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  1. I'm fine with either team going to the finals, although I admit the idea of Thornton winning the cup against his former team would be sweet.
  2. Nothing disappointing about the Raps getting this far. In fact, I'm stoked.
  3. Of all people to win the MITB briefcase, they had to have Brock win it. Looks like we're in for another Lesnar title reign....
  4. Well, if Boston does indeed make it to the finals and their opponent happens to be San Jose, it would be quite the story to write in the history books if Jumbo Joe were to win his first cup in the face of his former team.
  5. 2 fucking minutes for what was clearly a hit to the head. Shoulder to the jaw, raised himself up for it. Absolutely disgusting.
  6. His 1-3-1 did well for one year during his tenure in Ottawa, then got completely decimated the next.
  7. The assistant coaches I think, are gone.Our PK and defensive structure have been lackluster so-to-speak. Letting Smith go and bringing in a more creative mind might just be the shakeup this team needs. Although Hiller's work with the PP has been ok, his lack of innovation killed a lot of potential goals from a group of immensely talented players and for that reason, it might be better to change things up there too. Fortunately for Babcock, he has shown a willingness to work with management. That said, if he plans on remaining coach, he's going to have to iron out some wrinkles. He's going to have to be willing to adapt and adjust his gameplan. He's going to have to stop being so stubborn in his approach. He's going to have to evolve in order to keep up with today's NHL. Should things not work out with Babcock in the long run, Sheldon Keefe is a guy we might want to consider based on his successes with the Marlies. Here's the issue with that though. Despite his successes, he could turn out to be the next Dallas Eakins for all we know, so for Dubas to throw him right into the fire might not be a very wise move. But, there is one thing we could look at. Appointing Keefe as an assistant. At least Keefe isn't thrown into the position right out of the gate, and at least it puts him into a role where he can test his coaching abilities at an NHL level. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't, but having Dubas' voice on the bench could perhaps help to bring some innovation and creativity to Babcock's more stubborn approach.
  8. So, how about some chipotle sauce instead?
  9. Was it advice to begin with?
  10. Well, we did get Bray Wyatt Bob Ross out of it this week. At least it should make for some decent memes.
  11. Then there's that grand ole' pitching corps in Baltimore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE8gF-1D5Mg Baltimore have allowed 69 dingers in the month of April alone. Congratulations Orioles, you have surpassed Oakland's record of 57 HRs in a single month. Next record to challenge: Most HRs allowed by a team in a season.
  12. Kawhi Leonard is a beast in the playoffs. Hopefully he stays with us after this year.
  13. And Jays walk it off over the A's. Noice!
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