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  1. 12th isn't that good, it's basically middle of the pack. injuries likely have had an impact mind you, i'll grant you that.
  2. i just finished the rest, we're 12th in goals for.
  3. no, when factoring actual goals per game, which is the only relevant stat in our scenario as we've played more games than most everyone else. the actual number has us at or below 11th.
  4. Well, that wasn't directed at me, but I did prove your point about our offense producing to be wrong. the top 10 in goals for all have higher gpg than us, and I stopped at that point. we're at BEST 11th in the league in goals for, and maybe lower, maybe 15thish.
  5. if you calculate total goals over 82 games we're not in the top10, maybe even lower like 15th (i stopped calculating past 10) we've just played more games than everyone else.
  6. you know the leafs offense hasn't been good right?
  7. well... they're completely different, so.... that's an odd clarification. 'toughness isn't the correct term. knowledge of wine flavors is a more accurate descriptive'
  8. how can you determine yelling on a message board? short of all caps, or a lot of exclamation marks.... .... sir, this is a wendys. nah. william nylander is the reason we're terrible on the PK, even though he has never played it. william nylander is also the reason the top pp unit sucks too, even though he typically isn't on it. william nylander is also the reason marner & tavares can't play worth shit this season, even though that isn't his line. william nylander is also the reason rielly has been terrible too. william nylander. retodd has figured it out. brilliant. i would agree he may be overrated, not that he's bad, but it seems as if on a good team he would be adequate for sure. man.... AM gets it, and todd can't, this is embarrassing. well, he's currently 1 point behind marner I think, so i guess marner is the one we have to dump first.
  9. wrong. hire wendel clark. we don't need to acknowledge reality anymore. doesn't even matter. we can just yell at things and pretend things should be the way we want them to be, and not how they actually are. kadri was amazing vs boston. doesn't matter that he didn't play. he played now. poof!
  10. so, you have no example. wendel clark sticks up for his team, he stuck up for matthews last season. he was amazing, and exactly what this team needs. he needs to be brought back in. not a player who can do similar things, him. exactly him. because he stuck up for matthews last season.
  11. when did he come to their defense for the last 5 games of the series? cite one single example.
  12. when did he come to their defense for the last 5 games of the series? cite one single example.
  13. except he wasn't.... and he never, ever, will be. so if you can't handle that, then you aren't a valuable player to this team, because that guy ain't going nowhere, and he's gonna keep doing it. and kadri will keep getting himself removed from the series' as a result.
  14. we had those players a couple years ago, and they weren't effective. alright then lol, then why the fuck even bring it up if you wont engage with any questions coming back? talk about sensitive, jeez.
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