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  1. https://theahl.com/checkers-marlies-game4 yup 4 point game for Carcone
  2. Having your worker bees on one side isn't the best idea kinda exposes our right side boards cause Marner and Nylander aren't the best defensive players they would get slaughtered by the RW like Patrick Kane.
  3. i know that, but that is his contract as it stands, i hope to god he gets his stubborness out of his system cause it will be a short lived tenure.
  4. This hatred for Babcock is overwhelming, but i guess the fans know better....he has got 3 more years to get us a cup of at leaast a lot closer than we have been.
  5. I think C & D is doing a slow roll b4 getting into the good stuff kinda like AoS went (even tho S 01 was pretty good). I see this more as character development and plot progression i am gonna be patient with this one. I still wish Runaways wasn't dropped all at once tho i end up binge watching, then i forget it is another year b4 the next season LOL.
  6. Not gonna happen now, they might as well have no officials on the ice.
  7. I am into the CW shows like Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale and going to check out shows like The 100 and other Superhero type shows, Even tho i haven't really checked out The Arrow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist. I am also caught up on Marvel's Runaways, Black Lightning, and The Gifted. Now i am watching Marvel's Cloak and Dagger slow to start but it is really deep. Best show so far which is kinda along my childhood read but MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH darker is Riverdale.
  8. See my Avatar that was the Leafs the year Shanahan took over....He dun Bloo it up!
  9. Fine whatever i see your brain can't handle newbs!
  10. I am in training for other sports just correct me if i am wrong ffs.
  11. I thought i read that in his first interview he wasn't all that super excited ( i could be wrong), but he came around i hear.
  12. That bat flip didn't help the Jays to win the series vs Texas, but Kawhi shot won the series didn't it?
  13. How about we see if we can get past the Bucks b4 laying all the money on a player who wasn't all that excited at first to play on the Raps.
  14. omg that was too close! Good win!
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