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  1. I don't need to do the leg-work because everyone but you already knows I'm right. You were roundly mocked for it for, like, four pages.
  2. Mate, you said that we'd be a lot worse and everyone should just accept that and take the season as a loss. Nobody cares about your revisionist history.
  3. Yeah, so if the team isn't going to show up I don't see any reason why I should.
  4. Nope! 'caaause the bagskate's not a thing any more, boys. And you know I wonder about that...
  5. I did see the extension on capfriendly, didn't know it was that recent. So yeah, basically no chance of getting him without an insane overpayment.
  6. Kapanen for a top-4 RHD with at least a year left after this one on a reasonable contract, I'm good. Problem is, neither CGY or EDM - those supposedly 'in' on Kapanen - have one of those. Andersson in CGY, maybe, but I'd argue there's still quite a big question-mark there. And I don't think CGY would give him up.
  7. Literally every single tracked stat says that you're wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. It isn't 2004. Come join us in the future.
  8. That's even better. NYR will move him 'cause of the Expansion Draft and we'll acquire him so that we can... leave Andersen unprotected? Bozhe moy.
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