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  1. Darcy Kuemper has the 'hot hand' this evening. Used to coach my kid at Goaltec in Saskatoon.
  2. Cunts! That would be Hugedouche and Simpleton.
  3. Calico

    GDT: Senators vs. Leafs. 7:30 PM EST, SN.

    Shitty game. 2pts...hooray!
  4. Calico

    Pens @ Leafs

    That helps! Thanks Auston.
  5. Calico

    Pens @ Leafs

    At least Hugedouche and Simpleton are becoming wet. Fuck this team is bad!
  6. You mean unlike the Wings...wait a minute?
  7. Deservedly pointless, we earn a point...life is complex.
  8. I see all the swearing and moaning is in the books, so I need to add nothing except............fucking wankers!
  9. Calico

    A Great Day For Fascism

    Pah, Papillon would've walked it...easy!
  10. Calico


    You want whips to be removed? I'm just beginning to realise how serious this is!
  11. That nose really would compress pleasingly.
  12. Calico

    GDT: Coyotes at Leafs 7pm (ET) SN

    Fuck the Leafs... as usual. Pathetic!
  13. Calico

    Gardiner Day to Day w/ Back Spasms

    Trying to set off the Swing Riots again to put an agrarian twist on things?