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  1. Simply isn't true. While I don't always agree with Morrison - and I'm definitely not on board with trashing Marner to try to convince anyone he's not worth Matthews money when he obviously is - there is simply no comparison to be made between his posts and puq's. Morrison's posts contain credible sources, verifiable facts and a (usually) logical position built on them. puq's posts are built on naked opinion and outright fantasy. As are uteck's. As are yours.
  2. How It's Made, about how they make How It's Made.
  3. You can't use LTIR in the offseason. Horton and Clarkson count to the 10% you can exceed the cap in the summer.
  4. THN reckons both Dillon and Braun are as good as gone. Ditto Melker Karlsson.
  5. I suspect there are more reasons to it. Manitoba's Animal Liability Act; https://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/a095e.php He/she/they is/are fucked if they can prove that dog inflicted the bite. Proper fucked. He/she/it is probably already in a bag in a creek.
  6. Nobody responded positively. Everyone should agree with me, all the time. I am literally - LITERALLY - always right.
  7. How many of y'all have an article about an invention of yours on THN or a publication of similar weight? None? STFU, bitches.
  8. Ayuh, I was gonna become a prosecutor at one point. "What did you do today, honey?" "Oh, you know. The usual. Fined a street person for not having a house, sent a poor person to prison for acquiring food. Night." Uffda.
  9. Cops are fascistic, power-tripping, hair-triggered, violent douchenozzles the world over.
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