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  1. Trumpy tool, now there's a stunner.
  2. Hextall skating the length of the ice to get filled in by Felix...and I don't care about fighting one way or the other!
  3. Personally, I can't wait until this talent laden mob of expensive under performance actually puts it together and does something! It's well overdue.
  4. Muzzin doesn't want to be called an Asshole?
  5. Sure, have any tar and feathers?
  6. He's noticed current management's skill in the field of negotiation and cap management.
  7. Interesting way to describe falling over the blue line.
  8. Don't think so, he left the ice with malevolent purpose.
  9. Fucking Blue'n White wankstains, sell the fuckin' lot of them!
  10. Normal service resumed. Oh yeah, the refereeing now is pure beer league...pathetic.
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