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  1. One of wrestling's most legendary figures best known for his work in WWF and later WCW as an announcer/interview, "Mean" Gene Okerlund passed away at the age of 76.
  2. Oilers might not be done making moves. Jesse Puljujarvi's future is uncertain in Edmonton.
  3. The Jays have recently acquired Clayton Richard from the Padres in exchange for Connor Panas.
  4. The implication that we haven't worked hard to get where we are now is just plain absurd, AM. It took several years of getting things organized & put in place in order to facilitate the process of getting a post-secondary education for me to get to the point where I am today in my career. Now that I have a diploma and even though I was fortunate enough to get a government position as a work term, I still had to put in a serious amount of effort in order to establish a good name for myself.
  5. If they were wise, they would've cleaned house like we've done with the past regime. Edmonton ain't going nowhere as long as Katz has the old boys club elected to run things.
  6. You use other methods that don't involve physical violence. You educate them. You teach them from right & wrong and you do what you can to the best of your ability to set a positive example for your kids going forward.
  7. Agreed, and we shouldn't be raising our children that way. Violence isn't, and never was the answer.
  8. As far as critics are concerned, Nylander is Kessel V2.0 in their eyes. He's not even doing all that bad FWIW, and he seems to be improving as each game goes by.
  9. I had a glazed ham, casserole, and some macaroni salad with actual bacon in it. I regret nothing.
  10. Let's not get too carried away now. Nylander looked pretty good out there last night FWIW. He hasn't had much going his way in the scoring department, but I'd give him more time to find his form before I say anything else at this stage.
  11. I'm excited to see Lafreniere made the roster this year. Looking forward to seeing what he brings.
  12. Meh, dating site's aren't all that good imo. Not really my style.
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