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  1. koho

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    I'm pissed at the Jets, I had them in 6, dick eating motherfuckers Vegas is relentless and they deserve the win, Fleury has been a rock for them and has never played better imo
  2. koho

    Toronto Marlies Thread

    really fun game to watch and that OT goal⭐⭐⭐, what a passing play! Johnsson is literally to good for the AHL, same for Dermott Brooks has made big strides this year, there's a few things he needs to smooth out and maybe get a little stronger and I think he's got a shot in the NHL, the only thing that might hold him back is straight ahead speed Liljegren, Aaltonen, Rosen, Grundstrom and Engvall aren't too far away and all of them look like they'll play, Justin Holl looked very steady and in control Freddie Goats has looked inspired and confident, if he can somehow bring that in the NHL he might still have a shot, maybe the Leafs give him the same kind of 2 year they gave to Leivo...lot's of maybe's Sparks still looks a little awkward sometime, kind of like Reimer but with a better glovehand lot's to be happy about if you're a Leafs fan
  3. koho


    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/pierre-engvall-earns-maple-leafs-deal-hes-kind-horse/ Much like countryman Andreas Johnsson in 2013, Engvall was drafted as a seventh-round flyer back in 2014 (188th overall) and was left to develop his skills back home on the big ice. (Prior to this spring, he’d appeared in just one game for the Marlies.) This past fall, entering his fourth season as an unsigned prospect, Engvall’s uncertain future with the organization lingered in the back of his mind. The 21-year-old made the leap to Sweden’s top pro league with HV71, but a fractured clavicle in October — thanks to an illegal check by Mora’s Michael Haga — required surgery and darkened the cloud of doubt on his Leafs fate. Engvall’s 20 points in the 31 SHL games he salvaged were enough, however, to earn him a PTO with the Marlies in late March. He crossed the Atlantic clinging to one last gasp to his stick. "I didn’t expect too much. I knew I had to work for the contract. I knew if I did my best, I would get it," says Engvall, grinning throughout his first meeting with the Toronto media as a paid member of the Maple Leafs. "That’s what I’ve been trying to work towards for the last four years. I’m really happy. I got a good start when I came here, I got to play with good players, and it worked out for me." All Engvall has done since his arrival is put up eight points in the Marlies’ final nine regular-season contests and seven in their first nine playoff games, good for third in club scoring and making Dubas’s decision easy. When point-man Timothy Liljegren (yep, Swedish) quarterbacks the power play, he says his first option is Johnsson. Engvall has become No. 2 with a bullet. "He’s kind of a horse," captain Ben Smith marvels. "He’s a big body, and he wants the puck—that’s the main thing. It’s his attitude and his excitement for the game, and he just works his butt off. That’s all you can ask for in a player. "He’s been a huge addition for us at this time of year. With the way he plays with the puck and without it, he’s definitely learning quickly on the go." The first time Engvall’s dad took him skating in the town of Ljungby, he was six and didn’t care for it much. "I tried it just a couple months later, then I loved it," he says. Every day, Engvall’s dad would take him to the rink, and now he lists his stride as his best attribute. "I have some skills with the stick, too. I can shoot the puck," Engvall says. "I see myself as a two-way player. I’m a big man, so I have to get better at covering the puck. It’s small ice, so you have to be better at that here. Be stronger on the puck and play a little bit more tough." Structurally, the leap from the larger European surface has posed a challenge. Turnovers are costlier in North America. Wingers need to make snap decisions, and coaches stress the safety of chipping over the freedom of puck possession. "It’s a pretty big difference. You can really feel the ice is small. The people come fast at you," Engvall says. "For me, it’s getting better and better. You have to make decisions fast on the ice. Everybody’s close to you, so you have less room." Coach Sheldon Keefe says it’s all fine and well that Engvall is an imposing 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds with soft hands, but it’s the kid’s willingness to be coached that left a positive first impression. Engvall dove into film sessions and drills, then rapidly converted the staff’s suggestions into in-game results. "That really allowed him to use his body to be a lot better in tight spaces, and he’s just picking things up here every single day," Keefe explains. "He’s been a real nice surprise, a real nice addition for us, and a great prospect to have in the fold here." Five on five, Engvall fills a clear role alongside AHL vets Frederik Gauthier (6-foot-5) and Colin Greening (6-foot-2) as the Marlies’ 643-pound shutdown unit, an accidental trio Keefe says he threw together at a time his roster was juggling injuries. "We had no idea what to expect when [Engvall] got here," Keefe says. "That line just sort of fit. The fact they’re three big people is a plus. Makes them more miserable to play against."
  4. koho

    Off-season Plan

    I know Jodi and Logan both liked it🍆
  5. koho

    Vocal Lessons

    it took the younger koho's a long time to find their own voice and once they did, their progression really accelerated, they also found that harmonies which were somewhat difficult for them(especially when playing) soon became much easier keep at it, but damn it go find yourself a choir to sing with
  6. koho


    seems to be😅
  7. koho


  8. koho

    Off-season Plan

    Johnny Pohl to the rescue
  9. koho

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    funny enough i'm taking a tenant to court on May 22, messy stuff
  10. koho

    Veganuary 2018

    you know whats worse then eating animals when it comes to the earth I'll tell you if you've got a week or two
  11. koho

    Off-season Plan

    Marleau is done nothing anyone can do about it, just saying if Nylander will sign a bridge it 'll work better capwise Nylander 2 years 4m per, when he needs re-signing then Marleaus contract will by that time be gone
  12. koho

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    unfortunate but sadly true the negativity and fear mongering associated with right wing ads on facebook effects many canadians, lot's of hillbillies in rural ontario with high speed, and a huge clusterfuck going on in Alberta as well just the other day I saw an ad shared by somebody I know, that basically showed a video clip of a sikh(bad turbaned guy) on a cell phone sitting in front of a computer monitor while supposedly getting a class A licence in BC...the inference of course is that he is cheating to get the licence and so will pose a threat on the road and then extrapolate that to what just happened in Toronto...voila a kernal of fear deep inside the brain of those who're xenophobic or racist or just generally right wing anti-gov in a society that is already steeped heavily in fear, this can create a kind of a hive mind that is easy to move into believing things that just aren't true...think of the principles of a religion or an authoritarian gov...at the centre you'll always find some kind of common fear or enemy
  13. koho

    Dubas named GM

    more Chuck Fletcher I think, then Ronnie if they go outside and/or Hunter decides to leave