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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/24/exclusive-investigation-donald-trump-faces-foreign-donor-fundrai/?__twitter_impression=true except that it's not
  2. "in all of us command"

    Galdarned Catholics, always resistant and afraid of change
  3. Soshnikov Traded

    and we can get him back when StLoo puts him on waivers next year
  4. Yet another school shooting.

    dawg nabbit!! now is not the time to talk about gun control I believe is the canned Republican response
  5. Patrick Brown

    .....and for everyone of those stories there are 10 all out rapes unreported and another 100 or so sexual assaults the guy is a giant can of douche
  6. Patrick Brown

    the girl recanted her underage accusation, but she and another female stand by their stories that he was way out of line and sexually abused them
  7. Patrick Brown

    the underage thing was speculative, that he acted like an immature little boy wagging his weenie is not
  8. Patrick Brown

    hands up everyone who has seen Jodi speak to Armster, TI, Raiden or Bariko's ghost like that so not everybody
  9. GDT: Leafs vs Tampon Bay

    no worries Vanek is available and the Leafs are sniffing according to a "hockey insider"
  10. Phaneuf To Kings

    Doughty coming to the Leafs?