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  1. No it was ugly & you could smell it coming half way through the first. It's a bit weird how regularly we fuck it up vs the 'Yotes though.
  2. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    The problem I have is that I try a lot of different beans & they come in a lot of different sizes, for instance Nicaraguan Magarogype beans are huge & some African Peaberry styles are tiny resulting in vastly different amounts of coffee getting ground on my presets, over weak or over strong coffee. Added to the fiddly cleaning stuff you mentioned it's just not worth it for me so I stick to my trusty old Capresso burr grinder & run the machine on 'brew only'.
  3. Christmas Presents (Giving and Receiving)

    This & stay away from the combination brewer & grinder machines.
  4. Knew they'd call that goal back. Didn't help that we only showed up for 4mins. Dead effort, outworked, dead building for 56mins.
  5. Weather Thread

    Well thus far this year it's pretty much normal, no insane snowfall like October last year which then all melted, normal snow coming in this month with seasonal temps.
  6. Weather Thread

    Snow & more snow...Polaris uh oh oh ho!
  7. Finally, some good news. Charles Manson dead at 83

    'Go on home your momma's calling you'. Bye you SOB.
  8. ...& I thought the Habs looked strong in the first.
  9. Not the first magical pass he's made this season...he's not just a pretty face!
  10. Took him a little while, but Auston's back up to speed.
  11. To put it differently he was Claptonesque ie 'slow hand'.