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  1. uhhh Cherry is Canadian 😎
  2. koho

    Federal Election

    as much as I do all I can to reduce my Carbon footprint, support renewables etal I do not want Elizabeth May anywhere near the lever's of power in the same way I really don't want the Calgary Oil regressives near them ever again
  3. but it does happen to NHL goaltender's which is the point, the disaster against the Cap's in that second period was on the guys out front and not the guy between the pipes, he held his ground in the 3rd and gave the Leafs a chance to come back, not to mention coming up big in the first and not allowing the Caps to get out front as far as Freddie goes, the guy is at least a top 10 guy in the league but he ain't jeebuzz
  4. so you're talking about these pie in the sky "in-game adjustments" or the oft repeated "stuck in his way's" tropes
  5. He and Dubas both promised JT that he would play with Marner, according to the stories that have been reported, I don't think it would be wise to piss off your Captain
  6. nah he'll be the 3rd pair with Holl, whom I'd wager won the job over MM, although truth be told I don't see how the management can keep this line-up intact if they go 3-5-2 with JT out of the line-up, there's move's they can make, they'll be difficult but some are possible, there's teams that can take on salary that have needs that the Leafs can provide alway's so pleasant eh😏
  7. you mean the Leafs year, it's never the name on the back of the sweater
  8. nobody but nobody is talking about wasting 2 or 3 roster spots on guys that play 3 minutes and spend 7 in the box.
  9. I have never seen any rational response other than the "hasn't won in the first round" argument, Babcock want's lockdown hockey and he doesn't seem to have the personel who want to do it and won't do it or are physically incapable of doing it, I'm not talking about fighting or that nonsense, I'm talking about players willing to make hit's to take some air out of the opposition, fight through checks when necessary and win important board battles in the offensive zone. Did I mention I watched the B's and Bolts last night, both ends of the ice were crash zones it was great, there are some Leafs that can play that way but some that will not engage. I used to really hate playing with guy's who hung on the perimeter, hell if they just want to watch the game then buy a fucking ticket
  10. yeah funny eh, coming into his RFA summer, I suggested he be moved for Josh Anderson straight up, other then the usual clamour of outrage for trading the golden boy, there were a few poster's who asked who Anderson was, fair question I thought, but that never stopped them from the usual you know nothing about hockey jive. Fuck me it get's tiresome
  11. c'mon Army that's a little dismissive isn't it, you sound much like a Republican saying stuff like that.
  12. O'Neil was saying yesterday that you can't lay it all at the goaltenders feet, which of those pucks could he have made a routine save on? If anybody thinks that these were easily stoppable pucks then the hockey knowledge I'm afraid is sorely lacking. Case in point was last night's Bruin's Lightning tilt(BTW a great and well played game) 5 on 4 for Tampa, cross ice pass on a tee and Point one timed it and beat Rask easily(looked a lot like the Carlson goal imco) not one Bruins fan went out of their minds over it going in just because it's an NHL goal that beats an NHL goaltender.
  13. The Island by Ragnar Jonasson
  14. uhmm you do mean Ben Shapiro, don't you
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