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  1. Milbury Sticks His Foot In Mouth and Head In Ass

    Nor do I. Surmise. EDIT. Apologies. Deduce, not surmise. Not my day today, it seems.
  2. Last Movie

    Did you get beat up? ------------------------ L'Histoire d'O. Probably the best 'kink' movie ever. Somewhat sadly, 'cause it still isn't very good. Кукушка/Kukushka/The Cuckoo. Russian movie about WWII, in a round-about way. Битва за Севастополь/Bitva za Sevastopol/Battle of Sebastopol. Russian-Ukrainian movie about WWII. Guess which bit?
  3. Luke Glendening

    Well fuck-a-doodle-do. I wasn't aware the salary relief could vary. Mea culpa.
  4. Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    How is that hockey related?
  5. Luke Glendening

    'Cause we know that stats are, at best, only half of the equation. Kthxbai.
  6. Milbury Sticks His Foot In Mouth and Head In Ass

    On the one hand, I can see how this is minimizing what happened but on the other I can also see how it is a factual recounting of what happened. Churchill had a habit of referrring to WWII as "this present unpleasantness". I often wonder how that would be received today. I'm not sure that arguing that he was speaking without thinking assists, honestly. Those who have a problem with his comments have a problem with them precisely because such thinking is already endemic and normalized. Personally, I wouldn't piss on Mike Milbury if he was on fire but I do tend to believe his explanation.
  7. Luke Glendening

    Нет. $900k is 'buried'. Anything over that still counts to the cap.
  8. 2017/2018 Out of Town GDT

    Remember when Wayne Simmonds got a banana thrown at him in London, ON?
  9. Yet another school shooting.

    Eh. People who didn't donate to the GOP are now not donating sarcastically. Net effect, zero.
  10. The Olympics, C'Mon

    First alleged doping violation of the games goes to... an Olympic Athlete from Russia. B sample still has to be tested to confirm.
  11. Patrick Brown

    Wrong question really, isn't it? For clarity, none of these allegations have been proven in court. MacLean's has run an article on this guy and an unrelated allegation of sexual assault, turns out. I've never been a big fan of guilt by association but I do tend to believe that birds of a feather flock together and I am unsurprised that this guy is very close to Patrick Brown.
  12. Patrick Brown

    Perhaps she got her Tory scumbags confused. Ever since I have lived in Hamilton I have heard lurid tales and stories from many different, unconnected sources involving a local Tory MP and drunk underage girls (not women, girls) always feature highly. I won't name him because I don't know if the stories are true but I can say I have no reason to suspect that they are all fabrications either.
  13. Yet another school shooting.

    You big Marxist.
  14. Yet another school shooting.

    Bums in seats, lad, bums in seats.