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  1. You mean Marincin gets a free pass even tho he wasn't as bad as Harpur, i just think the players aren't playing with the same intensity as the other teams it is almost like they don't want a job on the big team well except for the GOAT and a few barely noticeable others.
  2. But...you started it didn't you? just kidding bro i was bored as fuck at the time.
  3. I am thinking Jodi doesn't stick his dick in anything unprotected i think he just lets them blow him and he participates in some BDSM which doesn't require penetration.
  4. You should have given him a guided tour of the slums of 'Shwa and then he would return in kind some of those valued sex workers of an unspecified gender to please your every whim. They will even act like dogs if they are paid enough?
  5. Did any of those workers survive the night unbroken? I can picture you paying a few hunny's to break bones!
  6. Try our finest Sudbury motels LOL with every 100.00 you spend you get an added bonus of 4 wheel alignments or Front end repairs from our infamous pothole brigade or you get your stuff stolen from your vehicle from our assortment of low end criminals.
  7. Break her arm quietly!!! Or are you and Sandman sharing a bitch?
  8. Well at least it was more fun to watch than last nights game.
  9. LOL Mitchy you have to know Pai Mei to understand what's up....hahahahahaha!
  10. Well song choice could be better but maybe we have a new goal song this year we haven't tested that out yet.
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