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  1. Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Hockey related but holy fuck Kappy's lady is smoking hot!
  2. Luke Glendening

    i would take Glendening over Moore but what do we do with Moore afterwards bench him with Leivo? Getting Luke would mean having to trade Moore or one of the 3 UFA's to move Moore up the lineup.
  3. Phaneuf To Kings

    Holy hell guys way to throw a Phaneuf thread into the trash lol.........The CBA is the blame on both the Union and the Business involved which is the NHL so no the blame isnt solely on Gary Bettman but out of the 3 lockouts we had Betts strong armed the NHLPA into caving in to some demands. The next CBA will probably be a full season again and will cause great harm to the fanbase, people will lose interest. And the BoG is the owners or major representatives of the owners of each NHL team. Rogers and Bell own the Leafs but they have a representative from MLSE to be there on their behalf. To get back on topic GOOD LUCK IN LA Phangoof LOL!
  4. GDT: Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Detroit Cock Rings

    2 points in a game of tired players i will take it kudos to McBackup
  5. didn't expect a win but man with Tampa losing theirs we had a shot of gaining ground.
  6. Someone needs to soften Hyman, a little easier to break perfect shots for him.
  7. Kadri should make Malkin his bitch in a fight.
  8. Leafs have to start on time this game get on them fast and don't let up.
  9. Soshnikov Traded

    Meh it is what it is! we are still in the process of building up our prospect system while managing our current rosters...i hope Leivo gets us a better pick than a 4th tho lol! Hate to see him going for nothing when we could use him or Kapenen(Leivo replaces Kaps spot on the 4th) as a JVR replacement next season.
  10. Yet another school shooting.

    it is rumoured to be a shooting drill practiced at various schools with fake bullets and blood just like Sandy Hook was supposed to be...with all the bs going on in the US they need to divert as much attention away from the Don as possible and make him a hero or at least a zero with compassion.
  11. GDT: Leafs Vs Blueball Jackoffs

    Now they need the hockey gods giving us home ice advantage.
  12. GDT: Leafs Vs Blueball Jackoffs

    9 of their last 10 not since 2003 so things are looking up.