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  1. I'm not angry at anything. Mostly just perplexed and amused that this circlejerk of grunting and rock-bashing is being held up as "constructive" critical thinking. In reality it is nothing more than a huge wave of fact-poor and opinion-heavy, reality-denying, reactionary nonsense, largely from posters that were rightfully considered beneath comment two weeks ago and it cannot be defended except by resorting to outright lies and/or gaslighting. As if anyone gives a fuck about your psychiatric diagnosis, you big dumb bald fuck.
  2. Are you deliberately conflating latent homosexuals and homophobes? Is it deliberate dishonesty or just your knuckles scraping on the ground again?
  3. Aside from the spelling and grammar, that is indistinguishable from a uteck post. I mean, you were never 'mighty' but still, how you've fallen.
  4. Anything is possible if you lie. I'm only here anyway for blistering 'hockey content' like how Dubas sits down to pee and is a soyboy. You know, real relevant on-ice stuff like that, that in no way is a peek into a weak and deeply underdeveloped mind. Or several weak and deeply underdeveloped minds, actually. Dumb and intellectually dishonest. JD is arguing on your side and he's the dumbest motherfucker ever. And not one of you recks on that. You dumb dumb dumb motherfuckers. Crack on Luddites.
  5. Ayuh. Not wanting to trade a 23 year old franchise winger is a personal weakness and utterly nonsensical knee-jerk reactions are how you show strength. And Dubas is a soyboy who sits down to pee. I'm sure it's coincidence that none of you can articulate your point without bashing rocks together. You dumb, dumb, dumb motherfuckers.
  6. I really don't know how much more obvious Dubas has to make it that he's trying to recreate the late 70s/early 80s Red Army teams. I explicitly described Barrie is "a No.2 RD".
  7. Muzzin will be a significant handicap by 2022 with that contract. Guarantee it. But he'll make some pretty but ultimately completely inconsequential hits while he's trapped in his own zone and failing to move the puck up the ice in the mean-time and y'all will eat it up. 'Cause y'all really wish it was still 2004 and it shows.
  8. Muzzin is a sop to the 'muh grit' crowd of latent homosexuals. As was Clifford. Which is why it's doubly funny now that they're pretending those moves didn't happen.
  9. Barrie had a bad year, too. Anyone who saw the Avs in the six years he was there can plainly see that. I doubt, at 29 and given his playstyle, that's likely to be part of a decline. I can't say the same for Muzzin who is older and plays a game that doesn't age as well. Barrie's a better choice for No.2 RD than Muzzin is given how his team is built up-front. Our forwards need the puck and Muzzin isn't good at getting it to them.
  10. Major-League teams have been employing sports psychologists for thirty years and y'all are still shocked that there's a mental element to competing at the top-level.
  11. I'm still "on-board" with the Dubas era, yeah. I'm not super-happy we didn't even make the playoffs obviously and the move I like least is signing Muzzin over Barrie but I also can't pretend (like almost everyone else in this thread is doing) that the roster we iced this year - especially on the backend - was Dubas' preferred roster and not largely a result of having to salvage a terrible situation. Nor will I pretend that every new GM has to deal with dumping a $6m 40 year old who can't skate and who has a fucking NMC just to be able to ice a team legally, or has to dump a $4.5m No. 6 D (at best) with five years left and who has a (modified) NTC about to kick in. But hey, what's really important is that he's a soy-boy who sits down to pee.
  12. It is fairly horrendous. Unproven at best. Reality of a flat cap. Also, bear with me 'cause I might have fudged the maths. I think maybe I didn't include the fourth-line in the cap at all. EDIT - Yeah, I fucked it. Didn't add in Robertson, Brooks, or Petan. So actually the line-up posted comes to $80.8m on the cap. We're necessarily going to have to hope some unproven players come up big I reckon. The cap remaining static was completely unforeseeable and almost completely stymies the strategy that Dubas employed in signing the big four. EDIT 2 - Also also, that fourth-line will play, what? Nine minutes a night?
  13. Hyman - Matthews - Marner/Nylander Mikheyev - Tavares - Nylander/Marner Engvall - Kerfoot - Korshkov Robertson - Brooks - Petan Cheap Depth UFA at ca. $700k. Rielly - D at ca. $5m Dermott - Muzzin Sandin - Liljegren Marincin Andersen Campbell I reckon it's theoretically possible to sign Dermott and Mikheyev for about $4m combined, mostly because Dermott has so-far been underwhelming and because Mikheyev doesn't have a proven track record in the NHL, but $5m for both is probably a more realistic figure. Probably one year 'show me' deals. Fuck Rosen off, fuck Holl off for whatever you can get for them. Marincin is the anchor we will all have to bear until his retirement, so just live with it and hope he's used as the 7th. Johnsson and Kapanen get fucked off for a D to play with Rielly, who almost certainly won't be a true top-pairing guy given the budget and the trade-bait but who will be a vast improvement on Cody fucking Ceci. That works out to $80.8m on the cap, including Phil's buyout, giving us about $0.7m wiggle-room. So, you know. Trades and Marlies.
  14. It doesn't really matter. I'm suggesting it's a mental thing and I reckon Marner will get over it just like Nylander did.
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