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  1. Things might just get worse yet with Gards possibly being shut down for the season with his back injury....and Rosen and Borgman not up to snuff yet for call ups i guess we are gonna get a chance to see Lilligren or Sandin b4 we close out the season.
  2. As much as home ice would be nice our road record is better.
  3. There seems to be a lot of try but no passion on this team, it is pretty bad when your 4th line outworks the other 3 lines in the game...man i hope Andersen gets his groove back cause we are sitting ducks come round 1.
  4. I can't in good conscience disagree with you, this seems like a team that doesn't want to be in the playoffs this year.
  5. 22 goals against in 4 games is not a good sign going forward...this bleeding needs to stop and soon.
  6. God i hate teams who have nothing to play for, they always love playing spoilers...and our team just not feeling it tonight i guess.
  7. You really been on the hate train against me considering i never done anything to ya. I still love ya boo!
  8. Nah i am good m8! I want people to kiss my ass LOL!
  9. Ya it is about me and if ya don't like it, kiss my shiny white Canadian ass.....Thanks come again!
  10. I always have hope guys i don't need to voice my disdain over every little fucking thing on here when it comes to the Leafs. I AM ALL IN!
  11. General T001 needs to cheer for another team or leave this forum his kind of negativity really dampens any hope in fans.
  12. He basically said Trump made him do it, that is fucked up but Trump is what he is and saying he isn't will further all these crimes against minorities. Seems The Don has a lot of influence in the world and Christian whites will go out of their way to make him a martyr.
  13. Sooo....patience pays off but man these guys make life hard and next game is gonna be a low scoring affair all the goals they had to put in tonight.
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