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  1. Blackhawks are only five points back of ARI and have two games in hand.
  2. Everyone knows your favourite books are written in crayon by Jordan Peterson.
  3. In fairness to Dubas, Lamoriello left us with one top-two D and seven bottom-pairing guys. Dubas at least got that up to one top-two D, one top-four D and six bottom-pairing guys. Keeping Sparks was a mistake, though. He blows and has always blown.
  4. There are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of prosecutions every single year and you're forced to rely on two examples both of about a year's vintage, neither of which is yet res judicata. Look it up, dipshit. Obviously because prosecutions like them are just way, way, way, out of control and happening all the time. What was the NZ guy charged with? Do you even know? Do you care, so long as it fits your cobbled-together, fact-poor narrative? Was he charged with 'hate speech' or has he been charged with a contempt offence for violating a court order suppressing the dissemination of evidence in an ongoing investigation and eventual trial for murder on 50 counts? Again, do you care? Is the very real risk of a mistrial for that fucknut really secondary to your edgelord shenanigans?
  5. Speaker of the House won't allow third vote on Withdrawal Agreement if it remains "substantially the same".
  6. None of it happened, Tie. It is the fever dreams of a reader's letter to Escort.
  7. When all else fails, mention North Korea. Even if it makes absolutely no sense at all to do so. I mention freedom of expression because calling it freedom of speech is an obvious 'tell' that either the person speaking is a clueless ignoramus, or their target audience is clueless ignoramuses. You do. You have so so so so so so much more to demonstrate, but as ever you're entirely too ignorant to even know the parameters of your own argument. Resting your laurels on an aberrant judgment from a court of first instance is no more than another 'tell' that you're completely unarmed.
  8. I mean, you made your catty, bitchy bed. It's not unreasonable to assume you're being catty and bitchy. Especially in text-only communication.
  9. Yeah, remind us of your ignorance, demonstrate that ignorance anew and then lecture an English law grad. on English law. It is still called freedom of expression and I haven't ever claimed that the situation on allowable expression is similar between the U.K. and U.S.A., largely because I don't believe the situation in the U.S.A. is a laudable one in many aspects. While we're riffing on bad faith, you insolent little shit.
  10. I won't pretend his offense is where it should be, but you also can't pretend that anyone trades for Simmonds purely for offense. Even at 0G 1A 8GP he'd bring something that this roster sorely lacks. And again, NSH gave up shit to get him.
  11. Does it feel right, falling back on uteck's arguments?
  12. Says the guy casually ignoring the obvious coaching issues.
  13. Cops aren't allowed wristwatches. Not 'cause of any liability issue, they're just too stupid to tell the time and the weird shapes on the screen just confuse them.
  14. Yeah, well most humans are susceptible to recency bias so I wouldn't be too harsh on yourself.
  15. I also seriously doubt Rasanen is leaving the KHL to be a scratch in the AHL.
  16. The only one that irks me is Simmonds, 'cause NSH gave up shit to get him but even then apparently we had a comparable value offer and NSH simply liked Hartman, so here we are. What moves should have been made?
  17. John 'Two Jags' Prescott, a British politician got egged once and reacted exactly the same way. Except the guy he punched had the most glorious mullet. Classic 10/90 'business at the front, party at the back'.
  18. No, I'm just English. I don't need two stabs at it to get my meaning across, 'cause superior linguistic skills and I do this thing where I consider the words I'm about to use before I use them. Your mileage - and education - may vary.
  19. Neither of those last two posts bears any real resemblance to the facts.
  20. Well here's a thought, you could read about them when they become relevant? Meanwhile, while we continue to live in a Province that bases its law on Britain, in a country that's based 12/13 on British law and we're talking about another country that bases its law on Britain, perhaps you could look into the common law on the subject, the same common law you were allegedly so interested in over a year ago and still haven't bothered to even glance at. You're blatantly not actually bothered or at all interested in the limits placed on expression by the legislature and the courts, you just want to stir the pot amongst your similarly uneducated and wilfully ignorant brethren. Just bad faith argument after bad faith argument. There are laws and treaties covering prosecutions arising from social media, also. I'm sorry you couldn't find a YouTube video to tell you all about them, but if things get really desperate you could, I don't know, research the subject yourself?
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