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  1. If the roundabout is in fact a roundabout. Here in Hamilton we have this thing at the bottom of the Kenilworth Access that for all intents and purposes looks like a roundabout and should function like one, but it doesn't. The RoWs are all crazy and traffic in the circle yields to traffic entering.
  2. That's even worse. It's Peter Crouch all over again. "He can move, for a big man." No he fucking can't, he's a donkey.
  3. He also can't skate for shit. Because being a good skater "for a plug" is still a shit skater.
  4. There is no language called 'Swiss', by the way. Switzerland speaks French, German, Italian and Romansch. 'Swiss' is a (terrible) cheese.
  5. "I won't play for a penny less than $10m per and I'll go play in Switzerland for $100k per to prove it." Boggles the mind that two, probably three, adults think this represents leverage.
  6. Go back and read again. Use your finger to follow along, if necessary.
  7. They sit on the bench the other 59 minutes and 45 seconds. You need to be able to catch people to hit them. You have to be able to skate to catch people. So a honking great 'nyet' to Kassian.
  8. And now I'm stuck at Malton GO for an hour 'cause they announced my train changed platforms, but it didn't. Bastards.
  9. You don't need a goon to be able to throw hits.
  10. Breaking: Dinosaurs Meet, Dismiss Comet
  11. Well, so what I did was I told them that they were wrong and it actually was Tuesday yesterday, then when they showed me a calendar I started banging on about Ceci's gf's dad. For some reason, they didn't care. Pro-tip for the future, though; ripping on someone over something they're already laughing at themselves for just makes you - and anyone who likes your comment - seem incredibly petty. --------------------------------------- I managed to turn up on the correct day today. Hoorah. Getting to Airport Road was both trickier than and took longer than the exam did.
  12. You're supposed to match affect when dealing with these people. It calms them.
  13. Yeah, law school was a piece of piss but for sure I'm gonna struggle with a 50%, pass/fail effort.
  14. Yeah, I was convinced it was tuesday today. Oops.
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