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  1. Can it be that Mitch has to wait for Horton`s salary to come off the books first @ the start of the season before the Leafs (have enough $$$ wiggle room to) sign him for north of 10m~? ...This might be the hold-up in all of this now,....who knows though.
  2. Anyone have a link to the game they`d like to share...? ...Pm me, thanks~!
  3. A few things I`d wonder/worry about for this year/season are...: 1) Our defense, (defensive side of things) & how they`ll mesh together, who we use/get to fill out & complete or line-up,...Oziganov, Borg,...Lillegren,....trade/UFA/FA? 2) Face-offs, & how we`ll do in the circle with who we have now, we lost our champ...Bozak... 3) Chemistry with-in the new line-up? 4).....Toughness,...are we gonna be able to keep up when it starts to get rough & rowdy/PLAYOFFS? 5) How we`ll do/cope IF there are a few key injuries.....
  4. Do the Leafs even WANT Kovalchuk... NO!!! ...A guy who quit, turned his back on, & walked away from his team for.....more $$$, no thanks. Talented or not, the Leafs need,...and WANT players with whom the team comes first & they NEVER GIVE UP!!! ...The Leafs are still building a team with a certain attitude, last thing we need is to throw a bitch in the gears!
  5. Whatever the Leafs do, they will have to remember this is an Expansion Draft Year and they have to protect certain players from getting ripped off & taken by the Vegas Vultures. Seems as it is now the Leafs do not have any/many players that have much value to loose to the Vultures, but if we start picking up say, a great D, or winger, we could loose him, or another great developing player for nothing & be left with yet another hole in our line-up to fill. Better to sit pat & wait til the Expansion Draft passes,.....THEN go snag something GOOD,...& on the cheap (meaning not giving up our future, or a lot of value....IE,...UFAs)...
  6. Well we`d have to do a lot better to protect our new goalie so that no players take runs in on him.....& possibly/eventually take him out of action, & if someone does then our players on the ice HAVE to mercilessly pound the living shit out of the guy,....every time til it stops!
  7. Also remember & CONSIDER that the Staff/Management may have paired certain players up last season possibly as to not succeed so well to help facilitate us get the "results" we needed/wanted,...ie.....high draft pics/tanking......yes/no?! So I think we`ll see better early in this season if our new players (this present team`s lineup) are going to/could have what it takes and, are going allowed to go for it all out & "un-bridled", or if the coaching staff & management are actually going to try to "temper" their youthful enthusiasm & successes covertly with subtle mismatches & misuses of players. As much as I`d like to get a high draft pic(s) for some final important pieces to this team (high-end defensemen), I just the same yearn for a great kick-ass season for the Leafs, especially in their 100th year!
  8. I think bringing back Polak was a great idea,....especially off-ice. His outstanding fitness regime is great to inspire all the young players to work like crazy in fitness & in the gym. I see him like a Gary Roberts on a team, as in the "Gym/Fitness" guide/leader & just seeing him workout makes all the youngins go nuts in the gym to try to be more "like him" physique-wise! ...Inspiring, + he ain`t too bad on the ice, very strong, like Schenn was...can push you on your ass with a one-armed heave,...and like Stevens used to be....you have to know where he is at all times on the ice!
  9. ....And they ditched Andy Frost! Morons!
  10. ...Devin Weston,....for all us guys who play(ed) Defense, whether it`s in the NHL, or jus` playing as a kid in a House League somewhere, .....D-men LIVED to line a guy up who has his head down for a solid, clean hit like that. That was a great hit, laid on our team player, or on anywhere else! Kadri should have been embarrassed that he got caught with his head down instead of screaming for revenge, & whining for a penalty like a spoiled pussy! ...Kadri also has got to realize he probably has (or is building fast) somewhat of a "bulls-eye" on his back from all the penalties he draws, & his chirping so he`d better use this hit as a warning & wake up,....he could be our next "Lindros" & get the BIG "C", & that ain`t no Captaincy,...it`s a wicked (career-ending?) CONCUSSION!
  11. Yeah baby, ...SPARK it up,... ...what a great start (and what a debut too),....+ the boys played a pretty tight game in front of him too! The team looked "confident" playing with him between the pipes tonight!
  12. Yup, but the Pittsburgh 1st round pick we get isn`t a lottery pick, it will be 16th-30th pick!
  13. Agreed HM, he`s definitely no Bobby Orr! Polak is part of a much needed vet presence on a young team. Every young team needs at least one of these guys. His "hate-to-lose" attitude on & off the ice, and especially his fitness level & gym regime would certainly help steer/rub off on the young pups to having better attitudes & higher fitness levels! He plays a rough D-first style, is a really strong & quick skater, and being a beast has no problem/fear clearing in front of the net or going into the corners, & sticking up for team mates(a tough guy who can actually play regular shifts). He`d help "protect" & mentor the young call-ups.
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