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  1. Fans of super-shady accountants and insider-trading.
  2. Bojack

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    What everyone should do is to write my name on their ballot in the election next year. At the request of the O.P.P., I won't go into what happens to the legislature (and Doug Ford) after that.
  3. There are specific and peculiar requirements regarding intent when it comes to finance laws, designed exactly to help rich people get away with what would otherwise be crimes, that might mean that Trump doesn't have the necessary knowledge or intent to commit a crime relating to campaign finances. The filing might mean that SDNY has enough evidence to make a case against Trump, but it also might not on the facts provided.
  4. Bojack

    Last Song: Youtube Edition

    Feels like I'm watching a Beeb documentary about the Holocaust
  5. The article doesn't support the headline. It's another "may have" deal. Very far from established, on the facts provided.
  6. Bojack

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    So you know how "Ontario is open for business" and all that? Washington state's regulatory commission kiboshed Hydro One buying their energy utility, citing political interference from the Ford government as the reason.
  7. Bojack

    Sparks appreciation thread.

    At this point my maternal grandmother is a better option, and she died in 1985.
  8. I think he'll be over-eager, he'll fumble around ineffectually and it'll end in disappointment for all involved.
  9. Bojack


    Well, that whole argument is a case of 'not my circus; not my monkeys' IMO. I'm personally of the opinion that it's utterly irrelevant whether player A reminds you of Gilmour, Sundin or Haile Selasse.
  10. Bojack


    I think it's harsh to say they're "wrong". They make forecasts, not predictions.
  11. Nylander tonight is gonna be like when you haven't been laid for six months and you unexpectedly pull one night. As in, messy and bad.
  12. Bojack

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    Knackers. We played field hockey at high school, there was a lot of hacking and slashing.
  13. Bojack

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    TI has, in fairness, long been in favour of turning ice hockey into field hockey.
  14. Bojack

    NHL to Seattle?