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  1. I took that post as reasoning that the 3rd line is strengthened that way.
  2. I'd argue for your right to say it too. But anyway, moving on...ass clincher of a game.
  3. I think it's also that he's had higher expectations on him this year as well, especially with the injuries. He's expected to take a step forward, in a contract year, and is getting heavier work loads at crucial points in the season.
  4. Pretty sure he's mentioning his posts and nothing personal besides what his posts have said. Marner is really having a bittersweet season. Giveaways galore but some beautiful plays. Just having a harder time this season...which given his points shows what a great player he is.
  5. I wouldn't even waste my time. Just take my word for it.
  6. Those two excerpts support nothing you said, wtf. I heard that segment on Subban and Hainsey and he was just mentioning that players age differently. Nowhere did they mention that trading two good forwards for an aging defenceman was a good idea. Want me to cut and paste parts of the Bible to show you that I am God and you should worship me? Ffs man...two different excerpts that STILL aren't saying what you're saying...what is your thought process here? Connect the dots for us here...or don't, either way.
  7. Plus he's not a goon... And he's saying that it's not a big deal having that goon. He's precisely who should be scared of a tough guy. How that isn't relevant is beyond me...oh yeah, you really dislike him. Therefore his first hand experience (that you haven't got) is wrong...somehow. Just being impartial here. I think your bias against him is colouring your perspective.
  8. Kypreos TODAY would out skate the lot of us. NHL players are the elite, even the plugs would make regular people look like a Peewee. When a softer player says that it's not as big an effect as people think, you should probably at least listen.
  9. I've read your stats but I also know that he can face like 5 breakaways a game. Recently he's been hot fucking garbage, I agree. The team hasn't been playing a full 60 either.
  10. Yet he played in the NHL and we're sitting here jacking off to porn then checking in to this forum...hmmm... He did play in the league so his opinion has to stand for something. Especially when he said he wasn't a rough player and would be the one who had to worry about a John Scott
  11. Well that's a bit misleading. Freddy certainly wasn't awful the whole time and they've just lost their number 1 defenceman for what...3 games? I think it's going to be tough sledding ahead because they seem to have taken the last few games for granted. Freddy is as Freddy does, but the team should win some despite him at times (which they have done, just not recently) and especially since he's stolen some games for them throughout the year.
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