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  1. mikheyev is good to go too, should help our depth.
  2. you know there are levels of caring. do people *care* like they would if it were a family member? no, obviously not. do I care enough that i'm happy those hits are gone from the game, as opposed to having that extra aspect within the game making it slightly more entertaining? yes, I care that much, and am happy fewer players will take a gun to their temple at age 50. as for ufc fighters, it seems that they typically actually suffer far fewer blows to the head than say footballers, hockey players, or boxers, and so it appears as if they are at a much lower risk for this condition. a longer history of records will be needed however, and if results begin to show high levels of trauma, then precautions should be put in place. it isn't about: i dont care, it's sports, they make money. it's about: ok, there is inherent risk involved in this sport, but we allow it for a host of reasons. now let's work to minimize those risks so that we can continue to enjoy the sport and not be totally shitty people.
  3. yeah I mean, who cares about CTE and shortened lives after hockey.
  4. for someone who wants ovi to break gretzky' 9 season 50 goal record, yeah. also, matthews would still have a shot at his first 50 goal season.
  5. my question is: in the buy in round, the stats generated during this round, will they count as "playoff stats," or "regular season stats"?
  6. well... considering we were already gonna lose in the first round to either tampa / boston, us losing first round now and getting a lottery pick would be an amazing turn of events for something we were already gonna do.
  7. whatever the joke is, it's over my head.
  8. i just can't handle any, even the slightest hint, of talking up the city of winnipeg.
  9. well, that probably should've been the normal all along.
  10. well here's the thing. retail has opened already. the parks have opened. restaurants will be re-opening soon. soon literally everything will be re-opened, including the other sports leagues. so the nhl is gonna open. literally everything will be open, and the nhl is gonna save lives? nah, if people are gonna die from a second wave, and they probably will, it's already done. plus i doubt we'll even close back down with a second wave. so it'd be really nonsensical for the nhl to hold out.
  11. oh damn, if the leafs win there'll be an asterisk and opposing fans will bring it up! oh no!! I'm so frightened of winning that cup. guess we don't need that. what an idiotic consideration.
  12. how many leafs games do you goto?
  13. you can always fly home, just so you’re aware..... I think?
  14. I hope they finish the season, and play a 4 round, 16 teams, best of 7 playoff format. and ovie gets his 9th 50 goal season, tying gretzky’s record, and matthews gets 55 goals.
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