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  1. Its no secret that I'm no fan of Gardiner's game and decision making, but I've really been trying not to pounce on him at every opportunity this year. It amazes and disappoints me how many times he has control of the puck with limited to no pressure and whether directly or indirectly, the puck gets turned over to the other team. Its really hard to watch this guy continue to be a leaf. That's it... Ill go back to biting my tongue for a couple more months.
  2. True, but if we have to sit back and complain about not enough power plays to beat the leagues worst team.. That kinda paints a picture of how were playing.
  3. Well.. If the leafs actually put 2 shifts of pressure and hard work back to back they might get some positive results in the form of a power play or goal.
  4. Fuck me this is hard to watch. Soft lazy hockey top to bottom.
  5. Not gonna win every game.. If ur gonna lose one... Might as well be against a western team youre not fighting for a spot. Nice thing is.. This offence is never out of a game.
  6. Credit to the leafs for weathering the storm in the first period. I think everyone expected the toilet seats to start the game like a house on fire after getting embarrassed in the previous game. Its a good sign for the buds that they are tightening up gradually.
  7. I wonder if we'll get to see a JvR-Matthews-Marner at some point.
  8. So fun watching the leafs crush the toilet seats.
  9. Really liking Borgmans game. He has settled in well and is a rock back there.
  10. Blocking Shots and the PK

    And.. Just to add to this.. For clarity... No one really likes big twats.
  11. Leafs penalty killers haven't blocked a shot yet. They must be shit.
  12. Morgan Rielly is looking like an All-Star......

    Lol Wasn't expecting Homer, but perhaps an slightly upgraded version of Pinky & The Brain's impersonation of Peter Puck would be better than what we got.