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  1. Wilma Fingerdo

    John Tavares

    Well... Considering it's the player's agent driving the bus on contracts, it wouldn't surprise me to see Tavares re-sign with the Isles at the last minute.
  2. Wilma Fingerdo

    2018 Leafs Draft

    Holy scroll alot Batman.
  3. Wilma Fingerdo

    John Tavares

    This assessment may be a bit premature. Not saying you're wrong, but I think more time is needed to see what both players accomplishments are before declaring a winner.
  4. Wilma Fingerdo

    John Tavares

    I think McDavid set the bar in regards to what Matthews will be getting. and.. seriously, if a life long leaf fan, (Tavares) doesn't want to come home and win a cup because he wants to maximize his earnings in another market, then fine. Have fun languishing in long island.
  5. Wilma Fingerdo

    2018 Leafs Draft

    time and again, gm's scouts, coaches have been saying that the prospects now-a-days are much different than the years past where the top players stood out amongst the group. now, due to the training, skill level, knowledge & understanding of the game, there is greater parity amongst prospects. and they all say the one thing that separates the best from the rest is attitude. personally, I would rather see the best on the leafs, rather than the rest.
  6. Wilma Fingerdo

    2018 Leafs Draft

    Not sure about the 1st, but Nicolas Beaudin looks line a nice pick up in the 2nd if we can swing it. As far as the first, I wouldn't be crushed if Dubas packages it to find immediate upgrade on D. Even if it's not a rhd, a guy like Hanifin would help our d-core a lot..
  7. Wilma Fingerdo

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Highly doubt Gardiner will be going anywhere, unless its part of a package in a deal. Even though I've been highly critical of his decision making for quite awhile, there is no denying his talent. I think he just needs to be sheltered a little more by better depth on the blue line and a true top 4 pairings. The leafs need enough depth at D, that if Gardiner is having an off night, they can cut back his minutes and let him ride it out. Also, a legitimate PP quarter back would be nice as well. I'm not a big fan of the forward on the point.
  8. Wilma Fingerdo

    Leafs Prospects Thread

    2-1 lead halfway through the 3rd and I saw him turn over the puck in his own end to avoid a hit. It ended up being a non-issue, and, hopefully it was a one-off, but that sort of stuff needs to leave his game.
  9. Wilma Fingerdo

    Noah Hanifin

    I have barely noticed Hanifin so far in his NHL career. Don't know if that's good or bad. I think he would be a decent piece to acquire, but not to over pay for. He doesn't seem to be a game changer that you would throw the wallet at. Willy shouldn't be going anywhere unless it's part of getting that game changer type. Gardiner on the other hand....... hehe,,, oh nm.
  10. Wilma Fingerdo

    Matthews vs. Marner

    Ya. Rielly was a champ in the playoffs. And.. Comparing Marner and Matthews is pointless. They play such a different game. Matthews is going to own the league next year, especially if Babcock gives him the reins a bit more.
  11. wouldn't surprise me to find out at some point that there we some interesting debates that occurred among the management group during their time together and shanny was forced to pick a direction. when the direction became Dubas, the ones most often opposed to his line of thought decided it was time to depart. the "eye test" vs "fancy stats" just spit balling really,, who knows what transpired, but it's pretty clear the direction the ship is sailing. Now, Kyle, just got get Doughty on the cheap and we're all good.
  12. Wilma Fingerdo


    So... He's the anti-Gardiner then?
  13. Wilma Fingerdo

    Lou will not return as Leafs GM next year

    Lol Ya. I was mayor of Wrongville there. I'll just pour myself a tall glass of stfu now.
  14. Wilma Fingerdo

    Lou will not return as Leafs GM next year

    Who gives a fuck...its basketball. And... You would think if Dubas was the heir apparent, he would have been named by now. It suggests Shanny may be looking outside to fill the position.
  15. Wilma Fingerdo

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    There isn't a single player on the team that you couldn't find an upgrade for if you wanted to. Point I was pondering is whether the new GM (whoever he will be) will allow this young team to learn from their experience and move forward, or make changes. There's speculation about player movement by media and fans but I think it will be interesting to see if management agrees.