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  1. It's a painful decision to make, but a necessary one. Unfortunately, you can't trust people to help mitigate the risks of infection. The government and public health can only do so much to limit the risk, but ultimately, people just have to be responsible for themselves and others around them. Problem is, there's a lot of people don't follow these protocols, so such measures are necessary.
  2. I'm very disappointed we weren't able to trade Barrie, but it's not the end of the world. Had he decided to buy and mortgage off more of the future, then I would have been furious. This is basically my take on Dubas standing pat the deadline. I look at it as Dubas sending a message to the players in a more subtle manner. By standing pat, Dubas is telling the team "I see no reason to make any moves that could potentially end up jeopardizing the future of the team if you're playing like this. Given your performances over the past year, you haven't earned it.". It's essentially Dubas' way of telling the players that it's on them if they want that playoff spot. It's on them to go out there and earn it themselves. It's up to them to carve out their own destiny. No excuses. No ifs, ands, and buts about it. Go out there and prove it.
  3. He's like that little nugget you try flushing down the toilet. No matter how many times you want him flushed out, he just keeps coming back up.
  4. Yes please. I've wanted us to be rid of him for a looooong time.
  5. I can vouch for them. Hyman isn't the most skilled player out there, but he gives it his all out there and I've always appreciated his work on the PK. Campbell, is a solid backup as proven during his time with LA, and he's an amazing guy on top of that. Mikheyev is definitely worth keeping around as a depth player. I liked what I saw from him this year.
  6. Oh no, Matthews stays. Him, Muzzin, and Rielly are the untouchables on this team. Everyone else can be brought into question.
  7. We sell at the deadline. No point in going for a playoff push because quite frankly, this team doesn't have what it takes to win. Usually, I'd hate the idea of giving up on a playoff spot so much, but then you look at our cap situation going forward and see how tight up against the wall we're going to be, on top of what we've already given up in past trades. We've stretched ourselves thin when we've given up assets in order to fix past mistakes/improve the team, and we put ourselves in a position with very little wiggle room when trying to keep the core together. I don't see much point in buying because if we pay out the ass in order to win now, there's a great possibility that move depending how much Dubas gives up will only end up digging us into a deeper hole. I'd rather not overextend ourselves to a point where it may do more to cripple the team going forward than any good. If we get some assets back, then at least we can save face and potentially gain back some of what was lost earlier. If we buy and don't make the playoffs, I guarandamntee you it's not going to bode well for this franchise. If we can all agree on one thing though, it's this. A major shakeup of sorts is absolutely needed.
  8. I had to come back for a moment, because after what went down last night, there was no way I was letting that slide.
  9. Leafs lose 6-3 in what was a diabolical loss with the Carolina Hurricanes having an emergency backup goalie in net after having both Reimer and Mrazek go down with an injury. The first time in NHL history this has ever happened. I can't believe this. Actually, I can. It's the fucking Leafs. A zamboni driver who comes in as the emergency goalie, and Leafs still lose. WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You were one goal away from having this game in hand, and even with the advantage of the Canes being down to an emergency backup in net, you still fucking pissed it away. Pathetic, absofuckinglutely pathetic....and you call yourselves a playoff team? No, this isn't a playoff team, my friend. This is a team who has gotten by on being so much better than the competition, but now that they're not leaps and bounds better than anyone else, they're struggling mightily, and more often than not, they end up folding like a cheap suit. Usually, you see teams make strides to better themselves. You see them put in the effort night in and night out to get results. The Leafs....the Leafs are not doing that. They never learned how to work hard in order to kick it in to the next gear. They never bettered themselves as players and as a cohesive unit. What Dubas has here in front of him is what you call by definition, a paper tiger. So now, the excuses are over. We've fired Babcock and brought in Keefe as the guy behind the bench. That's step one of the troubleshooting process, but yet, this team continues to perpetually struggle, and now, it appears the team is getting exposed for exactly what they are. A team that quite frankly, is fundamentally and systematically flawed. In all my years of being a Leafs fan, I've been through tough losses. I've seen this team blow a 5-1 lead to the St. Louis Blues, as well as other countless leads. I've seen the game 7 meltdown against Boston. I've seen countless trades that have epicly blown up in our faces, but nothing....and I mean NOTHING compares to what happened last night. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic display at the professional level than what we all witnessed last night. I shit you not. It was so bad that Dubas even stormed out of the box immediately after the 6th goal from the Canes, and can you blame him? I would too. If I were in Dubas' shoes, I'd have to call the team in for a meeting and read them the fucking RIOT act. What happened was unprecedented, and if this isn't a wake-up call for a turnaround or a shakeup for this group, I don't know what is. I've had it up to here with this shit. After this, we better be fucking selling at the deadline, because anything else is unacceptable imo, especially after a loss of this magnitude. There's no way this team ever recovers from this. *sigh* I've been one of the most patient and optimistic Leafs fans out there ever since the Leafs embraced the rebuild and became what was considered to be the most stacked Leafs team in ages, but now it's come to a point where my patience has run its limits. Seeing this team constantly bottling it game after game....putting up shitty performance after shitty performance, and now THIS? THIS is a Goddamn national embarrassment, and you maggots should be ashamed of yourselves! Each and every one of you (Andersen and Muzzin aside). I've given this team the benefit of the doubt. I've given them ample time to turn it around, but no more. Every ounce of optimism....every drop of hope I've had in this team is gone. I thought rock bottom was this season were the losses we had recently, but boy, did the Leafs ever top it off last night? I guess there is one bright spot in this game. Ayres became the first emergency backup goalie in history to record a win. Felt great for the guy and how the Canes embraced him. As for everything else about this game, I am absolutely sickened.
  10. I'm still around, man. Just not posting as much these days.
  11. With what little room we have to maneuver with, unless we can bolster up the blueline by bringing in someone like David Savard, our best option is to stand pat imo. We need not to be wasting assets on fringe deals.
  12. Oh man, this cuts deep. R.I.P Kobe.
  13. Horrible decision by Barrie. You don't do that. It's asking for trouble.
  14. Millen needs to go. He's fucking terrible. If there's any consolation prize, at least we don't have to listen to Romanuk anymore.
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