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  1. No. Just Barrie for Bennett and Andersson. Does that even remotely work cap-wise? I've done no research.
  2. As in, Victoria? Or B.C. generally? I've been forced to abandon the idea of living in Vancouver, for the immediate and foreseeable future, and logically that should probably extend to anywhere south of Nanaimo on the island. It should definitely apply to Victoria. And really, there's nowhere else in B.C. that compares to Toronto besides Vancouver and Victoria, so why bother with the expense of the move and the hassle of having to be licensed in another jurisdiction? Can't fight Supreme Court from Tofino. EDIT - If the condition that precludes Vancouver changes, for sure I'll probably head west pretty soon after. No point setting up here only to pack up and piss off in three years. I don't see it ever changing, though. She has her dream job.
  3. There are those that call me... Tim. The whole dating app thing isn't a bad idea. My PoF; Arrogant, pretentious, dismissive. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  4. It hasn't yet, but it's not over. I do the LSP thing at the same time as I freelance as a law clerk, to pay for the last few exams I have to take to become a lawyer. But yeah, it's taken forever because of my procrastination, piss-poor finances and ill-health.
  5. And that's why, you don't rely solely on google. Mea culpa. Yeah, so fuck that then. UFA Barrie is more valuable than UFA Hamonic.
  6. So, seriously, this doesn't remind anyone of Phead's stupidity and pigheadedness? Just me?
  7. Actually, I didn't think even you were so fucking stupid to think that we'd be bottom-10. I will adjust my expectations accordingly.
  8. It's all good. We should all listen to the guy who thinks it'll all be solved by drafting high this year, with the pick we traded to CAR and which he knows we traded to CAR but is still banging on about.
  9. I don't think he would be if he traded him straight-up for Hamonic, given that CGY would also have to retain salary, Barrie is a UFA and Hamonic is signed for three more years at less than $3.9m
  10. So, I'm actually with Todd on this one, but hopefully for different reasons. I have no faith in Andersen whatsoever. He's never shown anything, here or in ANA, that suggests he's capable of being a top-level goalie. He's inconsistent and prone to low confidence, it seems. He also doesn't show up in either October or April. He's solidly tier-B.
  11. I don't get fired if I throw up 'cause I haven't eaten. I do if I fall asleep. Using those four to six hours (after walking Sasha, showering etc.) to sleep is a better use of the time I have available. Again, this isn't a situation I have worked towards, nor is it long-term. AFAIK, I have no further LSP work after December 12, until probably February. Unless I manage to snag a position on Handmaid's, which is unlikely.
  12. I do sometimes, but that's also easier said than done. Again, twelve to fourteen hour days, four hours travel there and back, leaves six to eight hours a day to do literally everything else, including getting groceries, sleeping and walking Sasha twice a day. So by the time I'm home and have gotten Sasha walked, I'm really not in the frame of mind to do much beyond crash out. Unless doggo needs food, I'm not going to Metro. And the whole tedious cycle repeats.
  13. Ok, good. Yeah, as a Leafs fan obviously I'm hoping to miss the playoffs so that CAR can draft high.
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