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  1. there were lot's o peeps who used to say that about Johnny Burns, him being a good ol #1 and all it fit's the narrative somewhat that said Georgy could be a mistake
  2. Trade Nylander and Barrie Fire Keefe Play the kid's 😎
  3. i wonder if it's a PC thing
  4. http://www.leafsconnected.com/forum/10-nhl/?do=add The Vegas Golden Knights have fired head coach Gerard Gallant and named Peter DeBoer as his replacement, the team announced on Wednesday. The team also relieved assistant coach Mike Kelly of his duties. DeBoer will join the Golden Knights on Thursday in Ottawa ahead of the team’s game against the Senators.
  5. Goatvechkin! Wild and wooly last night, although the win was never in doubt once they built the lead, but they really need to learn to shutdown the opposition(obvious I know, please don't be offended) great game last night for the 4th line as well as the sorta new kid, Marincin was there when he was needed and was solid just about every shift not bad for 700k Dermott needs to stop trying to do too much, he hung Holl out to dry a couple of times, that said he's going to be a really good Dman for the Leafs Yeah Matty got the trick, but Mitch is trulyworth the price of admission
  6. not really but probably what he'll be asking for if he goes UFA
  7. i really don't think they do have a choice Barrie - Dermott Holl - Ceci Sandin - Liljegren Marincin
  8. the above is what I stated, how is this a diss?
  9. in lieu of the usual post game interview clip i will post this, only because some laughs are required
  10. didn't need stats to tell me the Leafs were sluggish and in disarray from the 15 second mark of the 1st until the final horn Freddie or not none of them came hope to dog there won't be any tarpon fishing excursion pics coming out in the next day or so they stunk the joint out like 10,000 dirty arseholes it's over with and now, on to the next
  11. you're probably right i just didn't want to start a controversy😎
  12. it was a long time until he was given defensive zone face-off responsibilities, now he takes them on a regular basis. His defensive zone coverage has been improving steadily, 100 games ago it was still pretty poor, he's a completely different player these days
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