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  1. Devin Weston

    Karlsson to Tampa

    What the fuck is wrong with you, Dorion? You not only send him to a team in the East, but you just had to send him to a team in your own Goddamn division. Jesus fuck, I hope this doesn't go through.
  2. Devin Weston

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    As Brent said, Komarov can easily be replaced by Johnsson or Kapanen. Tavares is a HUGE upgrade over Bozak and you can expect a guy of his talents will definitely help elevate the game of his linemates. That just leaves us as to who will replace JVR's production on left wing. If Johnsson can click well and reap the benefits of being on Tavares' wing, then there shouldn't be much issue.
  3. Devin Weston

    2018 Offseason

    Bozak leaving hit me a little hard. He's been around for so long it'll take some time to get used to him not being here anymore. Always a true Leaf in my book. I wish him nothing but the best.
  4. Devin Weston

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    These 4 photoshopped as Evolution please. Wearing the suits and looking classy.
  5. The roster looks better now than it ever did. I might have not been around before the early 1990's, but this is the best roster the Leafs have ever boasted in my lifetime. -A generational talent in Matthews. -A franchise player in Tavares - 2 exceptionally talented players in Nylander and Marner - A solid, gritty 2-way center in Kadri - A reliable #1 goalie in Andersen, who has very much so helped us win a lot of games - Rielly, who has all tools to be a top 2 defenseman, not to mention the qualities of a good leader -Promising young Dmen in Dermott, Liljegren, and Sandin -Quality depth. Guys like Kapanen, Johnsson, Hyman, Grundstrom, Bracco, etc.... Anyone else ever recall the system being this deep? I don't.
  6. Devin Weston

    Official NBA Thread

    The NBA is a joke.
  7. Devin Weston

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I agree. If the package doesn't include getting back a defenseman who's just as skilled in return, then it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a team looking to make a name for themselves in the playoffs. We got the offensive guns to be arguably one of the biggest scoring threats in the league. All we need now is some help on the back end. I get what Doc is saying too in terms of asset management, but if we don't get that defenseman coming back, then we are basically throwing this year's playoff aspirations up in the air while leaving ourselves with another hole to be filled.
  8. Devin Weston

    Leafs trade Matt Martin to Islanders

    A team filled with so much grit. Bergevin would be jealous.
  9. Devin Weston

    Your 2018/2019 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I'm okay with keeping Gardiner, though if he wants more than Rielly, then that's going to be an issue. Hopefully he comes around this year too. Not dismissing his abilities, but he was brutal in his own end at times.
  10. Devin Weston

    The Official WWE Thread

    The way NXT is being run is fine. It's when they get to the main roster we see talent being misused by bad booking decisions. Like what they did to Asuka having her lose to Charlotte at Mania by way of a weak submission, and then have her lose to Carmella after a botched kick (in which they made the distraction by Ellsworth look awful too). That's just a small example. There are a lot of good talent on the main roster being wasted because of it.
  11. Devin Weston

    Word Association Game #3:

  12. Devin Weston

    Leafs trade Matt Martin to Islanders

    Excellent, just what we ordered. McElhinney has that spot imo based on how solid he's been for us as a backup. Sparks is a bit of a wildcard because of how bad he was during the last stint with the Leafs, but I guess we'll see if he can actually perform up to snuff this time around. Pickard, not so sure about him. Out of those 3, my choice is with the guy I know I can rely on to get the job done, and right now, it's McBackup.
  13. Devin Weston

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    The Habs traded a damn good one in Galchenyuk for Max Domi. Now they plan to experiment with Domi at center.
  14. Devin Weston

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    ....and the feeling of watching the Sens organization implode from the inside-out.
  15. Devin Weston

    John Tavares Is A Leaf

    We've been suffering so long as fans it hurts to crack a smile, lol.