I'd wager. I would agree in that case; I've never held any disagreement with this. All I ever said is that he actually cost/accrued as 6.96m of our total cap, which is true. That's it really. Anything with relation to cap allowance at a specific time was brought up by you. Fact of the matter is we left Nylander's cap space available from the beginning of the season so nothing else really matters. I understood all of that. So I'm not sure where this "you were wrong about how it was applied" comes from. I would remind that I was the one who brought up that the cap is calculated on a daily basis and for each player on the roster, so I really don't have a problem with how it was applied. I never made the claim the unpaid 3m of Nylander's year 1 cap hit was available to be spent; I'm pretty sure we'd done that before we even signed him. If that was your point this was a problem of misunderstanding of argument more than subject matter. I'll take the blame on that... I'm rusty
  7. Actually, I'm still correct, and true it's not opinion up for debate. I very clearly stated that he had a pro-rated 10.3 million dollar cap hit. I've said that all along. My point was that only 6.96m of that was actually ever accrued on our cap due to proration, which is a fact. Everything I've said is supported by what CapFriendly themselves posted yesterday. Namely the first sentence of the final paragraph. And also said on Dec 1st, 2018: Lastly, this can also be seen on the following page on Cap Friendly: https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/mapleleafs/cap-tracker Where the Accumulated Hit column clearly says that he only counted as 6.96m against our cap, despite the full year cap hit being listed over 10m. THE cap site is 100% supporting what I'm saying
  8. But that doesn't seem to jive with everything we know about the cap. I don't need to prorate the team's cap because that money at 6.96m was left for Nylander from the onset and it wasn't evaporating through not being used. We know this is not the case as we routinely see teams who left money at the beginning of the year effectively turn that into more space by holding it until the trade deadline. I don't have specific numbers, but a team that keeps 2m can suddenly add a 7m player for example without subtracting from their roster. There is a proration to this, but it also shows that unused money within the cap is still there. Not every portion of the season, especially when a big contract is missing from the first portion will evenly reduce the total cap expense. The Leafs left millions of dollars unused for the first 2 months of the season while they waited on Nylander to sign and even what they were accruing is only commensurate to the players they were actually carrying on their roster at any given time. Nylander cost 6.96m against our cap last year. 6.96m out of the total 79.5m available.
  9. Sure, but that's all real money. Not cap hit.
  10. Sorry Army, this is wrong. His actual cap hit charged to the Leafs WAS 6.96m, pro-rated because he signed 2 months through the season. Your hypothetical Matthews situation is different because he is signed to a contract for the full duration of the year, not only under contract as of 2 months into the season. The cap is calculated daily, so for that reason the 2 months Nylander was without contract were no counted and as a result his deal is pro-rated based on what he actually was signed for and nothing before it.
  11. Capfriendly themselves have stated numerous times the actual hit accrued on our cap last season was 6.96m, NOT 10.3m It is pro-rated based on the number of days from contract signing to the end of the season. 127 days out of 186. Most recently re-iterated yesterday: https://twitter.com/CapFriendly/status/1154041575002869761
  12. I see it a little different because there was no contract in place. My point is simply that Nylander actually only cost us 6.96m on our cap last season despite how misleading capfriendly look.s
  13. That's the full season cap hit. He only played 2/3 of the year. His actual accrued usage of our cap space was only 6.96m. Capfriendly however shows his full season cap hit as if he'd played the full year.
  14. Nylander cost us 6.96m on our cap last year. His 10.3m was pro-rated based on the 2 months he missed.
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