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  1. Bracco (Marlies) for Rafferty (Utica) Bracco might fit well in Canucks as a playmaker, while Rafferty might fit a need on leafs D. Not much difference in cap hit (150K +/-) and Rafferty is a couple years older which isnt the worst thing for a dman.
  2. JT making up for the weak backhanded in the Dzone with a great backhanded in the Ozone. Freddy says thanks for the GAA.
  3. This below average goaltending really needs to be addressed.
  4. I have no problem with standing pat at the trade deadline. It was the right move.
  5. When you see players consistently making the nhl team from the ahl, im not sure how this translates into poor prospect pool, or poor development.
  6. I guess, the difference to me is the nature of the embarrassment from the Zamboni game. They were embarrassed at a whole different level by that game. It wasn't just sportsnet, or tsn or the local toronto media bashing them. Hell. they made CNN among other mainstream media. When Matthews talks to his buddies he grew up with in Arizona who arent even hockey fans,,, they will know about it. Same with Nylander's buds in Sweden. etc... Andersen's buds in Denmark. and so on... You never know what will be the tipping point until you see the results from it.
  7. I'm interested in seeing the response from individuals in tonight's game. Winning and competing can be just as infectious as laziness and indifference. Let's see which way the pendulum swings.
  8. Sometimes u have to let the kid touch the hot burner before he believes it really will hurt. Sometimes words just don't cut it.
  9. Unfortunately for leafs fans, this team seems to be incredibly immature. Until this changes, and it will with age and experience, we can expect mixed results. Hell, Marner still thinks crying will make it better. These are just kids. Sometimes kids need someone to take their hand and lead them. To me, that's a concern, that it's either not happening, or they're not willing to be lead.
  10. I did. Just last week they got embarrassed by the Pens and rebounded with their best game all year. They just didn't sustain it.
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