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  1. Great stuff Norwich and fuck Man Shitty.
  2. Most of the history of the NHL a tie after 60mins means a point for both teams, there is no such thing as a loser point! Award your bonus point for OT and SO if you want.
  3. Oh look, uteck has invented the Oxford apostrophe.
  4. From an Arsenal fan the answer was 'Have you seen Mustafi?'
  5. Calico

    Last Easy Rider

    Peter Fonda... He's gone, ain't nothing gonna bring him back.
  6. Calico


    ...and the new UKIP leader is Dick Brain.
  7. Calico

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Definitely a wank gone wrong.
  8. Or writing a strongly worded complaint to their Police Precinct.
  9. No mate, the person who didn't fire back would possibly have enough basic instinct to realise that he was prime candidate for next corpse should he do so and create the circular firing squad.
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