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  1. Anger Management

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    well i guess our road record will get us going upwards despite making our barn easy to play in.
  2. Anger Management

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    maybe half the Leafs have been testing the legality of marijuana pre game and the buzz still hasn't worn off.
  3. Anger Management

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    Glad i stayed awake for this game when i probably could have gotten a few hours more from work tonight.
  4. Anger Management

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    2-0 and all of a sudden we are the least offensive team in the NHL. Dubas is gonna give into Nylander i see it happening just because these guys are playing like they want Nylander back in protest....just my opinion tho.
  5. Anger Management

    GDT: Leafs vs Blue balls

    fuck guys always gotta make things hard
  6. Anger Management

    Where is Nylander?

    geez and even a dumbass person like me can understand what Kev wrote....the thing is playing in the US has its perks depending on state to state, in Canada you are taxed on every province but it still varies by %. Players want more money to live in Canada as they all have to pay provincial taxes...unlike players living in F;orida where there is no state tax can take less ask Stammer.
  7. Anger Management

    Where is Nylander?

    Gardiner un/fortunately sees the writing on the wall that his time is up in Leafland. I as most everyone with a brain hopes that someone will come calling for him and make a substantial offer for his services. Maybe Anaheim can have him back i am sure they have a few good D prospects or a Solid D in return.
  8. Anger Management

    Where is Nylander?

    seems doable so why is everyone's panties in a knot?
  9. Anger Management

    Where is Nylander?

    So lemme get this str8 46 Million dollars in Tavares, Nylander, Marner, and Matthews and keeping Andersen out of a possible 80 million dollar cap hit is not possible if we fill the rest of the roster with cap friendly subs? I mean Rielly and Kadri are right now at reasonable prices so i can see us filling the rest with ELC's or million dollar prospects. we can deal with RFA's when the time comes to keep our flow of low priced good players in the cupboard.
  10. The DC shows like Flash and Supergirl are ramping things up alot with their new season premieres and if ur interested Riverdale is stepping up to the plate now too...but as far as MCU i certainly hope Defenders continues its trend and JessicaJones can carry on forward as promised. AoS is one of my favorite MCU shows been with it since season 1 and haven't missed a beat. Im not a hardcore comics guy so i take the MCU at face value and nothing more i just try n keep up with all the twists...also if ur into X-mantype shows check out The Gifted i personally feel that show is pretty good and the upstart Cloak and Dagger and Runaways should be a fun series to follow.
  11. Anger Management

    Where is Nylander?

    From some reports the word is the Willie is scared of the sign and trade cause there is no trade protection for the first few years. So Willie probably wants to hear it from Doobie if he plans of committing to him long term and if he can't 100% sure they can, he won't sign any deal under 8 mill. Alternatively Willie can go for a bridge deal for what they want 6-6.5 x 3 yrs and then go for the payout of 8 mill by then when the cap is much higher.
  12. Anger Management

    All things Auston Matthews

    Well as beautiful as that was to watch, Matthews is definitely showing his cockiness and he threw a little shade on them afterwards...i do hope this motivates the duo into something magical.
  13. Game is going exactly like i hoped more defensive style but still scoring on their chances.
  14. Well i guess its time to see what we have as far as team structure...all for one and one for all Go Leafs Go!
  15. I think this is a ploy by Babcock to get the team defense rolling by putting a backup instead of a goalie that allows the team offence to run rampant..if this was the case i am all for it, if it helps with the players playing out of their comfort zone.