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  1. Logging on here today, I don't know what exactly is going on but I just wanna take 2 seconds and remind everyone... We may not agree everyone here on a lot of stuff (where would the fun be in that honestly), and several people here may get a bit overzealous at times with their comments, but in the end, we are not enemies. The enemy was that collosal douchenozzle Antec and we showed that motherfucker. We all can and should be better to to one another - even if the point we're encountering is pure idiocy. I'm a firm believer in attacking the post, not the user. That's all I wanted to say lol
  2. Obviously change will take time. But at the same time, he can't take THAT long if we wanna get back into the playoff race.
  3. Is there really ever an ideal time to take over a team mid season from a fired coach? I think the timing is fine. You can't wait any longer imo. And at least he gets 9 of his first 11 games as coach on the road. Keeps him away from the Toronto noise as much as possible while he settles into his new job.
  4. It's a magical place honestly. I've been there a few times. Usually in the fall. I love it.
  5. Yeah, there may be another place that might be a more ideal consistent temperature than the heat of LA, but part of the idea is to relocate for positions in game studios. I've positioned my career towards video games. After all the health issues I've had, I don't wanna do business apps anymore. Even if the money is better there, it's just not what I want anymore. That said, my health issues and my wife's could prove could reason why the Santa Monica move will never happen. Or at least, not for more than half the year.
  6. oh.... well, I like the GTA lmao For now anyway. I think eventually I'm destined to move to California though.
  7. Oh nice dude! Wait... was that a sarcastic yay lol. I'm not sure lol
  8. Holy shit. That's scary as hell dude. I didn't know about either your heart attack or Raiden's. I hope you're both doing better.
  9. it's like ~$1.15 here I think. I dunno, I haven't needed gas for a few days.
  10. I appreciate the write up, but I think you've missed the point on several fronts. 1) Don Cherry has not earned the write to spout whatever he likes, just because he's 85 years old. His comments were offensive towards a specific group of people, and he doesn't have carte blanche to say what he likes while on the air representing Rogers media 2) Remembrance Day should absolutely NOT be a national holiday. And before you get up in arms about this. It's not a matter of disrespect for what was sacrificed, it's quite the opposite exactly. The vast majority of people given the day off work will not pay remembrance in any way. It's actually a stronger recognition of the day to have people go to work, where many companies will observe a moment of silence at minimum, and have children go to school where they were gather in an assembly. 3) Also your reasoning for not wearing a poppy is flimsy at best... you can't wear one because it's not a day you get off work? There's been nothing stopping you from wearing one since you were 17 than yourself. I truly fail to see how turning it into a stat holiday would make it even a slight bit more relatable. That's up to us adults, parents/teachers etc, to impart the reasoning for why it matters.
  11. I've never done favorite player and a number as a password, but for the longest time, admittedly, my password was straight up trash on here. That hasn't been the case in probably a year or more. Good luck guessing it now lol
  12. Babcock *moves 2 players* Look guys I fixed it.
  13. It's just a name like millenial, but for gen z.
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