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  1. I looked at the stock and it's been fairly flat overall you must have bought at one of the peaks. Lately trend has been slightly down but the stock isn't all that pricey so it isn't significant unless you really needed that 200 bucks.
  2. I have one more set of 5 and I'm officially done with the bank for the mortgage. I will be shitting my pants that day. Big BBQ and drinks at my place that day.
  3. It's not my money and I'm not invested in it but...I'd hold on the stock since it's not really commercially available yet in Canada. I'd wait for more pot stores and edibles haven't been technically legalized yet I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  4. 2.65 for 2 more myself. I know the next one will be slightly more since the rates have raised slightly. 3.1 is a good rate. If I were to renew my bank offered 3.85. It's not going down from here so I wouldn't ever go variable. Lock it and know what your bill is imo. Fuck we're all old talking about this shit.
  5. Mortgage interest is the lowest out there and is historically low on top of that. Other loans have a much higher interest rate.
  6. I would completely agree with what you said here.
  7. There is no reason not to do 2 week payments if you get paid biweekly imo. Just for the interest savings not even with the few extra payments you do a year.
  8. An emergency fund is a necessity imo. You're going to need more money than you initially think.
  9. Hopper for one. Just a bumbling idiot. He was a damaged character but never an idiot who is acting like a high school boy with a crush.
  10. The writing is corny this season and some of the characters have been reduced to buffoons.
  11. You've been doom and gloom for a while for the salary cap. The opening post of this thread actually. Just pointing it out to you...lol
  12. I guess upon close inspection some of the slang swear words are a bit much as well as some of the fetishes. These are young kids. Basic true information about sexuality is enough at that point. I'd probably censor very little in that before I showed it to my own kids
  13. Exactly. But it never precludes it from happening.
  14. Dubas said, "it's not my intention to move him while he's here as GM" which doesn't offer any protection but does state that he would like a keep him around.
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