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  1. Yep. I agree. Its a definite upgrade that should make it easier for our d to manage the puck.
  2. Better to open your fly before you start pissing. Let's see them play some games and how our d manage the ice. Our puck management on the back end, and forwards flying the zone are issues that don't magically go away because Johnny T came marching home.
  3. lol just saying,, throwing a label around like that on a team that hasn't had any playoff success in a decade and a half may not be prudent. let the kids play and see what they can do. 29 teams wont contend for the cup next spring
  4. Hockey doesn't get played on paper, or a transaction record, or a waiver wire pickup etc... it's played on a sheet of ice and that is where contenders are measured. Do I think this is a very good lineup, sure, but it's premature to call them a contender. They have a lot of hockey to play before they can call themselves that.
  5. a team that hasn't won a playoff series in 15 years, has no right to call themselves a cup contender. Period. This team still needs to prove themselves, regardless of who's on the team.
  6. Because making a "big trade" will typically mean you are making a lateral move. You will be giving up something of equal value to make the trade or perhaps even giving up more value, because everyone in the hockey world knows we need a top dman so they will set the price accordingly. Simple supply and demand. Leafs have been making "big moves" for 50 years with no success,,, but ya.. let's keep doing it.
  7. All of our prospects have had one more year to develop, and, achieved the ultimate goal a couple months ago. I believe this will have an impact on players making the cut this year when camp rolls around. I think we will see guys make very good cases for themselves and management won't feel so much pressure to look outside for players. This is what draft & develop is all about. Maybe an addition at the trade deadline depending on how the season plays out and of course injuries.
  8. If our options are Meyers or Suban, you stay with what you have and take another look at xmas.
  9. Wilma Fingerdo

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    what's the deal with Panarin. Why isn't he able to stick with teams?
  10. Wilma Fingerdo

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    Fair enough, but that wasnt the criteria you used when you labeled him mediocre. You sited his goal/points in games played. If you had said, Ive watched him take poor routes to the puck on the back check, or skate off yhe puck on the cycle, or take the wrong side of the puck on a clear, etc.. That would support your opinion better, but would still be wrong. Kap thinks the game well, appears to buy into a 200 ft game which indicates he is coachable, has Nhl speed and shot, and is able to execute at high speed. Only thing that ive noticed him missing is ice time and experience at the nhl level.
  11. Wilma Fingerdo

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    Geezus. When will people understand that judging a player by the box score is fucking useless. Heres a suggestion. Go out and actually play fucking hockey and then you will get it. 8 goals and 10 points in 55 games........so he's mediocre... Try watching the kid play for fuck sakes.
  12. Wilma Fingerdo

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    I agree. Lets see what we have first. I'm very interested to see how Rosen shows in camp. He played really well in the Marlies cup run. Dermott seems like a lock if he hasn't regressed from last year. Zaitsev is the wild card but I think he will return to form. He dealt with injuries last year that hampered his ability and affected his timing.
  13. Wilma Fingerdo

    What if we're NOT the "super team" we think we are?

    Here's a thought. Lets go with what we have. Kick numbers and take ass. Cause ya.
  14. Wilma Fingerdo

    Predict the Leafs FA signings

    I guess that's where we will have to agree to disagree. There are far too many small details in a game of hockey that can affect the outcome that stats/data just don't account for.