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  1. You guys are all just bitches. I didn't even get a chance to get Kadri's autograph before he was traded. Shanyco are going to regret choosing Nylander. It's fine I'll just hold on to both of his jerseys, they'll go up in value as they are decrease in number. First homegrown talent that was a legitimate top six centre.
  2. My rant is done, thanks. I'm honestly quite happy with the new look Leafs as long as Marner signs.
  3. Your forum has become pissy so why not? Seriously. Some were all Alice in Wonderland after the trade. Zero appreciation.
  4. I like Tavares and Matthews better as our top 2C FTR. Just wished we kept him over Nylander. Not a fanof him.
  5. Not forgetting these are real people.... https://twitter.com/43_Kadri/status/1146116983680851978?s=20
  6. Said it before. He should have went in with his fists and not his stick.
  7. Kadri also got kneed by the same player that game. Why wasn't he suspended or at least given a misconduct for the game
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