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  1. I suspect there are more reasons to it. Manitoba's Animal Liability Act; https://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/a095e.php He/she/they is/are fucked if they can prove that dog inflicted the bite. Proper fucked. He/she/it is probably already in a bag in a creek.
  2. Nobody responded positively. Everyone should agree with me, all the time. I am literally - LITERALLY - always right.
  3. How many of y'all have an article about an invention of yours on THN or a publication of similar weight? None? STFU, bitches.
  4. Ayuh, I was gonna become a prosecutor at one point. "What did you do today, honey?" "Oh, you know. The usual. Fined a street person for not having a house, sent a poor person to prison for acquiring food. Night." Uffda.
  5. Cops are fascistic, power-tripping, hair-triggered, violent douchenozzles the world over.
  6. I'm just so, so, so fucking confused. Who exactly is looking at Zaitsev's body of work and thinking 'yeah, I wanna give up three decent assets for that'?
  7. Better than Boris. I'll take ten Scheers over one Johnson.
  8. Yeah, they took him to a Sea-Life Centre and he met Mr. Splashypants.
  9. It costs $1,035.00 CAD to apply for Permanent Residency...
  10. Man, B.C.'s a weird place. Nobody pays tax and shitty local rags pull the trigger on trade deals. I'm gonna have to knock all of that on the head, sorry.
  11. Men at Work. Terrible movie, love it. If I saw it for the first time today I'd think it was the stupidest shit... Also, Blazing Saddles. Hilarious at ten. Not so much now.
  12. Is that a description of the conversations, or the hook-ups?
  13. Precisely what I mean. puq presupposes that i) a person in an elevated role is infallible; and ii) the cap is going to go up massively, soon. There is no actual evidence to support either of these positions. Ergo, a person in an elevated role signing a player who is worth - tops - $7m to a $9m contract is necessarily evidence that the cap is going up massively. The simplest answer - that it's a mistake by a fairly rookie GM with no real track-record of success - either simply does not occur to him, or is simply discarded in favour of the fantasy he wants to be true.
  14. Pretty fun little insight into the contortions an inferior mind puts itself through, though.
  15. Nobody in Canada maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Y'all would get arrested in Britain for that, but here it's apparently fine to drive in someone else's trunk.
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