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  1. Yeah I heard about it. That and Watchmen coming out hopefully. And a Dune series
  2. I have nothing left to watch...I'm guessing I'll have to go outside now.
  3. I don't know why people thought the WW were going to show up, but I expected it too. Probably because the WW storyline was ended so abruptly.
  4. Yeah that was very Frodo-esque how he got to go. Especially after saying previously that he wished he was going with Tormund
  5. Well...best of the season lol. Still had pretty cringey moments but whatever. Here's to the books
  6. Yeah but that was Stan is who destroyed them. The Night's Watch wasn't doing all that hot before he arrived.
  7. What you're saying is what I thought to myself as it unfolded so I get it. It none of those characters ever seemed to be the best battle planners because it's pretty much every battle Jon was in he fucked up and someone else saved him.
  8. I was ok with episode 3 as dark as it was. It was as foreboding and tense an atmosphere as I'd expect a battle with death itself to be.
  9. Don't look at me...I'm just trying to think of a reason for them to go from A to C without skipping B. At least then the death of the dragon would have some weight and not just meaningless, she forgot about the iron fleet durr durr...and it would at least give her some reason to snap out and burn the city. There wasn't any reason for her going HAM as it was.
  10. Honestly I was thinking...if someone was moving a scorpion to the outer walls, they attacked before it was in place, it killed Rhaegon from somewhere in the middle of the city from someone shitting their pants as the bells were ringing, THEN Danaerys lost it and took out the city...it makes sense because it's a reason to go nuts from despair.
  11. Episode 5 was the best so far but that's not high praise. The dialogue worked more. Character motivation is what was inconsistent or not developed properly.
  12. It really has been awful though. The writing for dialogue and actions of the characters have been awful. The action scenes are great, as they should be with production quality that HBO always brings. Everything else is pretty underwhelming. If the first season was like this I doubt it would have kept going.
  13. The last few seasons it's felt like they just wanted to get it over with. Though it's been getting progressively worse as there was no source material to follow. I have no issues with the start of the series. It's politics, magic, battles and manoeuvring for power while not being afraid to kill off people that are unexpected. It was just a different animal. It seems like nothing but plot armour now. That said it was a nice spectacle of an episode I just don't understand the motivation for it...my friend died, people don't love me, you're all fucking dead even those of you who have no idea what my name is, I'm glad I freed those slaves they were innocent but you're all guilty of not overthrowing my enemies for me.
  14. I just don't know why she went HAM on the city. She's wanted it her entire life so she destroys it and kills thousands of peasants in the process? While being told that she's going to kill innocent people and she's like, "it'll be worth it to free them" lol. It was fine though. I don't get how one dragon destroyed all those scorpions when they were such an issue before but that's what I was expecting before a dragon was no scoped and then tea bagged.
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