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  1. The Cloverleaf wouldn't let me stay there. I ended up at the Kingsway with four sex workers. Pretty good night.
  2. Well, I've since found out I only get reimbursed a max. $100 for my room so I'm staying at the Cloverleaf, 'cause it's the only one they'll cover.
  3. His weight. His weight was never going to allow it.
  4. Most cities have amended their bylaws to exclude any new ones opening and won't renew licences for ones that already exist. Because reasons. The Cloverleaf is too greasy, even for my sordid plans. Motel 6 works.
  5. What's the greasiest/cheapest hotel/motel in/near Oshawa?
  6. Yeah. I've been reading Tie's posts for thirteen years and he's still as full of shit now as he ever was.
  7. "I'm Patrik Laine, and I love sucking big, sweaty boners and licking disgusting furry testicle sacks."
  8. LSP

    Attaching Images

    Coolbeans. I just tried again, in this thread, with a 6kb image. Upload failed. You can only upload 0mb.
  9. Currently on phone, so I don't know if this is an issue on desktop too... So what's the fucking deal with attaching images? It says max. size is 511mb, I'm trying to upload 83kb. It fails and then says I'm allowed to upload 0mb.
  10. 'Troll' in English originally derives from a Danish word.
  11. You really aren't doing yourself any favours. Notice how these are all your interpretations? If you view a thing through a fucked-up microscope, you're going to get a fucked-up picture. You, you're the fucked-up microscope. Or more specifically, your brain is. My posts seems convoluted and impenetrable, to you. Only you. Now you want to hang your hat on how people respond to me. Pro-tip, there are stats freely available to you on that subject. Would you like to check them and change anything about your previous comment? Or would you like to double-down, completely missing the fact that all you are doing is demonstrating that I am right and that you are thicker than a whale omelette?
  12. To you, you prick. So yeah, that's what you see when you read my posts. Nobody else seems to have any real problem following my gist. Which - again - says an awful lot about you and nothing at all about me, or my posts. Away and shite.
  13. Is that what you see when working out whether 1/5th of 27 is more or less than eleven? 'Cause again, that explains a lot.
  14. Toronto has thirteen Cups, eleven are the Leafs. Eleven is a lot more than 20% of 27.
  15. I doubt you'll get scalper tickets for less than $100, even in the 300s. Demand will be high. It's Toronto, on a saturday. The ushers are super-strict. They have a tiny, tiny, tiny little bit of power and accordingly they like to wield it at EVERY opportunity. I'd pay the $66 now.
  16. It is a mistake to believe that the playoffs are how they are because of we, the fans. They already got us; they don't give one fuck about what we think. They're chasing people who are not already fans.
  17. Because it is a verifiable piece of information. It isn't a god of the gaps argument, like all of yours always are.
  18. Meh to referencing two facts, making no attempt to connect them and then resting on your idiotic laurels, I'd wager. MTL has the most Stanley Cups. They speak French in MTL. Speaking French is the key to Stanley Cup success. Quod erat demonstrandum. Or, you know, not demonstrandum. At all.
  19. Every Jets fan wanted to talk about Matthews (1) v. Laine (2), right up until it became obvious that Laine is nowhere near Matthews' level and never will be. Then they became two different players on two different teams playing two different positions and the comparison - that they previously pushed ad nauseum - became apples to oranges.
  20. Schrodinger's Yankees both did and did not buy a World Series.
  21. I used to use a longboard, but people look at you funny when you rock up to talk about their aunt's will on it. Also, I work a lot more in Toronto these days and the GO was costing me a lot in time and money.
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