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  1. No worries, we can't get close enough to get hurt. At least Hugedouche and Simpleton are squirting themselves silly.
  2. Worst bilge of the season and it's been coming! Fuck this team.
  3. Steaming pile of shit, everyone of the pampered bitches.
  4. Calico

    Darwin Award

    Wouldn't his shitty living carcass be more of a danger?
  5. There is no such thing as a 'loser point'. For most of the history of the NHL a tie at 60mins merits a point!
  6. Calico

    Sparks appreciation thread.

    A testy exchange and the available evidence sparks little enthusiasm.
  7. Well we've rectumified ourselves for 40, time to drop some letters!
  8. We win with stellar goal tending and enough moments of brilliance to cover up for being outplayed on most nights so crappy tending and no brilliance looks like this.
  9. Utter garbage...like usual, except we're getting beaten!
  10. Calico

    GDT LEAFS versus Sabres dec/4/18

    Can't play like shit every game and luck out wins!
  11. Calico

    GDT: Leafs at Mild

    This is where your mind and reality digress!
  12. Calico

    GDT: Leafs at Mild

    'Who among you has not laid his head beneath some holy awning Would think that such a night of tortured travelling Could bring such a glory morning'
  13. Calico

    GDT: Leafs at Mild

    No you're not! Closest I've ever come to embarrassment at a win, we were pathetic!
  14. Calico

    Wilson Suspended 20 Games

    Like ambition mate!