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  1. playoff freddy is in fine form this year.
  2. my god u people are sensitive. i'm just teasing.
  3. Hey Raiden, i went grocery shopping on thursday, without you. Be proud of me.
  4. recency bias is pretty important in getting a player for 2-3 months. even worse, wayne simmonds has 1 point in 8 games with nashville so far.... and that 1 point is an assist. but then that’s recency bias too. .... so we can disregard recency bias, or recognize he is nowhere near the same player he used to be.
  5. please never post again. dubas traded a 1st round pick for help on the blueline, he hasn’t given up on this season.
  6. hey, if you appreciate my ass, then i’m happy because i have been working on it. small tiny white people like myself usually have no ass, so one of the less important parts of my gymming is to build up somewhat of an ass, and it’s actually really nice knowing that people are noticing.
  7. Ah, I didn’t realize you were gay, my bad for assuming.
  8. obviously you are gonna park as close as you can. it just really isn’t a big deal if you walk 2 minutes, except to them. as for snow & cold, the mentality does not change in summer as one might assume it might.
  9. truth i guess hurts, even if abit over the top.
  10. ‘who the fook is that guy’ is just a meme about someone who isn’t known very well.
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