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  1. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I think Man Shitty have a chance of defending their purchase, the EPL is closing in on pointlessness just like the SPL. Helps to have the GDP of a nation to spend every transfer window. Fuck Shitty.
  2. Calico

    Humbolt Broncos

    I've no idea if I've seen him play, been a while since I've seen the Ice Wolves.
  3. Calico

    Humbolt Broncos

    Been playing for La Ronge Ice Wolves, yes?
  4. Calico

    Weather Thread

    The humidity here is off the charts , not too much smoke though.
  5. Calico

    Weather Thread

    Think Regina and Saskatoon can forget their parkas for the next few days, 39C, bloody hell!
  6. Calico

    Saudi Arabia ongoing dispute with Canada

    Hi Alex, how many internet platforms have banned you now?
  7. Calico

    Saudi Arabia ongoing dispute with Canada

    Things one reads on an empty stomach!
  8. Calico

    Weather Thread

    Turned into the rain forest here in NE Saskatchewan, steaming heat then a downpour, like clockwork. Gross as hell and as for the bugs...
  9. I just love a thread of justifiable moaning. Carry on comrades.
  10. Calico

    The Religion Thread

  11. Calico

    Shooting in Greektown

    Benedicto benedicatur quae de tua bonitate sumus accepture.
  12. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    Brainfart goal.
  13. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I thought an exit at the quarters was the absolute limit so I call semis a success. Modric was different gravy yesterday, the rat faced me-no-like-chicken-badge sod, but I love to watch him play.
  14. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I find rat faced bastard I no like chiken badge a marvel to watch, pure genius the little cock snapper.
  15. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    Want to ride him that hard into the turf, then saddle him.