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  1. I tried that. Fucked it. Bad after effects, too. Turns out heroin is more-ish. Plus, I made some very silly promises not to hurt myself, so whatever I did had to be a byproduct of something else rather than an actual act on my part. Hence the starving/freezing/drowning.
  2. It's a publicity stunt. Make an offer, get some column inches safe in the knowledge that Don Cherry would never, ever, ever, ever, ever move to Russia.
  3. If I made it, I was gonna try to swim to Nanaimo.
  4. Get Out of Jail, bitches.
  5. Options, little chicken. When I was actively suicidal my favoured option was walking to Vancouver and seeing how far I got before I froze/starved to death. I guess for you it'd have to be Halifax.
  6. There's a cure for that. Take 12 feet of rope and find a 20 foot drop.
  7. The fact that you're complaining about people taking pet issues to the media, in a thread about Don fucking Cherry, with an absolutely straight face is utterly mind-boggling. Have a fucking word with yourself.
  8. I think every generation is threatened by the one that succeeds it, because they see the new generation's fight as an implicit criticism that their generation did not do enough. I also think that as funny as "ok boomer" is, it's no substitute for proper class analysis. The aged are not our enemy; the rich are.
  9. Ayuh. That's totally relevant and responsive to what I said, not in any way a flailing backlash at being called on (creepily) preening in front of a bunch of guys.
  10. I'm not a middle-aged man trying to convince a digital room full of other guys that I look young for my age, for one.
  11. I am available to provide assistance to all those climbing up onto a cross and assuming a victim-posture. CARP Certified. PM me.
  12. If an "entry-level" position requires five years of experience, they actually just want to seriously underpay you. More red flags than Moscow, May 1945.
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