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  1. probably HBO wouldn’t pay for 2-3 more full seasons
  2. the battle against the night king should have been an entire season instead of 3 episodes. then the battle at king’s landing another full season.
  3. the hound’s death is the only one I cared about. that fight was great. when the mountain started crushing the hounds eyes & skull I had flashbacks to oberyn. best character in the show. i saw a great commrnt on insta, saying that when arya thanked him when he convinced her to choose life over death & revenge, that he shoulda turned back and said ‘fuck off.’ would have been fitting lol.
  4. I feel like that was the spiritual end of the show. Everyone knows they have to kill dany off now, it’s only a question of arya or jon, but there’s nothing left now. I’m sad. I watched the show from episode 1 season 1, eight years, and now it is done.
  5. ... I mean, he did win a cup, but I guess we can stick with the all encompassing hyperbole.
  6. Do you live in downtown TO? The fake ass douchebags here are abundant.
  7. as an aside, guys who wear suspenders are usually pretentious douchebags. and they usually also use beard oil.
  8. I wasn't questioning your goal of getting "shredded." I applaud it. It is a lot of work, and if you want it then go get it.
  9. yeah, not really. pretty easy in fact.
  10. hence my earlier comment. you have a serious lack of interests. ..... but, to answer your question, I'd rather know. My mom was diagnosed with cancer recently. At the time they were still waiting for results and I had multiple exams in a week or two. My sister had been talking to my mother and apparently didn't want her to tell me, (I understood what her intentions were, so I'm fine with that) but she told me anyways, I thanked her for telling me, and so at that time we were waiting for results and we would wait and see. I then texted her the night before my exams asking her what the results were (she had her meeting that day with the doctors) and my mom said that she would talk to me after I finished everything, and told me not to worry. I responded to her by texting that that basically amounted to telling me that the news was bad otherwise she'd have simply said so, but that I'd talk to her later. I then went on with my life and did my exams, and yes, in the first 5-10 minutes of exam taking I did think of it, but then you get into a groove and you do your damn exams. I havn't gotten results back yet, but I'm fairly confident I did well. Life is going to fuck you whether you want to know about it or not, whether you want to live in a few more days of ignorance or not, it's gonna keep fucking you, and it's gonna hurt. I understand not wanting to know, to focus on this or that, I get the rationale, but I just don't subscribe to that. If life is going to side-track you, distract you, whatever, you'll never get to where you want to go regardless. There's only more busy and less busy in life, but there's always busy, everything else is you guaranteeing unhappiness. Deal with it head on and learn to juggle, otherwise go wallow online everyday and deal with the inevitable neurosis. ... but that's just my opinion. I get the other side too, and maybe I'm wrong and I'll end up deeply unhappy with how I've lived my life. I doubt that, highly, but it is a possibility.
  11. awesome job! 20 pounds is a big drop.
  12. a bachelor here goes for nearly 2k, and whatever unit goes up on the rental market will be filled before the day is done, be happy.
  13. You likely have mental health issues, you should investigate them.
  14. this is the normal response from people who are actually in shape. they usually have much higher standards than people who claim they're "shredded," and usually are far more critical of the state of their body because they know what being better looks like. pics or it didn't happen Mr. Flab.
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