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  1. So...... Who will be the big rfa to set the market ? My money is on Rantanen.
  2. Just ice our best team with the players who are available and want to play. Let Marner play in whogivesafuckwhere and give a young guy a shot. The name on the front > the name on the back. On a side note. I'm old and incredibly inept at fucking technology, so much so, that I just figured out how to make the greater sign during this post. 😄 I'm calling it a win.
  3. The purpose of checking is to create separation between the puck and the opposing player, and cause a change of possession. To diminish that aspect of the game reduces the ability of the team to transition. The game these days has turned more towards speed and skill and using body position with minimal contact combined with stick checks to create turn overs. Matthews is a perfect example of that and has shown to be one of the best in the league at it. The challenge is that if a heavy team decides to finish checks and punish the puck carrier the receiving player disengages to avoid the hard hit and easily surrenders possession. It's just the way the game is these days. It's difficult to motivate players to physically engage for 16+ games at the end of the year when it's been ok to avoid for the previous 82.
  4. That same plan didn't work well for the Canucks vs the Bruins in the finals either. Canucks went into the series with the most potent power play in the league and had been punishing teams for taking penalties all playoffs. Bruins didn't care and it didn't work. There was the same talk around Vancouver how they would make them pay on the PP. Never happened.
  5. Muzz does a pretty good job of laying the body and not taking penalties on the back end. We could use a guy who will punish the other D on the 4chek though.
  6. Didn't want to start a new topic but want to give a shout out to our kids from Coquitlam representing Canada at the LLWS in Williamsport. First win in the books. Mercy vs Italy. !!
  7. I'm guessing Willy hits the 30g Mark this year.
  8. I saw a guy, drunk out of his mind sitting in a lawn chair by a campfire, when a guy ran out of the dark and threw a bucket of gas on him and ran off. Couple seconds later A second guy ran past and threw a burning branch on him and he went up in a ball of fire. The lawn chair was the aluminum frame type with the nylon straps which instantly melted and the guy collapsed to the ground shrieking in pain for a short time. I was standing 15 ft away. The heat and the smell was terrible.
  9. It's amazing how fast a person's perspective can change. For example, all day today I've had abdominal pain like I needed to take the largest dump in the history of dumps, then 3 more just like it right after. Then I farted and all good.
  10. It's a really tough call to make. *Matthews: The long awaited 1st overall elite franchise center. Not signed as long as some would like. *Tavares: Also 1st overall elite franchise center. Proven leader and previous captain signed long term. *Rielly: Elite dman. Longer serving leafs than the other candidates. Should have been in the Norris voting. Marner: Elite winger. Small problem with a contract. *Nylander: Just threw this in to see if Uteck & JDs heads would explode. Matthews all the way!!
  11. I'm interested in seeing how the PP sets up this year. No more Kadri whiffing in the slot. Upgraded D will hopefully be a threat for cannons from the point which will open that lane down low where Matthews, Tavares, Marner, and Nylander make their living.
  12. Any chance some of these moves are being made to bolster the Marlies and may point towards some existing Marlies getting a shot at the bigs this year?
  13. Haha. Yep. He is providing a different style of comedy now.
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