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  1. Honestly, if you watch hockey and are unable to identify that Nylander is an elite talent with great speed, vision and a nhl caliber shot that many nhl players wish they had, perhaps hockey isn't your thing. Does he have areas of his game to work on, sure. Every nhl player does. That's why they have coaches and attend practices.
  2. I agree, but I would add fueled by passion. Even though we all may have different views, we share that one common thread.
  3. Zaitsev + Kadri + Kapenen for Larsson + Kassian + Bouchard Would you do it?
  4. I have a feeling Nylander is going to make a lot of people choke on their own words soon. Edit: I refer to the nay sayers.
  5. and Niskanen in the same move.. makes 4 rhd's moved in the last little while.
  6. I think there is an opportunity to shuffle the deck in regards to current players on both the leafs roster and Marlies to shore up the areas needed and perhaps put some draft picks in play as well. I think we will be active this year.
  7. Anyone think we'll see Dubas try to make a significant move at the draft table?
  8. Once the NBA & NHL finals are over, I think we'll here about some moves.
  9. Lol. Then they can continue to languish in the bottom of the league until the best player in the world says fuck that and leaves for a winning team. 😁
  10. Virtanen? Fuck that. Tanev? Fuck that. Beiga? Fuck that. Also, any deal with the Oilers should include Bouchard coming back our way.
  11. Marleau wants to go back to california, where he can spend his last year or two playing hockey and wearing flip flops like he did the first 20+/- years of his career. Shocking. Hey! Let's turn it into a conspiracy, because Toronto. A contract negotiation on going with a young skilled player. Shocking! Hey! Let's turn it into a conspiracy, because Toronto. A defenceman not living up to his contract and not well liked in Toronto. Shocking! Hey! Let's turn in into a conspiracy, because Toronto. Not so shocking.
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