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  1. The bigger question is, does the owner of the restaurant not have a right to his own opinion? Does it have anything to do with the business practices or the taste of the food?
  2. Nipzie

    SNC Lavalin

    Why would this be suspicious in it's accusations? It's not like they're saying Aliens are the elite ruling class. Big business is run by corrupt people. Water is wet. Uteck is a bitch.
  3. That is so pathetic lol it can't be real
  4. What's wrong with you snowflakes?
  5. Shut up. Like seriously...you're embarrassing yourself.
  6. Wtf is this? Who has a BlackBerry this day and age? Is that cleavage?
  7. Mountain time is off season, though. So the game actually didn't even happen.
  8. I don't get what they get out of that deal to be honest.
  9. We're all fucked anyway because we don't burn down parliament while dragging them out and drawing and quartering them all. Anyone doing anything this weekend? Road trip?
  10. @majingirrealhockeyinsider Auston Matthews requests trade because we can't have nice things Maj is really moving up in the world.
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