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  1. I'm spurious. It chopped a 820×360 graphic.
  2. There's no way. Its not a square for a start. My Facebook cover photo is 820×360 and it got chopped but nowhere near that much.
  3. Buffalo has had high pick after high pick after high pick. IMO it's clear they need better scouts. Much, much, much better scouts.
  4. Watch a lot of videos of young men traipsing about in their shorts?
  5. The best of six is still the best.
  6. Ayuh. Starting the season in January and rolling through to April is a vastly different fact pattern that starting in October, postponing in March and then going straight to the postseason in May. What if team No. 24 wins the Cup? Nobody is going to make a stink about a non-playoff team winning the Cup? What if team No. 1 beats team no.24 for the CUp. Nobody is going to point out that they 'won' by beating up on a non-playoff team? And yeah, people do give CHI and NJD shit for not winning Cups 'properly'. This year's Cup winners will have almost zero legitimacy (even if it's somehow against-all-odds the Leafs) and the plan they're proposing suggests that we can just get rid of the regular season and have playoffs by lot every single year instead. But Bettman doesn't care about integrity; only dollars. This has long been established.
  7. Why are you stopping me finding the abuela of my dreams, Armster?
  8. That is a truly impressive flurry of deliberate point-missing and ostritching, fellas. Someone needs to call me a SJW if you want full marks.
  9. I would, primarily on the grounds that it's horse-shit from start to finish.
  10. Meaning that every single part of it can be objected to.
  11. There literally isn't a single part of that which is not objectionable.
  12. I'm gonna take that super-defensive series as posts as a yes, you got pushed out for doing something insanely bigoted and insanely stupid that you were oddly proud of. Thanks for the tips, I have been writing longer than I have been a smoker.
  13. Well, hey, have fun scrabbling in the shit for increasingly thin justifications of your ridiculous positions.
  14. Yeah, 'cause it was put forward as a rock-solid, cast-iron forecast without any sort of disclaimer as to the fact that it's ridiculously imprecise and you could only maybe sort of kinda even take a stab at it. Prick.
  15. I doubt that the NHL is going to be in a big rush to comment publicly on what percent of HRR comes from the playoffs specifically. I can't find anything. I did find an article on CBC from December 2018 that said Forbes' audit showed the average team made $25m profit a season. You can't be at all precise about it but you can sort of kinda maybe extrapolate that across the league making the playoffs is worth between 5% of that (four games and gone) and 35% (four seven-game series) of that to a playoff team. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/the-buzzer/the-buzzer-dec-6-nhl-profit-1.4935474 But it really is ridiculously imprecise and doesn't account for increased concession sales or anything that playoffs might entail, nor does it account for differing ticket prices/attendance, so neither can be subtracted from the figures.
  16. I mean, what's even the point? Any Cup win this season is going to have so many asterisks after it that it's going to be effectively meaningless. Shut it down.
  17. And you are likewise free to deliberately miss the point 'cause none of you can raise a legitimate argument. Next time you go to work try and convince one of your coworkers to renounce Islam because of jihadists and when they get rightfully upset about it tell HR it's the same thing as posting a Richards Dawkins meme and really you're the victim 'cause fucking Ali couldn't keep his mouth shut.
  18. There is a vast difference between holding a personal disdain for religiosity along with forcefully arguing your opinion on same and pressuring a coworker to renounce their faith, because of incidents that does not involve them even slightly, while you're at work. As well you know. Next weak attempt to defend the indefensible, pozhaluysta.
  19. Did your coworker renounce his faith? Is that why you don't work at the CRA any more? Did they let you walk so they wouldn't have to push you? Or did you do something even dumber and more bigoted?
  20. The point is not to scrutinize behaviour that Duffman partakes in. The point is to pretend that Leipsic is a victim. The point is to dismiss and minimize behaviour Duffman partakes in. The point is to let himself off the hook.
  21. No, you're right. It wouldn't. I misread your post and thought you were asking why you would find posts of mine that vindicate your position. 'Cause that would make sense. What you've written doesn't. It is already established that your posts are just the fucking worst.
  22. Because you possess a shred of integrity and would like to support the argument you've been making all afternoon.
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