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  1. Is Shane Doan a HOF'er?

    not even a little bit
  2. Happy Auston Matthews Day

    my thoughts exactly
  3. Happy Auston Matthews Day

    wtf is Edmonton going to do?
  4. PK Subban (Price is Draisaitl + EDM 1st?)

    EDM does that deal every day of the week. Subban is what he is, but he's a #1 guy and EDM needs to get better now. I would be a bit scared of Subban playing in front of Talbot instead of Price - but they could outscore any of their problems defensively with him on the ice.
  5. Todd's got a point, we won't need to worry about signing Matthews if we force him to play on the Marlies next year. It will be another teams problem to re-sign him when he requests a trade out of town. Phew, crisis averted. And we can only still keep Kadri in the top 6
  6. Official Toronto Blue Jays Thread

    hopefully he never puts on a blue Jays jersey again
  7. i don't know why, but i continue to come back to this thread. i feel as dirty as i would if i watched an episode of the Kardashians and enjoyed it
  8. I can't believe that I actually read the majority of the posts in this thread. My 2 cents: These deals are both really good. Rielly's is especially good and that goes without saying. I'm not a big Kadri fan, he's kind of a dumbass. That being said he also chews up opposing teams lower tier of defense and if we can push him further down the depth chart he won't be exposed to top pairings. I can't see Kadri regressing at all during this contract, and any improvement is just gravy. As long as we can develop a true first line in front of him I imagine he will become a very useful 2nd/3rd line centre that can play any roll. Hopefully the cap will rise dramatically over the 6 years - because it's really only years 5 and 6 that I'd be concerned about with Kadri
  9. Rebuild Battle Thread

    Nylander is clearly NHL ready, everyone is so quick to point out that he's setting records for his age in the AHL. but that's only because every other team would have called him up by now. I'm not overly concerned that we're taking it slow with him because we've always rushed prospects in the past, but if we're following what other successful teams have done, this approach is unusual. I really hope nylander gets some action after the deadline when some spots open up
  10. Rebuild Battle Thread

    exactly how i feel. The strategy that management used in the offseason will likely be repeated until we show more signs of competing. 1 year deals for UFAs looking to prove themselves that we can unload for picks, and we can replace their spots with guys looking to make the jump at the end of the season. It's the perfect balance until we get better naturally.
  11. Rebuild Battle Thread

    Todd you've kind of worked yourself into a situation where no one will ever agree with you because you spend all day patting yourself on the back no matter how wrong you are. Even if you have a correct point (which in this case you might) you're wrong more often than not because you throw shit at the wall all day and give yourself a high five when something sticks. The truth is somewhere in between where you stand and where the tankers stand. This rebuild will last until the players we've drafted and acquired in the last few years contribute enough to improve the team, but you also don't want to become so shit like Edmonton that you can't come out of it. We don't know if Nylander, Marner, etc. will be able to positively contribute next year, or even the year after. You have to keep building until they prop your team up enough that they become a winning core. Look at Florida, they are the PERFECT example of what Shanny is trying to do. They didn't have a specific timeline, and they got lucky that their top picks all contributed pretty quickly, especially Ekblad. Everyone could see how close they were to competing last year, and this year guys like Barkov, Huberdeau, Ekblad, etc. are pushing them over the top. Once you get to where the Panthers were last year - where you could actually see their rebuild blossoming into something real, you can't proclaim that the rebuild is over. You have to let the prospects catch up before you're ready to compete, and this Leafs team isn't there yet. Within the next 2 years we will hopefully have a real timeline because Nylander and Marner will be in the NHL and we can see what type of players they are becoming, but until then you have to stockpile like we are this year. Next year is too soon to go for the final product.
  12. Rebuild Battle Thread

    So you're saying that TBLeafer isn't Carm? I guess his posts aren't 5 page essays yet, but the content is the same
  13. Official Auston Matthews Thread

    this is literally the same recycled debate that has gone on here since 2004. I'm glad I haven't missed much
  14. Look what I bought!

    i totally thought you were just making fun of logan's new jacket with the picture until i read your post
  15. The Walking Dead

    the stream i watched ended right when the tower fell. was there more than that?