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  1. Calico

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    Fuck the Jets and fuck Vegas, you're supposed to have a hard time for a few seasons, not get handed a real shot at the cup first time up!
  2. Calico

    Havana Plane Crash

    Where was Luis Posada Carriles?
  3. Calico

    Texas School Shooting

    Thoughts and prayers
  4. Calico

    The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

    I don't imagine Al Sharpton liked it much.
  5. Calico

    The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

    Author Tom Wolfe turns up his toes aged 87.
  6. Calico

    WCF: Jets vs Golden Knights

    Jets, you're letting me down!
  7. Calico

    Toronto FC Thread

    Season's going well for TFC.
  8. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    EPL done for another season. Manchestarabia set points record, fawn, lick balls, deify Guardiola etc. Moaninho's boring crew get runners up spot. The only pleasing failure is the Chavs not making top 4, haha, enjoy Europa League and Thursday-Sunday games next season. Now we'll see who the financial thugs will force out of clubs with ambition but lacking the spending clout of those arseholes.
  9. Calico

    Round Two: Jets vs Predators

    Let's go Jets. Vegas have had their fun.
  10. Calico

    Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership

    Yes dear.
  11. Calico

    Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

    More pertinent perhaps is the reality that Arsenal, like Spurs, do not have the GDP of a nation to spend every season, like Man Shitty, Manure and the Chavs have. The transfer fees and wages that Shitty fork over are obscene and work 100% as a cudgel to beat their 'rivals'. The sycophantic fawning over Guardiola this season has been nothing short of nauseating, my dog could win the prem with Mansour's cash. This is the monster created by the FA and UEFA, enjoy.
  12. Calico

    Hooray for Hate Speech Laws

    No, that was headless Charles.
  13. Blankenship at least created 29 jobs for miners.