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  1. i know that i was just going by league standings....we are still close enuff to catch TBL.
  2. Well if its any consolation The Jets are losing too which keeps them off our ass.
  3. Max for Josh Leivo? good enuff hosing?
  4. Well i hope this isn't the case.....unless its for JVR or Bozak + a prospect.
  5. LOL not related to the game but there is a heavy rumour about Leafs getting OEL from Arizona and the cost could be Will Nye the Scoring Guy!
  6. Just goes to prove thee is nothing stopping us now except Tamp Bay and we dont face them till Jan.
  7. Montreal is in total suckage mode lol its unbelievable.
  8. This is the most we have dominated the Habs in 5 years .....feels so good right now.
  9. lol CBC putting up Andersens streak clock what a bunch of Jinxing asshole @tbnl do your thing
  10. Blocking Shots and the PK

    Let it be known that Ron Hainsey has served over 86% of PK time he is leading the league by a country mile in shorthanded time and a lot are speculating that this wont be sustainable.
  11. Malcolm Young dead at 64

    RIP to a great musician.............loved AC/DC
  12. Great game they deserve a couple days off b4 facing NJ but lets hope Auston is 110% better and ready to get a haty on his first game back.