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  1. Pai Mei

    Jeffrey Epstein

    depends on your outlook on people.
  2. Nope, not offended, raiden is correct. and yes, only once he’s ever offended me that comes to my mind, and I’m sure it’s the same one. and sure kuli is correct that casual homophobia is damaging, and by its strict definition that joke I’d probably say was, but kuli’s also likely trolling. so anyways.... moving on.
  3. Pai Mei

    Jeffrey Epstein

    This is the least shocking thing ever. man with unlimited wealth takes advantage of people.... but hey, it's the american dream right.
  4. well, a lot of people know, for one, and they know that isn’t the reason. even with horton ON the cap, the leafs could sign marner today. friedman also said nylander WILL NOT play another game for the leafs. it’s basically 99% sure at this point that that will have turned out to be a lie, or utterly wrong. so I take what he says with a mountain of salt.
  5. damn. that sounds rough. i just found out my mom had cancer about two months ago, but I think she’ll be ok. she’s doing chemo currently. stage 4 colon cancer though, yea, sorry to hear.
  6. sens overachieved, that team was decent, a 7-8 spot, but wasn’t a “good team.” we have a good team.
  7. so dubas has a great deal he can get him at, but doesn’t want to go first? that is one of the dumbest suggestions in awhile.
  8. but, at least if true, literally no one will give up 4 first round picks for 2 years of marner before he wants an evwn bigger raise. i have a hard time believing these rumours, but good lord, if they true, marner’s pos.
  9. why would mitch go play for Lou when, according to his agent, the reason why mitch isn’t giving up any more money is because LOU was the one who refused to give mitch his bonuses.. herp, derp, hockey world. it doesn’t make sense for any team to give up 4 first round picks and send their cap off a cliff. 12.5 is ridiculously stupid, but then again I’d wager not all GMs are too bright. Look at philly’s contracts for example.
  10. i dont think 8.5 for aho is underpaid. it’s a fair contract.
  11. iunno, I think you would trade him because maybe you get two 1sts, and then a useful player. as great as four 1sts are, they don’t help a team wishing to go on a cup run this year. so most GMs would consider mitigating the damage to their current roster by trading the player.
  12. remind me never to go to you for consoling in the event of a break up.
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