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  1. Glad you are back Kev, was getting tired of Army buzz killing me at every turn LOL!
  2. I don't know when kids got sex ed but i remain silent cause i really think this topic should be left to the sexperts not me LOL. I agree that is a little to dark for kids to learn b4 the age of 18.
  3. Kinda distrurbs me and i am as deviant as Jodi but just in thought LOL.
  4. It's fucking miserably hot and humid out here!
  5. I am thinking that Lebrun means the FA day and any consequential trade to stay under budget.
  6. Only if he is the sole reason we win 2 cups in that period and he outscores OV, Kucherov, McDavid, Crosby and many other notable franchise players.
  7. Betting on himself with a 2 year contract i think still keeps him in RFA range, I am pretty sure the Marner camp is banking on revenue increases which will increase the salary cap hugely. But hey what do i know?
  8. Pick any song off this album it spells out the whole Leafs Marner Saga.
  9. From what i have heard on TSN they have till after July 2nd to tender offer sheets and if players signs then the home team has a week to match.
  10. I am willing to go on the record saying Mitch will sign for 10 x 6 years by June 30th, Zaitsev will be an Avalanche and One of Carolina's D-men are gonna be a Leaf. And we are gonna have a hey day on July 1st. This is all just speculation on my part mostly but i have a feeling that all this media shit is just a smokescreen to cover up what is really going on behind closed doors.
  11. LOL i was late to the party too but i got razzed pretty bad over it cause well it is me i guess, some people can't handle the unfazed me!
  12. It kinda seems like Dubas has faith in what is coming up in the system to replace guys like Marleau.
  13. Lol fuck you all. Go play fast n furious in your drift cars....I really shouldn't have commented on this one.
  14. That is what dat Bitch said LOL! sometimes its just too easy or you intentionally leave that out there for us. My dog is 11 yrs old and is a small Pom/shih-tzu mix still acts like a pup but when he passes on i still want another dog they are so loyal and fun to be with.
  15. I am kinda living in luxury right now with a 2010 Lincoln MKX AWD 3.5L V6. This should do me good for the near future but the new Civics do seem nice, they can be modded fairly easily from what i see.
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