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  1. The Observer (Sunday Grauniad); Pro-Remain MPs are drawing up plans for a vote on revoking article 50 as an emergency measure to stop Britain crashing out of the EU, after an online petition to cancel Brexit became the most popular ever. By Saturday night more than 4.6 million people had signed the petition on the parliament website, which states: “A People’s Vote may not happen – so vote now”.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarrow_March For reference.
  3. Corbyn, however, has said that Labour won't support another referendum unless it includes a "credible" Leave option. Since the Withdrawal Agreement, which the E.U. will not re-open, and no-deal have been ruled out (at least in principle for no-deal) by MPs, it would appear that there is no "credible" Leave option. So I'm honestly having a hard time seeing how it could happen without wholesale departures from the Tories. Which is less likely, IMO, than Corbyn suggesting a workable policy.
  4. There's no possibility of acquiring vet. FAs who've played their whole careers for one team. In back-to-back offseasons.
  5. Good, good. Let the hate flow through you. Something something dark side, something something complete.
  6. Yeah, there was. A lot of marches kick off in Jarrow. It's pretty symbolic. From Auntie Beeb; "Newspapers claim cabinet ministers are plotting a coup against the prime minister, aiming to replace her with a caretaker leader until a proper leadership contest is held later in the year." So I guess the extension to the Art. 50 deadline will be the end of May.
  7. He's feuding with McCain to distract from his budget, 'cause apparently Yanks only have head space for one narrative at a time.
  8. Is it possible to lose a series in less than four? Does the NHL have a mercy rule? Will they call it when BOS put ten past us in the first period? This is pathetic.
  9. Yeah, look at that D. It's atrocious. And Shattenkirk is on the third-pairing. Still, he's the #1 NHL player with "shat" in his name. So...
  10. Kurwa means whore. Dzien dobry means good day. I have now exhausted my knowledge of Polish. For the rest, you just speak louder and point. Eventually the foreigners get it.
  11. Eh. I do despise Chara the Bruin, but Zdeno Chara is quite the man. That's some impressive stuff. Polish is an incredibly difficult language to learn; practically every word (except 'kurwa') is composed of v, w, x, y and z in varying combinations. Though, granted, speaking Czech probably helps with that.
  12. Everyone in that video is coked off their tits.
  13. Tish and pish. It's obvious that OTT needs to keep inter-Conference rivalry to a minimum as they blaze a trail of glory across the NHL next season. It simply isn't feasible that the better long-term strategy would have been to maximize the return on your assets for youth and picks, no matter where they come from. When has that ever worked?
  14. In 1936 workers marched from Jarrow in the north-east to London in order to protest unemployment and poverty conditions in the north-east. In 2019 Brits are marching from Sunderland in the north-east to London in order to demand a no deal Brexit and a (conservatively forecasted) 9% reduction in GDP. We are marching to demand the right to be out of work and hungry. I'm sort of tempted to fly home and get my Lenin on. Farage is first against the wall.
  15. So yeah, apparently the mood on the streets is that we're all gung-ho for a no deal exit. 'Cause you might as well be really, really, really fucking stupid if you're going to be stupid, right? In for a penny. Also seems the Maybot might not be long for her job, though how they plan to remove her after she survived a No Confidence in January is anyone's guess. Much like her Brexit strategy. I thought that MPs would back the Withdrawal Agreement given the choice between that or no deal, but May's little speech a few days ago where she blamed Parliament for her lack of progress went down way worse than I anticipated and apparently MPs somehow think they can pooh-pooh May AND avoid no deal. Which happens in six day's time, FYI. Oh, and only four of those are days when Parliament sits. I'd like to congratulate our elected officials on finding a new way to make me feel ashamed to be British.
  16. Cabinet ministers believe there is now a real risk of a no-deal Brexit, with sources close to them describing the mood in government as depressing and No 10 as “run by lunatics”. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/21/cabinet-ministers-believe-risk-of-no-deal-brexit-now-very-real?CMP=fb_gu
  17. He's about five minutes away from posting the "conversations" he "overhears" in Toronto coffee shops.
  18. In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, come again? EDIT - Oh, I get it. Deal or No Deal (U.K.) was presented by Noel Edmonds of Noel's House Party 'fame'.
  19. Worth noting that as things stand, the law says we leave the E.U. next Friday. Deal or no deal.
  20. Laura Kuenssberg, who works for Auntie Beeb but is a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, reckons that the chances of May's deal passing remains "low".
  21. I'll be honest, watching the Leafs and Sens squabble over whose organisation is/has been worse is kind of like watching Downs kids play slapsies.
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