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  1. in order to move him, you’d have to give him away for future considerations, so you’d be throwing away an asset for nothing.
  2. this is pretty smart to do this now.
  3. i mean, the coach does decide the roster out of the available guys. kyle could always trade someone away, but... that’d be a bit much.
  4. ok, and he's still gonna be the next polak in terms of usage.
  5. harpur is going to be our new polak in terms of usage, guys best get ready for that, because it's happening.
  6. all these leafs rejects have had their night, now can they kindly fuck off for the rest of the season?
  7. i havn't minded mikheyev's game tonight. nothing* spectacular, but he seems like a player.
  8. we'll need shirtless pics to confirm imo. thoughts?
  9. i mean, it's preseason. but every fiber in my body wants to overreact to this performance....
  10. 31 points in 42 games isn't exactly declining offensive numbers. it's on pace for 60, which in theory would've been a career high. of course he never plays a full season, so... yeah.
  11. apparently zaitsev not made available to media, won't play vs us tonight.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUdwYZRrTDc enjoy
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