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  1. Calico

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    Brian Mulroney joins Board of Acreage Holdings, a New York based cannabis company. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/mulroney-joins-pot-company-board-1.4866275
  2. First game this season where I knew we weren't even going to score, had that feeling of inevitability from very early, including some extremely errrrrr 'interesting' reffing!
  3. Calico

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    Andy Pandy is creepy as fuck and a complete hypocrite.
  4. Calico

    Ethical Problem No. 42

    Was the Heydrich assassination and the ensuing Lidice outcome the right thing to do, I say yes and see as precisely this ethical problem.
  5. Calico

    Humbolt Broncos

    All things considered that wasn't a bad hockey game.
  6. Calico

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    It's 100% bullshit, they're already importing BC cannabis to California! https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/canadian-marijuana-imports-ok-d-by-u-s-for-california-study-1.4099924
  7. Calico

    Framework for Marijuana Bill

    I guess you wouldn't be up for a fine curry spiced with excellent Moroccan kif then?
  8. Calico

    U.S. Mass Shooting No. 439482

    T & P ...that's my civic duty.
  9. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    I think Man Shitty have a chance of defending their purchase, the EPL is closing in on pointlessness just like the SPL. Helps to have the GDP of a nation to spend every transfer window. Fuck Shitty.
  10. Calico

    Humbolt Broncos

    I've no idea if I've seen him play, been a while since I've seen the Ice Wolves.
  11. Calico

    Humbolt Broncos

    Been playing for La Ronge Ice Wolves, yes?
  12. Calico

    Weather Thread

    The humidity here is off the charts , not too much smoke though.
  13. Calico

    Weather Thread

    Think Regina and Saskatoon can forget their parkas for the next few days, 39C, bloody hell!