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  1. Especially on the flightpath into Stansted. The polar bear climate change message is cool too!
  2. I see the tariffs on Mexico as a true Trumpian 'hold my beer' answer to that somewhat rhetorical question.
  3. The onset of the fart jokes has been sorely delayed, well done.
  4. Everything that idiot Ben Garrison touches, especially his homo erotic depictions of Trump!
  5. Frack them 'molecules of US freedumb'.
  6. Calico

    Kopi Luwak...

    ...relinquishes top spot as most expensive coffee on earth. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-48374913/a-coffee-shop-in-san-francisco-offers-a-75-cup-of-coffee
  7. What a shock this thread threw out the great head hunter, complete psycho, 'You're next' nutter!
  8. Maybe they learned The Walking Dead lesson and are avoiding the endless and increasingly boring death throes, but it does seem extremely compressed and abrupt.
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