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  1. Devin Weston

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    Wilson's suspension has been reduced to 14 games.
  2. Trump recently criticized Latvia and Estonia for their role in starting the Yugoslav war....because the buffoon can't tell the Baltics from the Balkans.
  3. Devin Weston

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    Could be worse I suppose. You could be old as shit like Cal here.
  4. Devin Weston

    Family hockey tree

    Mother: Habs Father: Habs Both sisters: Habs I grew up in a household of Habs fans. There were however some Leafs fans among the family as my grandfather was one of them.
  5. Devin Weston

    The Official WWE Thread

    My next question is who's gonna beat him? Because aside from Lashley on RAW, the chances of anyone else beating him are very unlikely. The only other guy that comes to mind is Daniel Bryan if he wins the Rumble and chooses to challenge Brock at Wrestlemania. Poor Braun too. Guy had so much momentum behind him, and WWE killed it in its tracks. He was doing great as a monster face, won the MITB briefcase, and for once it looked like they were going to run the ball with him and make something out of him. They didn't though and his MITB cash-in ended up being a squandered opportunity. It didn't help either that his feud with Roman was cut short when Reigns announced he had Leukemia. It really put WWE in a tough situation with one of it's top stars out and I get that. What irks me is not only did they put the belt back on Brock for starters, but they also had him squash Braun in less than 3 minutes without even giving Braun a fighting chance, which doesn't look good for him. Not what you want to do to one of RAW's most popular wrestlers. So yeah, with Brock as champ again, RAW is once again at a complete standstill until someone comes along to dethrone him.
  6. Hence why I said right now. The Dems really don't have anyone else lined up who's as qualified and popular enough to take Trump off his pedistool. That said, I 100 percent agree with what Humps said though. The Dems need a new face and pronto, because running with the old guard isn't going to work.
  7. Devin Weston

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    <Insert hooray for capitalism recording here>
  8. Devin Weston

    Word Association Game #3:

  9. I disagree. There couldn't be a more sensible and popular candidate to defeat Trump than Bernie right now imo.
  10. She's been considering it apparently, but for our sake, I hope not.
  11. Devin Weston

    The Official WWE Thread

    I was never a fan of Roman's Superman booking, but I wish the man well. Regardless if you liked the man or not, you wouldn't wish this on anyone. @majingir, I'm going to have to quote Wade Barrett here and say "I'm afraid I've got some bad news" because the belt is back on Brock again.
  12. I have hope, but something tells me Trump will be winning again in 2020. The ignorance of the average voter cannot be undermined. -__- And if the Dems run Hillary again, he will get his second term. Hopefully they won't and if she does run, she gets beat in the primaries by Bernie if he decides to give it another go. On the topic of the midterms, it's unfortunate the GOP retained the senate. The Democrats can file articles of impeachment against Trump, but any impeachment trial would take place before the Senate, which the GOP controls by a comfortable margin. In layman's terms, the chances of getting the 67 votes needed to remove Trump are slim to none. On the other hand, now that they have the house, at least the Democrats can somewhat throw a wrench into his agenda by putting up barriers to keep The Donald in check. A congressional deadlock I know, but it beats having Trump going forward with policies that could set the country back even further. ...and we all know this will cause major headaches for Trump because he doesn't like to lose.
  13. Devin Weston


    Between the 8-9 Mil mark is where I expect him to sign. Maybe he decides to be generous about it given he's a Leafs fan at heart and if he does, that'd be great. If he doesn't, oh well. Kid's an extraordinary talent, so it'll be well worth the investment anyways.
  14. Devin Weston

    Night Owls X: TCO's Up In Smoke Tour

    As much as I'd love to chime in with some jokes, today's been a rough day. Got the call from work earlier that my Grandfather's condition took a turn for the worse. Left work in a rush to get to the hospital, but unfortunately by the time I got there, the family was gathered outside his room and that's when I knew it was too late. He passed away just a few minutes before I even got there. Anyways, the family spent the whole afternoon comforting one another while reminiscing the good times we spent with him. As for me, I'll always remember him as a man who's been through thick and thin throughout his whole life, not to mention a man who despite seeming hard-nosed from a first glance, actually was a wise man who had a deep sense of humor and was as good a friend anyone could get. Today, the world lost a good man. R.I.P man. Fuck cancer.
  15. Devin Weston

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    Good, because the last thing this country needs is a Scheer victory.