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  1. Patrick Brown

    Wrong question really, isn't it? For clarity, none of these allegations have been proven in court. MacLean's has run an article on this guy and an unrelated allegation of sexual assault, turns out. I've never been a big fan of guilt by association but I do tend to believe that birds of a feather flock together and I am unsurprised that this guy is very close to Patrick Brown.
  2. Patrick Brown

    Perhaps she got her Tory scumbags confused. Ever since I have lived in Hamilton I have heard lurid tales and stories from many different, unconnected sources involving a local Tory MP and drunk underage girls (not women, girls) always feature highly. I won't name him because I don't know if the stories are true but I can say I have no reason to suspect that they are all fabrications either.
  3. Yet another school shooting.

    You big Marxist.
  4. Yet another school shooting.

    Bums in seats, lad, bums in seats.
  5. Yet another school shooting.

    Right, but the media don't print reams and reams about the shooters and cable news doesn't run endless recitations of their lived because they want you to look at it, they do it because we want to look at it. New and print media is struggling massively and the idea that they are setting the agenda, rather than reflecting how fucked up we are, is preposterous.
  6. Yet another school shooting.

    Eh. It's all the same archetype. You know that sketch Bill Hicks does, Jack Palance, "pick up the gun"? That.
  7. Yet another school shooting.

    It's Gary Cooper. Yanks teach their kids about the archetypal lawful good cowboy who shoots first and asks questions later, solves all their problems with a gun and is always morally justified and then act surprised when their kids pick up guns. It is a huge part of their laughably immature national identity.
  8. "in all of us command"

    I like you, you big dog-fucker you, but kindly do not purport to tell me what goes on in Ontario courts. There is no bias towards mothers in the Family Court in Ontario. There are huge amounts of shitbags who lose custody battles and who then blame the judge for being biased rather than reck on the fact that they are shitbags. We all do it. For months after we broke up I blamed my ex for abandoning me when in fact I had abandoned her months prior, on any objective viewing of the facts.
  9. Yet another school shooting.

    Yeah, it's the media. That's a thing that only happens in the States. The media is a mirror, not a window. It isn't the mirror's fault that you don't like what it reflects. So we have a country that has a puerile obsession with Gary Cooper, that has third-world levels of social mobility, that has third-world levels of endemic poverty, that has a woefully underfunded mental health system and that has one of two political parties totally committed to maintaining the status quo wherein any person can buy a firearm without ID in any state. Yeah, it's probably the media. Probably violent movies, that only Yanks watch. Probably violent video games, that only Yanks play. Probably something comfortingly external.
  10. "in all of us command"

    Pretending that facts are not facts is unlikely to be helpful, either. "Deadbeats are technically divorced partners, and experts say that 97 per cent are men." https://www.google.ca/amp/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.2782955 Article is from 2014, I doubt much has changed. Emphasis is mine. Neither Brent nor myself identify the person's ethnicity or creed, so put it back in the deck and wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.
  11. Soshnikov Traded

    Мое сердце разбивается. До свидания, маленький Никита.
  12. "in all of us command"

    Your failure is in looking for logic where clearly none exists. He, like many, does not have a coherent position but feels vaguely threatened by change for reasons he cannot articulate and reacts to it with kneejerk 'macho' obstinacy. He doesn't actually care about the anthem or what it represents at all, he resents the act of change itself. When you have spent your entire life in a privileged position, are not too smart and lack any self-awareness (95% of society) inclusiveness can feel like oppression Story of society, pretty much. You can see exactly the same thing happen four or five times a week here, usually under posts that say 'Kolya' on them.
  13. "in all of us command"

    FWIW, FRO exists almost entirely to force men to take responsibility for their kids, not 'parents'. In all my time working around family law and family courts I have yet to see FRO be forced to go after a mother. Not once. I'm sure it happens, but it's rare.
  14. Yet another school shooting.

    Yes, it would. CNN is a shitshow and if it didn't exist more people would get news (containing actual facts, not just partisan punditry) from reputable outlets, like Auntie Beeb, Le Monde and The Guardian. You might as well read Komsomolskaya Pravda as consume CNN. Your chances of learning anything from either is about the same.
  15. Yet another school shooting.

    No, you're apparently saying that saying that cutting antiterrorism funds in the face of terrorist attacks is a bad idea is exactly the same as the GOP's continued refusal to engage with gun control. Did you even watch the videos or have I just given you entirely too much credit over the years?