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  1. koho

    Russia May Have Nuclear Weapons in Crimea

    we used too have them here in the GWN, maybe we still do who knows?
  2. i love that narrative, the origin is suspect i'd expect
  3. koho

    Leafs Acquire Hutchison

    Hutchinson has really solid AHL numbers and below average NHL numbers, he's not really some schmo off the streets http://forecaster.ca/sportsnet/hockey/player.php?6740
  4. proven? more? fuck off moron merry christmas and get over your faux anger dude it's officially older then me
  5. two words Bobby Ryan! and there's more if you need them and a stark reminder of why you never pay for "future" performance predicated on past performance! in reality the 5th or 6th and possibly 7th best/most valuable player on the team should never get paid like he's the 3rd best because he just isn't, never was and was never going to be. I think he's truly a high skill player and can give the team lot's when he wants too, but it appears that his peek-a-boo compete level is never going to change. I've said this from the time they drafted him and nothing to this date has changed in my view. There's really nothing wrong with being a 60 point guy but for that money I want him to be a fairly consistent 75-80 point guy and worth the investment. and Merry Christmas to you as well
  6. you didn't see him losing the 3 board battles in his first two shifts, getting dumped off that line, that's where he is, same player w/o the points and w/ the big dinero
  7. koho

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    if anybody thinks that vegan faux meat tastes like meat then they've long forgotten what meat tastes like when prepared correctly
  8. isn't it more an unofficial moratorium on the Leafs PP by the officials the shit they absolutely ignore is appalling, especially when they're calling the chintzy shit on the Leafs
  9. hmmmm ...much amusement in this thread, and when i say amusement...well you know😵 Nazem Kadri Career 0.64ppg, this year 0.65ppg with his usual sub 17mins a night and the Leafs are on their way to another record setting year sitting at 25-10-2 before 40 basically Naz is doing what he's supposed to be doing and that's helping the Leafs win he's constantly the guy who get's assigned the guys that aren't going in hopes of getting them going, and as it turns out, it seems to be working Naz isn't perfect and lord knows his turnaround as a player under Babcock has been admirable, people who once celebrated this turnaround as being just what the team needed are now somehow totally unsatisfied with the job he's doing, the same job he's been doing for two years Merry Christmas and the sky is still up there
  10. nice to hear ol Bob Cole calling the game last night, funny thing was he's hardly called the Leafs at all in the last few years and only made 1 or 2 mistakes on players, Hughson makes at least 3 per period some nights and that numb-nuts Simpson still calls Mango, "Yohanson" from time to time! Bring back Bonsie
  11. koho

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    there'd be the danger of a lot of slivers doing that, he's best of just daydreaming