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  1. The Willy will rise again, should've been the headline
  2. born this way as Gagger likes to say
  3. and speaking of Khachaturian Sabre Dance
  4. i gave them my old sandals
  5. don't think he's on the stroll anymore😎
  6. installed a roller bridge on it, surf city
  7. https://spon.ca/did-jody-wilson-raybould-understand-her-role-as-attorney-general/2019/04/17/ Brian Greenspan is past president of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, founding chair of the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers and the recipient of an honorary doctor of laws from the Law Society of Ontario. The reputation and integrity of the administration of criminal justice in Canada has recently been challenged by critics who betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the responsibilities of key participants in our justice system. Regrettably, these misconceptions have been fuelled by our former attorney-general, Jody Wilson-Raybould. she was quick in developing and exhibiting Adrienne Clarkson syndrome
  8. koho

    Fire! Fire!

    a billion in the fund as of today apparently, it's good they won't put this on the taxpayer
  9. a lack of effort at various stretches of the game was kinda weird, and I'll forgive Freddie for a bit of a letdown tonight after all the great goaltending he gave us Gardiner isn't right, again the glaring indecision's the usual give aways and poor passing but his skating is nowhere near where it should be, he looked slow. Rosen is 100% and would be more effective. Willy was better tonight, but Marleau just doesn't play the game at this speed anymore, his wheels seem ok, but his reaction time is half of what it should be Boston is a helluva a hockey team you can't beat them if you've got guys who while willing cannot perform Moore - Nylander - Ennis Marleau - Freddie goats - Brown game 5 is now a must win
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