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  1. I think we're going to win game 8, 5-0 with that lineup!
  2. If I were to get a new laptlagop, which brand would you guys recommend? It's been awhile since I got a new one and I think I might need a new one soon given the problems I'm having with this one It's been 6 years and I honestly don't know if the inpage data error with the blue screen is the result of a corrupt hard drive or RAM or both or if there's a physical problem with the hard drive. If I open any application I notice my disk usage goes up to 100%.
  3. Does anyone know what inpage data error is and if there's a way to fix it? @Raiden @Debaser
  4. Not to mention the fact that some of our d-men aren't as skilled as other players are, so they're making mistakes. Zaistev and Hainsey, etc. if we had more skilled players then maybe this wouldn't be an issue. Of course, though, some fans like to blame the coach every time we lose when really, the coach isn't the issue. Far from it.
  5. Got to agree with this and it's in no way Babcock's fault the team lost last night either. Seems like Babcock gets the blame whenever the team loses.
  6. This can only mean one thing. Matthews is getting traded.
  7. Half of the time when he's not coaching. He doesn't block the shots.
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