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  1. Imagine complaining because you didn't trade a Second for a mediocre fourth-liner.
  2. People with garbage opinion are necessarily forced to cite 'published' garbage in semi-legitimate media that agrees with their garbage opinions. It isn't an accident. It's how really dumb people do research. Quod erat demonstrandum.
  3. If you just want to see men slamming into men I can send you some links.
  4. Yeah, I would have let Muzzin walk (or limp) away in free agency and re-signed the 60pt RHD. But for sure signing a guy who has likely peaked age-wise, who already can't skate well and who plays a game that often leads to your body falling apart suddenly and decisively to a four-year anchor contract will go well.
  5. It's not though, is it? It's a good top-pairing, one average top-4 guy (hopefully, if he hasn't already started declining), two average bottom-pairing guys and a question mark.
  6. Jodiju


    I don't have an arrow. On either mobile or desktop.
  7. Literally no idea at this point and I'm far too lazy and far too high to bother looking it all up right now, but when I do get round to it I reckon it won't be hard to find four or five goalies to reasonably target who provide the same sub-par goaltending for far less money. We're still on the merry-go-round, FWIW. Fredward is, alas, just another trip around.
  8. Though, on further reflection, why does it need to be an upgrade? You can get Andersen-level goaltending for a lot cheaper than $5m per and put the cap-space saved to use elsewhere.
  9. Y'all have a serious case of recency-bias on Lehner. He's been good for one season and underwhelming the entire rest of his career. Andersen blows but yeah, there isn't any reasonably foreseeable path to an upgrade, so you keep Andersen or you roll the dice. Hard pass on Mrazek.
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