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  1. LSP

    Jayme Closs

  2. Yeah, only the first round is best-of-five.
  3. LSP

    Voynov returning?

    I agree. Upholding an unjust decision is as bad as making it.
  4. Your kitchen still sucks if you have a shitty head chef.
  5. They already beat a team the league obviously and blatantly wanted to win. They can do it again.
  6. https://www.sovietposters.com/ I had to force myself to stop after six. A penis can only get so erect.
  7. I won't bother asking if you know what a non sequitur is.
  8. Just like with players, AHL success doesn't necessarily translate to the bigs.
  9. LSP

    Last TV Show

    FWIW, there's a 12gb torrent pack of docus on Chernobyl on Pirate Bay.
  10. I don't know, honestly. I don't know much about the show, just what I see on screen. I'm advised that until recently the show largely, though not always, followed the books' lead. FWIW, I am currently writing a fifteen-part fanfic 'novella' (to use the word almost - but not quite - entirely incorrectly) on a shitty web-forum and it would appear that I have put more planning into the plot and arcs involved in that than HBO have put into their flagship Sunday-night programming.
  11. Right. While it makes sense that she "doesn't have love here", there's about ten conversations between that and going all KILL MAIM BURN.
  12. Dany's little tantrum is also a neat excuse for Jon to drop his whole "I don't want it" schtick. Him stalking through King's Landing with a vacant expression on his face was, I believe, supposed to be him realizing that she'd be a shit queen. That she's actually just like Cersei. Two shortcuts for the price of one. Also, it is far from surprising that random internet dipshits, who are not professional writers, can't bash off a workable idea for a script in ten minutes. HBO can't do it in months, so...
  13. It's a fireworks display; for people who are entertained by flashing lights.
  14. You're responding to me and defending yourself; you tell me.
  15. Got the morning off; gonna work on my backhand.
  16. Is there a more important symbol to the history of caucasians than the asterisk?
  17. That doesn't follow at all. Ten rushed episodes in one season costs less than finishing it out properly over, at least, s9 and s10. Six super-rushed episodes cost even less. HBO is not BBC4. Artistry and originality are not prized. Q.E.D.. The Almighty Dollar is.
  18. Demonstrably, you do not. Demonstrably, you're A. N. Other misogynist turd.
  19. Have seen ep5. I don't understand why lots of people are struggling with Danaerys' motivation. "I don't have love here. I only have fear". Yeah, it's clunky and yeah it skips a lot of character development but it's also a complete explanation of why she burned the fuck out of King's Landing. ------------------------------------------------------ The theory is that HBO is killing GoT because it's not efficient. It costs a lot to make (Lena Heady got a $1m per s8 episode to do nothing but look out of a window with a vaguely amused smirk on her stupid face) and the ad revenue doesn't make up for it, 'cause you can't do product placement in a medieval fantasy show. Unless you 'accidentally' leave a Starbucks cup on a table. In a scene that you've obviously pored over, 'cause it's heavily CGIed.
  20. People who use misogynistic insults tend to be dim-witted. Who knew?
  21. Probably not, if he said he was "excited" at any point. It makes you immune to injury.
  22. Yeah, I don't care if you spoil it. I don't watch it; I am subjected to it. I just meant I can't talk about and am not referring to ep5, 'cause I haven't seen it.
  23. I haven't seen ep5 yet, FWIW. Throw enough balls at enough coconuts, you're going to win a goldfish. Those boat-harpoon things apparently have a higher rate-of-fire than Winterfell's archers.
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