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  1. Clash of Clans

    I don't know what you're referring to so I definitely left before it was a thing. A couple years ago I think.
  2. Clash of Clans

    Some things never change...you two lol
  3. Clash of Clans

    Haha how is the game now? I imagine it's changed a bit. Same crew rolling?
  4. Playstation 4

    Lol I'm a supreme pussy for horror games. VR with horror games is like...the ultimate. You can't see anything but what they want you to it's total immersion
  5. Playstation 4

    I didn't like that X-wing mission. Thought the controls were atrocious. Anxiously awaiting ace combat 7 though. The on the rails shooter is until dawn it's fun as fuck. Can get you nauseous with the rail riding though. I didn't get that luckily. Waiting to try eagle flight just haven't had time. Edit: but like I said I don't go online much so don't have plus so any multiplayer experiences are lost on me at this point. At this point I'd just like to have to time to play resident evil 7 which I've had for half a year at this point haha
  6. Playstation 4

    I have it but titles have been lacking imo. And I don't have PS plus because I don't go online almost ever. Haven't played anything all summer VR or otherwise but Skyrim seems like a great use for it.
  7. Tuesday Game vs Canes

    They moved the time of it so NBC could air the more popular elementary school girl's field hockey in Carolina. It's all about ratings with these people, man!
  8. Should Grandparents Have to Pay Child Support?

    The grandparents should go for custody and demand child payments from her. She's clearly unfit as a mother due to being insane.
  9. Mount Rushmore

    May as well level the pyramids too. It's more a feat of ingenuity and engineering than of oppression.
  10. Nintendo Switch (formerly known as NX)

    I don't care what you call your penis man, you have to power through the challenge.
  11. Sean Avery tell-all

    Don't know if you can count pain killers as PEDs Sam
  12. Name an obscure Maple Leaf

    I remember him because his name sounds like the street fighter move with the fireball "hadouken" that was also a secret move in mega man X that killed in one shot if you could pull it off and had full power.
  13. If This Site Tanks

    Been a lagging hit or miss mess since the last upgrade for me so not sure if my experience is going to affirm anything for you.
  14. Just go to step on you's profile and click on view posts. You'll be fixed up in no time.