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  1. People want to be scared, bottom line. The media is a mirror, not a lantern.
  2. The absolute stupidity around SARS was never this bad.
  3. For fucks sake. We're living in Ideocracy.
  4. Casual racism is still racism. Go down your local synagogue and tell the folks there that Jewish people are cheap. Let us know how that works out for you.
  5. You're applying a lazy stereotype to an entire race.
  6. Right... And that's not racist, because..?
  7. Tie simply can't help himself. He is a bootlicker, through and through. Present him with an authority figure and he's on his knees before the fly even starts to drop.
  8. So what about this story makes you ask that question?
  9. Bush-league owner for a bush-league team in a bush-league city.
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