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  1. Erik Gudbranson, Person of Interest

    And because they give up a ton of shots against while he's on the ice.
  2. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    I'd be mad if someone asked me if I wanted a coffee and then handed me a steaming mug of Keurig piss.
  3. Erik Gudbranson, Person of Interest

    I doubt he's even an upgrade on Polak.
  4. Coach's Challenges don't go to the 'war room', the on-ice officials review their own calls on tiny little ipads. Because bush league.
  5. Awesome. Rielly checked by his own guy. I don't know who sucked harder tonight; Bozak, Gardiner, Zaitsev or the refs.
  6. Cool. Two points for the refs. Fucking bush league.
  7. So if you're a goalie and you get touched, you can basically just have a lie down until the next whistle. It doesn't matter if the forward is pushed in and it doesn't matter if you have plenty of time to recover and just play the shot really, really badly. Just lie down and have a kip. Fucking bush league.
  8. Fuck me that is an utterly terrible call. Absolutely the worst.
  9. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    Did it, though?
  10. ICYMI; Per TSN, with his assist in this game Frederik Andersen becomes the 10th highest scoring Danish player in NHL history.
  11. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    Only buying one present; an illustrated version of Animal Farm for a nine year old. Merry christmas, here's why Stalinism didn't work.
  12. Finally, some good news. Charles Manson dead at 83

    Bye Pig, nothing's turned out the way you planned.
  13. Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    It's all good, man, says Slippin' Jimmy.
  14. VPN: Should I have one?

    For p2p, would you go with a VPN or a proxy if you only had the option of one? EDIT - Fuck it, I got a year's subscription to PIA.