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  1. Kapanen and Barrie for Andersson and Bennett and a prospect
  2. Comrie's Pussy Palace isn't really a place for a Boomer, ya might get a heart attack but i think he carries an AED there so you might get lucky.
  3. Well you are a stoner god then......i gotta at least make ya feel more superior than the offended.
  4. You know full well Mike is the most popular name on the planet and in Hebrew it means like a god! Step up old man!
  5. Interesting read what you guys think? https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2019/11/rumor-calgary-flames-contact-maple.html?fbclid=IwAR0sEOzTfKtXrNTVvbYEM7SYHFro7VUEfSYff7liHXUnO510p91A67AmuL0
  6. I am still in the belief CB aka Cog was Cheddar Bob hence the initials. I don't think Chedda was that pissed at Army to resort to that level of insubordination lol.
  7. Did Ceci get waived? Rielly can do top pairing all by himself right?
  8. My name is Mike and i was born and raised in Ontario, I have a common law wife and 2 boys 21 and 24, i am old as fuck and i don't know anything about society. I love life and i love music especially 80's metal and 90's Country. My favorite viewing pleasures are Marvel Universe and superhero stuff.
  9. Still sad that you had that at such a young age, i hope you remain stress free in the future.....hmmm being a Leaf fan isn't gonna help your cause bro!
  10. Bah i am getting used to this i have been more proactive in the hockey section. i been having fun with Puq!
  11. Well you pointed out other things in that thread so lets call a spade a spade then.
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