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  1. Plus someone should edit this thread title so it reads as a per annum.
  2. I know it came late last night but... CONGRATULATIONS MATTHEWS on your 100th goal as a Leaf in just your 3rd season and being the 3rd fastest Leaf in history to do it!
  3. Gee I wonder why season stats and playoff stats are kept separate from each other. Too advanced for many of you Neanderthals that like to slap each other on the back it seems.
  4. After the 82 games and before the 1st playoff game?
  5. No. Not in the middle of (during). After the season ends and before the playoffs start. So for the entire duration of playoffs, whoever gets named.
  6. FTR the playoffs are POST season, not in season. In season concludes at the end of 82 games. Hockey 101 ladies and gents.
  7. No my opinion has been Tavares since he's been named a Leaf so you're dead wrong there. Not since he scored a sick OT goal against the Habs. FWIW Matthews scored the 1st sick OT goal against the Habs this season.
  8. You're right about that. I said myself it should wait until at least April, Lol. Still personally think Tavares is the best choice when it does happen but I exactly be throwing fits if another candidate is chosen by management. I know it isn't gonna be based on a fan popularity contest when it does happen.
  9. C'mon we all know the team won't speak a word of it until the captain of is named... or not. Nice duck though.
  10. ShanaplanMan

    Anaheim Ducks Thread

  11. My opinion is that it would as appropriate a time as any to name one. Would anyone here actually think management royally fucked up if it did happen then? A named Leafs captain, whoever is chosen, to lead us into playoffs?
  12. My pick for pony isn't the only pony, thanks. My opinion is as valid as anyone else's in the thread. Most people tend to back up and defend their opinions as best they can. That's just human nature. Doesn't mean an opinion can't be changed. Unfortunately you being a perpetual dick remains as rigid as ever.
  13. Oh look. Here it is popping up again much more recently... https://globalnews.ca/news/4796155/rick-zamperin-next-captain-maple-leafs-3-horse-race/
  14. The thread title change didn't happen by me at 1st. Look at edit reason. My thread title didn't name any names originally, and it doesn't again.
  15. Actually, I'm just renewing a discussion that's been around since... Tavares got signed. Commented on by a retired former Leaf even... I just gave it new life as the regular season starts to wind down. https://www.nhl.com/news/john-tavares-should-be-next-toronto-maple-leafs-captain-rick-vaive/c-299420678