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  1. Bojack

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    I would argue that the NHL execs are a bevy of fuckeats.
  2. Bojack

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    Wilson's suspension being reduced is a clear symptom of the NHL's shitty and inconsistent supplementary discipline. I would argue that it is next to impossible for any fair-minded factfinder to find that any NHL-mandated suspension is neither arbitrary nor illogical since they're so inconsistent. Bettman is a lawyer; he knows this, so why does he allow it to keep happening?
  3. Bojack


    Actually, that's not accurate. The posts where you try to make a serious point by, apparently, randomly smashing your fists on your keyboard like a wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube man with epilepsy fail way, way harder.
  4. Bojack


    You should really have realized by now brocto that the only posts that fail harder than when uteck tries to troll is when uteck tries to be funny.
  5. Bojack

    Currently Playing?

    Siding with Mr. House or going solo is merely delaying the inevitable. Necessarily either the NCR or the Legion is just going to over-run you. You have to fight Mr. House's robots remember and they're not as tough as they're made out to be. If a single messenger with no previous combat experience who got kidnapped and shot by an incompetent dickhole like Benny can take them out, the NCR or Legion will massacre them So nothing really changes if you 'win' or if Mr. House 'wins', 'cause that's just one battle in the war. One of the NCR or Legion is still going to win.
  6. Bojack

    2018/2019 Out Of Town GDT

    Drafted by the same GM, at the same spot, as Rielly. Nuts.
  7. Bojack

    Penguins Thread

    I don't know but anecdotally I can tell you that Crosby pings my gaydar pretty hard.
  8. Bojack

    Where is Nylander?

    I'll bet they're not, since it was fucking stupid to play this game with so little leverage to begin with. I'd wager they think that this is all going according to plan.
  9. Bojack

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Revolution is the best option. End of. Anything else is merely rationalizing the boot on your neck.
  10. Bojack

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Unions are not the answer. Seizing the means of production is and establishing worker's councils is. In a Capitalist system, you're just another resource to be exploited. Unions exist to mitigate that exploitation, not to countermand it.
  11. I guess I'm including the old Leafschat days. IIRC you were Brent there for about five years before we all shifted here. Or to previous versions of 'here'. Makes me wonder who's had the same SN longest. I'd wager one of koho, TuckerIntensity or TieClark. I remember all of them from as far back as 2006.
  12. Bojack

    So.....how much will we have to pay Kapanen?

    About tree-fiddy.
  13. Not Brent? You were The Janitor for ages, too.
  14. His SN used to be Doctor Furburger.
  15. Bojack

    GDT: Maple Leafs @ Mighty Sucks

    Sparks blows and has always blown.